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Fresh changes are coming to the Nexus,

and this time, were focusing

on the core gameplay experience.

First up is the new camera perspective.

The in-game view has been increased to give you better visibility

and clarity as you fight alongside your team.

Over time, we've added several heroes with longer attack ranges,

and the new perspective helps you follow the action

no matter which hero you're playing.

We've reworked stealth mechanics

to make stealth heroes easier to spot while they're in motion,

and completely invisible while standing still.

This change will assist with balance on all levels of play,

and solidify stealth as a strategic advantage

rather than a visual test.

Keeps and forts will now reveal stealth heroes

if they come within range,

but stealth heroes will remain non-targetable

and will not appear on the mini-map.

To support these changes, all stealth heroes have been buffed.

Samuro's Mirror Image ability is now more efficient,

allowing players to choose where they want the real Samuro to spawn

based on your mouse cursor's position.

Additionally, his trait will allow him

him to switch places with one of his images.

The ability has a large cooldown that is greatly decreased

by taking his Illusion Master heroic.

Nova has increased mobility in stealth

and she can activate her Cloak ability to go invisible immediately.

Additionally, the overall damage of her Snipe Master ability

has been increased and her clones now deal damage baseline.

Valeera gains a mid-distance teleport after breaking stealth,

and her silence and blind abilities

have had their durations increased.

Lastly, Zeratul has a new heroic ability,

Might of the Nerazim,

which allows him to duplicate the last ability he cast

but for less damage.

His Vorpal Blade ability

allows him to teleport to the last unit

he struck with a basic attack for a short time.

Another major focus has been ensuring

that the early game is meaningful and engaging

without increasing the overall match length.

Towers now have infinite ammunition,

encouraging you to actively push with your minions

in the lane to destroy forts,

instead of defeating enemys minions

and passively waiting for their defenses to fall.

Stand-alone towers have been removed,

but the experience they granted and the damage they dealt

has been added to the remaining structures.

Also, each maps first objective timer

has been standardized to either 90 seconds or 3 minutes.

Both have a 30-second warning,

so you have time to prepare.

Even Regen Globes have been updated.

They will transition into a neutral state after a few seconds,

allowing them to be picked up by either team.

Your actions in the lane will matter more,

and small skirmishes can now have a greater impact

on the overall outcome.

Mercenaries now bring more to the fight.

For example, casters in a Knight Camp

now have an aura that increases

the spell armor of units within range.

Hellbats reduce the armor of heroes they attack,

and heroes will always be able to dodge attacks

from neutral Siege Giants.

We've continued to optimize our matchmaking system

so that it takes your individual performance

and contributions into account

instead of just tracking victories and defeats.

This will further assist with matchmaking accuracy

by reviewing your past moments of triumph

when assembling your next team.

Change is the one constant in the Nexus,

and your feedback makes a difference.

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