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In Bergen, we do totally different things... the summertime and the wintertime and the fall.

In the winter you can ski, you can go hiking and you can have a run... can go with your kids and just be in the middle of nature... the middle of the city. It's something I really really enjoy.

Welcome to Bergen! My name is Gerda Srhus Fuglerud...

...and I've been working and living here most of my life.

I've lived in Australia and in Italy in Milan but I came back to Bergen.

What I really appreciate is that the city is so compressed.

You can walk almost everywhere around this beautiful city.

Bergen has a rich cultural life.

Concerts with art exhibitions with museums...

...and I like the people.

The people have this honesty and sense of humor that I really appreciate.

They're very proud of their city.

Bergen used to be the capital of Norway for a very long time...

...and we still like to think that's it's the capital even though it's not.

Here we are at Bryggen.

It's colored wooden houses - historic. It's on the World Heritage List.

It's like the icon of Bergen.

People have been living here for centuries.

You can walk between the houses.

It's almost like it's you're walking back in time...

...because you can see where they were trading...

...where they were sleeping.

You get this feeling of the life that has been lived.

Today Bryggen is a site with artists having galleries here, ceramics and small shops.

We are very close to the ocean, very close to nature.

We have the seven mountains surrounding the city and the fjords come in to Bergen.

From the city centre you can take a funicular up to the mountain of Flyen.

It will take you seven minutes.

Flyen and the mountains surrounding Bergen in the winter time is my personal favorite.

If I have a day off I can take my kids up to Flyen and we can have a hike and ski.

We use the nature as our playground and...

...we try to teach our kids to get a real quality of life out of nature.

We have a long and proud knitting history here in Norway.

We are trying to take care of this heritage.

We're at Oleana.

Oleana is a clothing brand founded in 1992 by my mother and my stepfather.

But they really wanted to show that it was possible to produce in Norway...

...even though a lot of companies were moving abroad to low-cost countries.

I entered Oleana with my husband in 2011.

We produce everything here at these premises under good working conditions.

Oleana is an open factory.

We are an economuseum and everyone can just walk in.

I think that people really enjoy learning about this industry and our tradition...

...and also seeing how things are made... inspire people to buy less but more beautiful things.

My biggest dream is to make this company...

...that Bergen and Norway can be proud of having.

Bergen is the gateway to the fjords and around Bergen is beautiful nature to explore.

Right now we are going to Naeryfjord...

...which is one of the world's most famous fjords.

The best way to see the fjord is by boat.

We have a 100% electric ferry and it has no noise.

It's a beautiful way to explore the nature around Bergen.

These fjords were cut out by glaciers far back in history and time...

...and that's why they're so steep and so dramatic.

To explore Norway in the winter time is what we call the new season.

You get to feel the weather conditions in a different way.

You get the really - the mode of extreme nature closer to you.

This is Stegastein viewpoint.

It's a fantastic view over the fjord.

It's 30 meters out and you can see down 650 meters...

...and it's fantastic architecture.

It's fascinating the way they're bending the wood so you get this...


It's been a long and a bit cold today.

So let's go in and have some local drink and some food.

Welcome! Have a seat.

Thank you.

We are at the Aegir BrewPub.

In a beautiful place called Flm, the end of one of the longest fjords in Norway.

We are trying to change the approach to beer and food.

Our chefs will tell you to try beer in the food.

You have five different beers, five different dishes - that meet here...

...and the shellfish, a Rallar Amber Ale, reindeer.

Then there's Lindisfarne Scotch Ale with pork shank...

...and finally Sumbel Porter with a chocolate ganache cake.

I hope you're gonna like it!

Thank you very much.

Okay, let's try this!


It's a good munch.

So this is the end of our trip.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Skl! Skl!

Vi ses igjen! Skl!

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