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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of

It honestly your musical correcting was very confused. What didn't what is he doing saying?

He fainted and I bet he didn't they were supposed to be OneNote hits and it was

Today we're doing a little sumo soccer shootout you'll notice

previous champion oh yeah, oh, yeah, we take turns

Let's uh see who's gonna be competing competitor number one will be tie

I think I meant to say announcer competitor boy Gary

Bring it on boy former champions now going head-to-head

The big question mark of the day catch or two will be the announcer

Well good evening ladies and gentlemen we have a great night before your time Joe

I'm Joe flirt. We've got two great competitors here this evening

we got powder Tony who actually doesn't compete on the faceoff circuit not often this competitor Garrett is no stranger to

This series Garrett. How do you feel about your chances this afternoon well considering? I smell horrible

I know Chad and I have to go to a hockey game tonight

Man you do stay yeah, I feel pretty good how do you feel about new trenches in a soccer shoot?

Oh well first question Joe is why do you have a flashlight on your head? It's like 11:00 a.m.

Well, you know I was duck hunting this morning, and I just kind of left it on my bill

I'm from Tallahassee, New Mexico. We are great ducks birds and bees

Let's get to the competition do a lot of bee hunting out there

Feeling pretty good looking for my second ever faceoff victory, what's he doing?

Alright, girls. We got three rooms. We're gonna shoot. We're gonna shoot on the road. We're gonna chippy over the long straw

It's gonna be nothing but a good time now boys and girls hold on to your pants and jacket and your chap

I'm calling right now Garrett's not known for taking me for his soccer. Goalie skills, but he is a pretty large filter today

Booted man, I'll tell you right now. My method is rhino charge giving it all I got on a percentage neither this power launcher oh

There we go Tyler is ready for the kickoff Garrett seems to be set inside the post they will be sporting the

traditional sumo strap, and it's


People said before the sealing is short. I've heard this in the field is long

Yeah, we have but the game is all but over no no

Yeah, somebody smart must hey. I probably really good look dude. I put that on the top. I'll wear

Your turn from the show good luck Garrett, let's do it three two go

It was a post Oh Garrett got me was too big that was pretty nice. What was that on purpose Network?

Yeah, I thought he was gonna dive on first movement. He thought I was gonna hit it straight

I guess didn't move know how to work with it because my shoe is in the air

I will say the plan work and bigamist ah uh

Are you allowed to do that? I don't know me thought it was yeah

I think the editors will blur it, but you got a little bit of a bug in this oh, man

We actually don't have that kind of technology you guys are gonna have to choose a buzzer

I don't know where it went which kind of worries me

I'm down. What else yeah, thank you sir well

I'll say right now is the winner gets on my grandma's fried chicken look at you here. We go you sure do

All right grouchy lever spectacular little program being my treat one more time all right around here

We have a spectacular throwback to the old

MLS days they're gonna be shooting it flex a Hockey shootout where they can drill up make a move and yank you

Ha ha what happened to Garrett let's go talk to him

Hey man keep it up. This is helping ratings, okay, keep doing it. Yep. Make it longer watch the replay back, man

You know what happened he's actually like a huge pack. I fell on his anyway

Oh that hurt shoulder that foot literally

I'll tell you what ankle it is. You don't tell me if I can close then you're actually

Are you for firming is my left one

We're gonna help bear it up on a stretcher in true soccer fashion, and he will probably be good to go in the next round

gorgeous roll up

Action here folks are you are sweat yeah?

Hey our prayers our prayers are with our prayers are with Barrett is going to a very tough town

I think I'm just gonna walk go for it go for it. Oh shoulders my shoulders my shoulder my shoulders

Okay, we have just looked at the official review and Tyler had ticket after the ball had struck. No goalie

We are still here in oh, I got a womp rat hunt over in Nebraska a couple fishers mine here we go

I'm free to go. I don't say one is for trademark

We are all headed into the third round and we cannot make your stuff up hey, let's head to round 3

Sup man, oh, I was gonna

OH a couple of former champions who wants joint forces now at odds

Against each other large and in charge. I don't that picture. I think I was thinking like a monologue. You know something yeah

Pumped up before we before we battle each other. You know the worst part about this, huh?

Folks we got a tie, ballgame headed into round three and we have upgraded the ball

Let's see what happens

Yeah for translation goalies gonna start out here. It's a chip shot for the goalie to get back. You know

Whatever he said I'm gonna be honest

I slept through a pre-production meeting this morning

So I didn't actually know the rules I was feeding upon or excuse me real quick

We wanna plans our sponsors the work sponsors will have no sponsors, so let's go message em in here we go

All right another time time's up first hit to get the shot. Let's see what happens three to go

Matt Matt tangler and 12 lizard eggs hit my phone all right folks

Atlas which means if Garrett chip feeding she's going home with all the Wiggles and lungs, let's see what happens

Hey you guys what we're here for sudden death it is 1 V 1

It is dodgeball style start first one to hit the top crossbar is

Let's get it going here. We go in three two

Let's slow play it's temperament. I like it you should use my shit and pushing Oh, Oh

Derek collect himself oh


You care Oh give him buy it I didn't see you then quiet

What was your strategy headed until that Tripoli kid

I thought if I could swing on it and maybe get my leg up enough I could kick it away, but but what happened, hon

You're a winner winner chicken dinner, thank you

Put it. I don't fit squeeze it on here. We'll make it with sports bra never put it up there snap it

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