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in Kim's bag-carrying aid, Click & Carry,

but has a big question for her.

Would you be willing to sell your whole business?

No, I-I would

if I would be able to at least maintain

a certain percentage and work for the company.

This is my baby.

I really have so many other amazing ideas.

So, I'm gonna make you an offer that --

I don't mean it to insult you, alright?

But I see it -- it's a simple, low-price product

that takes a lot of maintenance,

constant marketing, constant pushing.

What if I reversed it and offered you $225,000,

but you kept 15% and I took 85%?


Not a possibility.

It is not. Kim, are you sure?

Listen, this thing is something special.

Maybe you don't see the spark now, but --

It's not even an issue of special, right?

You're special, right? Thank you.

You fought through. You went --

How many times did you audition for "Shark Tank"? Seven times.

-That's crazy, right? -Good for you.

But it shows where your heart's at

and where your head's at, right?

You're an inventor. You're a dreamer -- literally. Right.

That's the challenge, right?

Somebody's gonna have to run this business for you.

I would certainly be open to that.

I would be open to bringing in a CEO.

Normally, I hate Barbara deals, but I like this one.

Well, because it looks a little greedy.

That's why you like it. No, it doesn't. Not in this case.

You are not an operator, Kim, period.

Why do you say that to her? She got it to this point. What do you mean?

Kim, that's not fair to you. It's true. It's true.

Look, I love Barbara. That's a crazy offer.

You're a fighter.

You've set a record on "Shark Tank." [ Chuckles ]

No one has ever applied seven times and gotten here. What does that have to do with the product?

Are you gonna fight all those years

and all that work... What's that? give up 85% of your business?

I-I can't. I-I really know I have something here.

It's not a business. It's a product.

For now. [ Chuckles ]

Mark is left.

Yeah, I'll do that. Yeah.

So here's what we're thinking.


What we're willing to do is come in together

for the $225,000... Okay.

...but we want 40% of the company.

Now, we'll figure out the operations

and the inventory.

You focus on creating new products.

Which you have to bring to us.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Deal. And yes.

[ Laughs ]

I am so excited.

You were the Shark I wanted.

-Oh, I appreciate that. -I am so happy.

Thank you, sweetie. We're happy for you. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

You did a great job.

Oh, thank you so much, Barbara.

I'm gonna get you a massage once a week.

[ Laughter ]

And Mr. Wonderful, thanks for being nice.

Greiner: Eh. Kind of.

I'm so misunderstood, Kim.

[ Laughs ]

Meckwood: I'm in charge of Click & Carry,

and I can invent

all these amazing new items to help people,

and I get to work with Barbara and Mark.

I am the winner.

Seven years in the making [Chuckles] so paid off.

[ Exhales sharply ] 00:02:57.552,00:00:00.000

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