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Donald Trump about to face a crush of

new investigations now many people said

look this summer felt a little chaotic

and you had all the Muller stuff

Democrats say there's a lot more to get

you two top leaders in the house

announcing a new probe into whether

Donald Trump has abused his position as

president to enrich himself that's

something that many government officials

get in trouble for some lose their jobs

for now obviously the context here is

something we've been reporting on

aggressively all week the revelations of

Vice President Mike Pence took this

absurd very publicly embarrassing 180

mile detour just so he could drop some

taxpayer dollars at Trump's hotel over

there in Ireland now Trump also is

pushing his florida resort for an

international summit trying to get

foreign governments to pay in although

that hasn't been approved yet and

Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler as well

as oversight chair Elijah Cummings are

saying this is serious investigative

stuff they're now demanding documents in

the White House from pence from even The

Secret Service which could set up all

kinds of battles as well as the Trump

Organization which is of course on the

receiving end of these apparent

boondoggles and they're sending a

deadline of September 19th Natalie says

that what they find could help this

committee make a decision on yes whether

to recommend quote articles of

impeachment now earlier in this week we

were reporting on how Democrats had

essentially three different fronts for

any potential impeachment probe first

the evidence laid out by Muller which of

course has been publicly discussed and

partly stonewalled by the White House

preventing witnesses from speaking to

the Congress second though there's

Donald Trump's racist actions as

president that was the way that Al Green

put it in the impeachment vote that he

held which remember wasn't backed by 5

or 10 or 20 people in the resistance 95

elected Democrats in the house backed

that road to impeachment and then third

and this is new you have the house going

deeper into these illegal hush payments

to women who alleged contact and affairs

with Trump and much of that occurred in

2016 when there's no argument for

executive privilege about the underlying

material now Donald Trump enriching the

press in reaching himself I should say

threw the presidency well you could

consider that a potential fourth door

according to some Democrats because

there's plenty to work with here Mike

Pence shifting his explanations over

real time throughout the week about why

he went out of his way to spend your

money at that resort he was asked quote

did President Trump ask vice president

pence to stay at the property short

answer quote I don't think it was a

request like a command I think it was a

suggestion a suggestion from the

president the opportunity to stay at

Trump national and Doon bag to

accommodate the unique footprint that

comes with our security detail and other

personnel made it logical about 3:30 in

Ireland last night that's when the vice

president's chief of staff mark short

put out an additional statement

explaining this blaming it on

misreporting even though a lot of what

had been reported was just quoting of

the vice president and of his chief of

staff so you start with this was Trump's

idea well who else's idea would it be to

go out of your way to stay at a trump

hotel then you have the idea oh it was a

logical choice

nobody really bought that and then you

have blaming the press Democrats have a

completely separate investigation as

well into whether Trump was trying to

profit from foreign governments when he

pushed his Doral resort as a host

potentially of the next t77

Doral happens to be within Miami it's a

city it's a wonderful place it's a very

very successful area Florida

it's very importantly only five minutes

from the airport it's not about me it's

about getting the right location you may

have heard the old saying location

location location five minutes from the

airport or 180 miles depending on which

airport you need to use next week

Democrats will be back in Washington and

they're saying that means Donald Trump

is going to have a lot more explaining

to do kicking off our show tonight we

got a lot of different topics to cover

but we begin on following the money with

Jason Johnson from the route and

Margaret Carlson from The Daily Beast

Margaret it would seem that things that

Donald Trump has long been known for the

excessive exaggeration of his properties

the blatant self-promotion


are getting more investigative attention

now at least the way it went

with pets and attorney-general bar

planning 30k at the Trump Hotel in

Washington well the the others have been

a little bit vaguer because who is

paying William bar is paying the thirty

thousand out of his own pocket just

happens to be going to the Trump Hotel

down the street but this one is the

taxpayer and you know Scott Pruett and

Ryan Zinke and Tom price all cabinet

secretaries were let go or fired or

pushed out eventually for doing just

this you know this very staying in

expensive hotels and taking private jets

on the taxpayer dime so involving the

taxpayer money I think is the key here

and why oversight and judiciary are

doing it but the other part about this

this is such a bold move like it wasn't

gonna be a secret that he was going

there and there's nothing about a

footprint like Dublin has a lot of

dignitaries that pass through and with a

big footprint and the footprint can be

handled and when I went to the Dune big

website o rooms were going for an 995

euro a night which is slightly over a

thousand but also those days that pence

was there were crossed out so it could

be that they took over the whole place

and the the footprint was small enough

actually that they took over the whole

place Jason this this is such an obvious

scam like I don't understand what takes

a Democrat so long to realize that the

president I had state is scamming us all

this is a clear violation of emoluments

laws and this isn't the only example

right we we've seen foreign dignitaries

and we've seen ambassador suddenly

decide that they want to stay in Trump

hotels funneling money he's basically

using the United States as a way to

funnel money into his personal finances

that's not complicated it's not

difficult what amazes me you know Ari

you know what's smarter than spending

all this time and political capital

investigations an actual impeachment

hearing because that makes the most

sense I don't understand why the

Democrats can't do this that that's

that's what amazes me about all of us

well well speak to that because we've

been having these conversations and

frankly I hear from viewers of the bead

and MSNBC all the time about well wait a

minute the Democrats surely had to have

a plan they knew

that sooner or later Muller would end

and whether he ended with four out you

know incidents of obstruction or six or

a door you know barring some

phantasmagorical scenario where there

was a video or something really smoking

which still we know in this climate

people would debate people ask me will

already don't the Democrats have a plan

for what they're gonna do when it all

came in and as we've been reporting they

have three or four doors they have

different caucuses they now have a

majority of the caucus from each one but

they don't seem to your point Jason to

have a clear plan of what they're gonna

do about it right when it comes to

impeachable offenses Trump has turned it

from a 2 to a 4 and a 4 to 1/8 like

every single time they investigate the

guy we're finding more things he's done

that are corrupt what has amazed me

about the Democrats is not only do they

not have a plan but what they should be

doing and what they're wasting time with

every single one of these investigations

could be part of an impeachment hearing

that's part of the show that's part of

the presentation to the public but

instead they're wasting time in these

sort of hearings that will be completely

lost as we head into holiday season so

unless the plan is to do impeachment

hearings in the spring during the

primary where you'll have a focus of

attention it seems like they're wasting

an opportunity to not only fulfill their

constitutional responsibilities but hold

a corrupt president in check yeah and

Margaret if Jason calls it a scam the

thing about Donald Trump this was true

in his prior life in entertainment and

it is certainly true in the way he is as

president there's a lot of lying and

then occasionally there are little bolts

of weird truths that make him look bad

and you think why did someone who lies

so much to try to look good then say

true things that make him look bad and

then maybe that's above my pay grade to

know why but but this is a song re you

know what LL Cool J said you're lying

about the lies that you tell here it's

occasionally blurting the truth and I

offer that as context for what I want

your analysis on which is here's Donald

Trump saying basically something that no

other president in either party would

ever publicly admit to which is that

they think being president is costing

them something and they could make more

money elsewhere and by the way almost

every qualified president could make

more than a public sector salary Barack

Obama could have made more if he wanted

to be a lobbyist or be at a law firm

right I mean it goes without saying

and yet here he was admitting that take

a look probably it'll cost me anywhere

from three to five billion dollars to be

president couldn't care less otherwise I

wouldn't have done it people have asked

me what do you think it costs and

between opportunity not doing thing I

used to get a lot of money to make

speeches now I give speeches all the

time in order to get Zippo and that's

good and so Margaret he doesn't seem to

realize that that's the wrong equation

if you want to choose public service

most people don't get to work in

positions of power decide life-and-death

matters but it's public service he wants

to stay private he couldn't I wasn't

counting but I think that adds like

another hundred lies to the twelve

thousand lies because I don't care

that's really a big lie because he does

care he's the only president who thinks

he should still be making money in the

private sector Wiley's president now

some presidents might think well I can

make some money later library books etc

but this is one who thinks just the

opposite he doesn't want to give up any

money while he's there by the way you

know he still owns all of his properties

in all of his business so his sons are

running in that was the worst case of

removing conflicts of interest I've ever

seen in government ever

well well put like a two by four both of

you stay with me I want to bring in

someone who were actually indebted to in

this reporting and we like to go to our

primary sources Zack Everson runs the

new newsletter 1,000 Pennsylvania which

reports on the Trump Hotel in Washington

and you know Zack you could never

profile people right you know that you

can't learn a lot just by looking at

someone right correct and so we don't

profile you eagle eagle-eyed viewers may

recall you were on the show earlier this

week you were stumped by david korn he

threw out a line from Snoop Doggy dog

and you knew it exactly top of the dome

and we salute you for that Zack thank

you that's man-whore now on to the

business you have been tracking this

we'll put up on the screen thanks to

your your work the number of Republican

senators that have been spending money

at the Trump hotel properties that's

just from public public sourcing walk us

through again if reviewers who may not


your work although we've we've relied on

it what it is you found and why you

thought it was important to track this

apparent patronage sure I started

looking at social media to see if we

could find out who was spending money at

the Trump Hotel and you absolutely could

they're posting pictures on there I

started off in I guess it was August

2017 and it was Anthony scaramouche II

and Rudy Giuliani and you know here we

are a couple years later and yesterday

it was a governor of one of Pakistan's

provinces and Rudy Giuliani again

because he's a regular there but you can

really get a good glimpse of what's

going on

so the Senators it's a mixture from FEC

reports on campaign finance and also

just pictures that I've seen of them

online and we've had I think it's 26 out

of 53 Republican senators have been

there only one Democrat senator senator

Wright so it's it's a majority of their

caucus and Counting it adds up to real

money the New York Times lutely saying

nearly 20 mil spent at Trump family

hotels since 2015

only by Republican political groups

based on your knowledge of the travel

industry which which again is what you

have some background in is that an

unusual amount of money for a hotel to

get strictly for political reasons

rather than what we might call earned or

meritocratic interest in staying there

well what really stands out is how

Republicans didn't go to Trump

properties until Trump became president

I mean that is just the fact that you

can see you've seen Mike Pence's

committee has spent two hundred and

twenty-five thousand dollars their

speaker RGB minority leader McCarthy's

committee has spent over 225,000 the RNC

has dropped over 400,000 and a pro Trump

super PAC has dropped over 500,000 I

mean right there it's clear-cut he is

profiting from the presidency Margaret

and didn't I I don't know if the sack

included this Pence's PACs have paid

$250,000 for at Trump properties already

so you know that what's striking about

this is it's not hidden it's all in

plain sight it's bold it's out there and

like Democrats are just getting around

to it as jason says where have they been

I mean just walk into the lobby

Thank You Zack for doing it for us

that's really hard duty but it's it's

there it's not hard to get you don't

even need subpoenas just like you've got

you've got the documents the documents

are really powerful right in this new

house investigation we're not gonna

learn anything new we already know that

when Trump went to dune begin if he goes

2018 I received me at one of his

Scottish golf courses in 2018 the tax

payers were on the bill for 77 thousand

dollars The Scotsman did a great job

reporting that we know that they're

gonna request these documents maybe

they'll get them maybe they won't

information might leak but the end

result is going to be that the taxpayers

were probably on the hook for about

$50,000 what matters then is what the

Democrats do with that information if

anything because right now we're seeing

nothing there's seven different house

panels that are looking into aspects of

Trump's businesses and we don't say

haven't seen any public information and

we certainly haven't seen any sort of

change in behavior

J'son and all right I gotta say Lake

what are they looking for at this point

Yelp reviews right - they didn't come up

that soon there has to be like wow I

didn't like the dinner here the

continental breakfast wasn't that good

what this basically amounts to wouldn't

even require an investigation this looks

like kickbacks this is this I almost

feel bad for some of these Republicans

they probably feel like if I don't spend

money in a Trump Hotel he won't endorse

me he'll attack my primary opponent in

2020 why it is that these members of the

Senate can't realize that they are

actually being taken advantage of as

much as the American people is amazing

to me because I'm pretty sure a lot of

these guys would rather spend the night

of a Holiday Inn than $900 a pop at a

trump hotel the only way here are arias

that Liam bar needs Trump more than

Trump you know Trump needs William Bar

more than William bar needs Trump but

he's spending thirty thousand out of his

own pocket of all the expenditures it's

the one that that I find mysterious

right I find it telling because I've

covered mr. bar and I've said before on

air he is a very bright person whatever

you think of what he does with his

intelligence and he didn't take a long

time hanging out there in this new role

he's one of the more recent cabinet

members to figure out how it works and

how to ingratiate and that's a chilling

statement when we're talking about

matters of literally life and death I

mean who lives and who dies and who

protects the prisons and

Oh executions work and his focus was in

getting a not only getting a holiday

party planned but getting it leaked and

getting it out there that he's routing

the money that way on a lighter note

Jason do you know how you can tell

whether a continental breakfast is is

solid when you're on the road

I do not please sell me my test and I

love and a free included continental is

whether there's multiple types of juice

if I come in and it's only OJ it's okay

but if I see the grapefruit juice I feel

like this holiday and and on the

campaign trail we end up at a lot of

holiday ends

that's when you know it's a nice

continental breakfast was included at

the Dune beg for you $2,000 a night not

just branch of OJ I like it I don't know

the OJ at the Dune bag but it but you

got breakfast it's spitting we're

talking about this with Zach here

because I'm the B week we try to go all

the way from OJ to OG nice Jack sorry no

worries you've got it with your

standards for how you join a continental

breakfast you know I'll be I'll try to

be funny or next time I changed Margaret

and Zach thanks for your analysis for

putting up with me for being on the beat

on a Friday hey I'm already Melbourne

from MSNBC you can see more of our

videos right here or better yet

subscribe to our You Tube channel below

you could have been anywhere in the

world that you're here with us and we

appreciate that

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