Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Elephants Butterflies Doves

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Hi guys I'm Shazaad wildlife cameraman welcome to the game drive let's go and

look for some animals shall we

Today I'm in Tsavo East national park with a

beautiful herd of elephants all around us but the one cute little guy in

particular that I'd like to bring your attention to is this little cutie pie

right here this baby elephant isn't he adorable it's really young probably just

maybe two weeks old you can see it's so small when it just walks around its you

can tell it's young because it's height is below that of the mother's

belly brand-new little guy welcome to Tsavo little fella oh thank you see he

said hello there hehehe lifted his ears just to say hello to everyone say hi to him in

the comments I'll pass them along cute little fella

and we have nice big family around let me just show them to you it seems like

this little one is gonna take off into the bushes so just around them we have

some more there's another one right there there's another big one right up

there I think you can see it i'll bring it a little bit closer for you if

I can there we go nice big one oh look at that look at

that hi there hi big Ellie

so we're in an area that's known as kilo sabha here

in tsavo east it's very green it's been raining the last couple of weeks for

about three weeks or so actually been a bit of floods but it's good because if

you followed some of the feed which I was broadcasting three months ago this

place was barren there was not even a blade of grass it was so dry but now we

have all this nice beautiful lush green grass let's see if we can get a little

bit closer up to them to start up and move on to them since they're moving

deeper into the bushes

it's been a great day just a little bit of drizzle earlier earlier on but now

the Sun is out and all the animals are coming out to warm themselves up a

little bit

yeah they seem to be going deeper and deeper in

we have one

here right next to us

that's good Fadhili thank you

so you can see they're having a field day just tearing the grass apart having a

real good time with all of this and there's plenty of water oh wow

besides the elephant's there's something really beautiful I just have to show you

hold on hold on look at this just look at this in one of the little water ponds

right here check out all these beautiful butterflies yellow color white

color they're coming in for the moisture look at that

look at this beauty

fantastic isn't it what do you think look at them all together yellow ones

white ones we have a nice black and white one let me see if I can show that

one to you don't fly away please there we go

open your wings for us

just to take a peek

come on


this little guy is a bit camera shy

no okay so if

you don't want the attention we're going to move over to the others they are

happy to cooperate with us

so - right back over to the elephants as they are

now slowly making their way deeper and deeper in

you'll notice they all have a

red coloration and that's because of the sand here in Tsavo so the sand is red

and when the elephants grab a bit of dust and spray them on themselves then

they get the red coloration otherwise elephants are normally grey that's the

natural color look at that something else has decided to join us it's really

fantastic here so we have beautiful butterflies we have some amazing

elephants with the baby and now we have a couple of doves as well that have come

to this little puddle

cute little doves

I hope you guys enjoyed the game drive it was spectacular

so much to see do stay tuned don't forget to Like Share and Subscribe if

you had fun or just want to say hi just say hi in the comments I'll be happy to

hear from you until next time take care bye bye

The Description of Elephants Butterflies Doves