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hey what's up guys it,s HAZET here and in this video I am going to teach you guys

how to build a ultra gaming PC with just only $500 okay so the reason I am making

this video is most of the channel similar with mine are making the same

kinds of videos so some of my friends are suggest me to make a video about it

okay so in this build each of the part I will talk about each of them's link will

be in the description so you can directly buy olive from there and one

thing I forget to mention that the price of this build will be $500 at this time

but it could be up and down depend on the time you are watching the video so

if there any of the parts price will be increased then don't afraid to choose

another one just ask me on the comment or send me a mail and I will definitely

help you to choose the right part okay so before start the video hit the like

button if we can hit 20 likes on the video that would be absolutely amazing

and now let's jump into each of the part ok so it the first part will be the

power of our PC the processor so for the processor we will be choose the AMD rise

in 312 hundred so the reason I choose this processor is it has 4 cores and

obviously it's from the Rison series because most of you know that the rise

ins are the most demanding AMD processor for gaming and one of the big reason is

the price it's less than only $100 so if you will go for intel there has no

chance you can get more than 2 cores at this price and in two cores it's pretty

much impossible to run any high demanding games without bottleneck and

this processor has 3.4 gigahertz max speed but you can overclock it up to 4

gigahertz with a really good cooler than with 4 gigahertz I don't think there has

any games could bottleneck with ultra settings ok now moving up to our

motherboard for the motherboard we will take the asrock 320 m so there is

nothing special about this motherboard but the reason I choose this one is it

support our processor and it's super cheap at this time it's less than $30 on

Newegg and it has 2 RAM slots and the max memory it support is 32 gigabytes so

only for $40.00 I think it's a great deal ok so moving up to our memory we

will choose the sorry gigabytes ddr4 ram now at this

time you could feel disappointing for the memory but lesson to me you will

never need more than 8 gigabytes memory for 1080p gaming so if you will take

more than 8 gigabytes ram then that would be just waste of money and it's

also ddr4 I mean there has people doing 1080p gaming even only 4 gigabytes

memory and here you are getting double so it will be perfect for 1080p gaming

even on Ultra settings ok so now let's move to our storage for the storage we

will choose the Western Digital one terabyte hard drive and one terabyte is

absolutely alright for storing all your games because I don't think you will

ever store any of games after you complete ok now the sixth number part

will be our graphics card so this is the most important thing for any gaming PC

so just for this I West our 40% money on it because most of the gaming PC under

$500 using the gtx 1050 or 1050 Ti so this time I take this thing to the max

level for this build we are using the gtx 1060 3 gigabytes video card it's 3

gigabytes because the 6 gigabytes one was $80 more than this and even if you

will take the 6 gigabytes one then also you will get just only 5 more FPS on

average games and for $80 5 FPS is too less to me so I choose the 3 gigabytes

one then with this one you will get average up to 80 FPS and 1080p Ultra

settings because obviously it's the GTX 1060 but if you like to see the

benchmark between the 3 gigabytes of the 6 gigabytes then check out this

benchmark video link will be also in the description ok so now moving up to our

power supply we are using the thermal take TR - 600 watts power supply so I

choose this power supply because it's only about $20 at this time and 600

watts for only $20 it's a great deal ok so moving up to our last part is our

case this is also a important thing not only for look also for performance

because this case is designed for good cable management and cable management

are also important for performance because without a good cable management

your system could become hot and your PC could perform bad so that's why I choose

the roads will Nautilus mid tower case it's only for 24

on new ink and for me this case is also looks really cool for only $24 it has a

really cool side panel so you can install LED on there and with the LED it

will looks absolutely fantastic okay guys so that was all the parts for the

video now let's talk about the performance of the PC so this is a chata

have collected from different benchmark YouTube videos

so almost average in 1080p with ultra settings you will get around 80 plus FPS

easily in any games so if you guys want then you guys also download the chat

from the description and also each of those parts link will be in the

description ok so that's it for the video guys hope you like this video if

you did then one like on this video will so much for me so please hit the like

button and press the subscribe button so I am has it and see you next time

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