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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 长白发了到底用英文怎么说?用法和为什么不叫white hair

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today we're talking about a

mistake that I hear a lot of people make

and I personally make them for the

longest time hopefully after today we

won't make this mistake anymore so today

we're talking about how to express this

idea in English what jump by FATA not

only we're going to talk about the

better or more common translation we're

also going to talk about why it's not

called white hair so I'm really excited

about this video I think it's going to

be super fun and it's going to be short

I hope you guys like it don't forget to

give it a thumbs up if you did turn on

the post notifications and let's get


first of all let's talk about the

correct translation or just what they

call it gray hair gray hair yep instead

of white hair they call it gray hair can

you guess the reason why I'll wait for

you yes yes it's because when your white

hair first started growing out your

entire head of hair do not turn white at

the same time it gradually turns white

you will still have strands of white

hair mixed in with your original hair so

when you look at it it's kind of a white

and black together or white and other

Brown blond whatever mix together so the

visual effect visual effect is a grayish

color is gray that's why they call it

great hair so now let's look at some

simple sentences my hair is turning gray

my hair is turning gray my hair is

turning gray or my hair started turning

gray my hair started turning gray

another one I want to share with you

guys is a famous saying or an idiom I

don't even know I'm not sure but a lot

of dads will say this about their

daughter this girl will turn my hair

gray this girl will turn my hair gray

because you know when you have a little

girl you love her so much

and with love comes worry and you worry

about her too much it's going to turn

your hair

turn my hair gray alright I hope this

video is helpful I really hope you guys

enjoyed it and let me know anything

comment down below what other video

ideas you have because I've kind of been

in a creative drought I I don't know

it's just it comes and goes thank you

guys for watching I will see you in my

next video bye


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