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Welcome to a new F1 2021 video!

My name is Roberto and today I am going to explain to you how you can learn to drive without a racing line with

these 3 simple tips.

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for more F1 2021 tips videos and let's start right away with how

to learn to drive without a racing line.

Driving without a racing line is often the last assists to be turned off in F1 2021.

Many of you can already drive without all the other assists but often leave the racing line on

because you think and note the word here ''thinks'' it's much harder to do

without race line.

The fear quickly sets in: ''I have so much to take into account and the racing line

is my last handle not to fly off the track'', ''It is very difficult

to drive without a racing line'' or ''How do I have to learn all braking points on 20+ tracks?

but when you set out the racing line you will notice that it is not all that difficult

and that in many cases you will even become faster.

But when you finally take the step to turn off the racing line, you

quickly realize that it isn't much more difficult to drive without a racing line.

Let's start with my first tip to drive without a racing line and that is practice and record

Drive in time trial on the track you

want to learn with the racing line on.

Turn on your gameplay recording.

How you do this differs per console and that is why I have placed links per consoles

in the comments on how you can do this.

Drive in time trial until you drive at your maximum on the track with the racing line on.

If you need 5 rounds for this, you drive 5 rounds.

If you need 10, you drive 10.

You drive as many as you think you need to set a good and fast time

with racing line on.

This gives you a good reference point for later when you drive without a racing line.

Now that we have completed a few laps, it is

time to view the recording and especially view the recordings of your 2 to 3 fastest


Take a good look at when exactly you brake and which reference point you can


For example, at turn 1 we brake slightly after the green run off area ends.

At turn 3 we brake under the billboard. At turn 4, we brake after the Rolex billboards on the

right are out of view. Here we brake slightly after the curb starts

on our right.

You will do this for yourself at every turn and eventually on every lane.

This way you will actually find 100 reference points that you can use as a braking point to plot your racing


Once you've done the previous steps

, we'll start the real work.

We set up racing line *DUMDUMDUMDUMMMM* and we get to work on the same track we

just recorded and practiced.

As soon as you start on a track, don't immediately start driving at 100%, but build

it up slowly.

Wash your braking point with racing line at 100 meters.

Then brake now at 110 meters and build it up slowly until you can work again to the braking

of your reference point that we just studied during the recording.

And this can take quite some time so build it up slowly, be patient and do

n't give up within 10 rounds because in the beginning you will be slower.

This is because you need to build muscle memory.

You now know all braking points, but you don't have muscle memory yet.

This is why you really have to sit down for a while to give your body the chance to

build muscle memory.

Because before that it was quite mindless braking when a line indicates this.

Now it's feel braking when you think it's time to brake.

This takes time to learn to brake, steer or hit the throttle at the same point every time


Once you realize this, you will also notice that you will become faster without a racing line

because the racing line does not always indicate the most ideal line, braking point or moment of accelerating


In some corners it is faster to take a different line than what the racing line indicates

because the racing line just doesn't show the fastest line.

When you start driving without a racing line on, you will also notice that you can often

brake a little later than the racing line indicates.

And finally, you will also notice that you can get on your gas earlier that the racing line often indicates.

All of this will eventually make you faster when you take the step

to turn off the racing line.

So go for it, go to your settings, turn off your racing line and take the step to get faster

in F1 2021 and I look forward to seeing you again in the next video.

Thanks for looking!

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