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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT - LIVE LESSON / Sunday 9th February 2020 - Fruit idioms, dislikes / Learning Curve

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doo doo doo doo doo doo de doo to do to do to do it's a windy day here in the UK

but I hope where you are it is a wonderful wonderful day for you here we go

welcome to a very stormy very blowy

quite unsettled UK it's been a very dramatic morning to say the least

everything has been going on right here welcome to another english addict live

from the birthplace of the english language which just happens to be England

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I really really hope so I

hope you are feeling happy because of course we are in the weekend the weekend

is here so I hope you have had a good weekend I've had a very busy weekend I

was out and about yesterday doing something with mr. Steve we went to a

very unusual place yesterday somewhere we haven't been for a very long time I'm

going to show you right now where we went yesterday would you like to have a

look there it is so there is where we were yesterday so this is a short video

clip that I filmed in a place called Royal lemming Tain's baa which is in the

county of Warwickshire a beautiful place lots of lovely buildings a lot of old

buildings there and that is where we were yesterday mr. Steve was visiting

one of his friends who is helping him with his singing career and then after

that we went to see my mother who is now staying somewhere else so my mother is

now out of hospital however she is still being cared for before hopefully she

will return back home so that is what we were doing yesterday so there it is

Royal Leming Tain's par and the reason why it is called Royal

Leamington Spar is because it was given the title of royal by Queen

Victoria so over the years many monarchs would actually give the royal approval

that is what they called it they would actually give the royal

approval to a town so Royal Leamington Spa has that name has the Royal at

the beginning because Queen Victoria loved the place so much she thought hmm

I am very amused by that place so I am going to call it Royal Leamington Spa

one of the many beautiful places that you can visit here not only in

England but also the UK so I hope you're having a good one well guess what we are

half way through the weekend I hope you have had a good one

wherever you are watching in the world because it's Sunday

it is Sunday it is a fun day it is time to improve your English and I hope you

are in the mood to do just that mmm we are all here together again we are

talking about quite a few things today Oh one thing I'm going to talk about

today just for fun because I know that over the past few days there have been

lots of awful news stories some terrible things happening in the world even

yesterday something rather awful happened in Thailand lots of bad news

but of course there are nice things as well we can have a little bit of fun

with the English language today because we are talking about fruit idioms

so idioms connected to fruit now I know what you're thinking you are thinking

mr. Duncan why are you doing that you weird man well the reason is because we

are talking about food and certain types of food that maybe you dislike so maybe

there is a type of food that you don't like eating something that you would

rather not eat so today I am going to do something that I've never done in my

life honestly I'm not joking so today you are going to see me do something

that I've never done ever in my whole life something I'm going to eat

something that I've always hated I've tried little pieces of this particular

thing however today I am going to try and eat a hole which one is it though

which fruit am I talking about so today I'm going to eat something that I hate

eating I'm going to try and eat it I have sampled it in my life but I've

never actually eaten a whole piece of this particular fruit

and that's why we are talking about fruit idioms today

you see it's like everything fits together it's like poetry

everything joins together perfectly I hope you are feeling good today I'm not

too bad even though well what can I say about the weather here in the UK we have

been battered battered by a terrible storm and in fact if we look out the

window at the moment you can see that the storm has now died down however an

hour ago the storm was dreadful would you like to have a look so here are some

pictures that I recorded earlier have a look at this so this is actually in my

garden about an hour ago so one hour ago my garden was being battered and beaten

by storm Kirra so today we have storm

Kirra sweeping across the UK and about one hour ago

storm Kiera went over my house and there you can see some some video footage that

I filmed about an hour ago this happened so this is actually the peak of the

storm as it goes over my house would you like to see another video shot okay so

here is some more video footage so this is storm Kiera which over the past few

days we have been warned about we've been told that this particular storm was

on the way and there it is happening right outside my window just one hour

ago and if you want to have a look at something slightly more dramatic look at

this so this is a view from one of my cameras

in my studio so normally the view from my window my studio window looks lovely

but this was the view from my window around about 60 minutes ago when the the

center of storm Kira hit my house so look at that fortunately today I don't

have my windows open all of my windows are closed everything is locked and

sealed because the weather is so bad it is pretty awful in fact I think it's

safe to say that the weather is quite bad let's have a look at the view now

what is the weather doing outside at the moment well this is what it looks like

now outside so this is now a live view outside the window you can see that

things are much better now so this is now right now looking outside and if we

have another look another direction oh yes that looks much better

even though the wind is still blowing very strongly and it's quite blustery

outside so we had storm Kira hit the UK in fact it was blowing all night but the

center of the storm actually went over my house about 1 hour ago but now

everything is much better and I'm feeling much better much more relaxed I

was feeling slightly worried because

I thought maybe we would have a power cut so I was a little worried that the

electricity might go off so quite often around the area in which I live because

I live in the countryside quite often we will have power cuts or the electricity

will suddenly go off especially when it's windy fortunately that hasn't

happened yet Oh live chat is very busy today already

nice to see so many people already on the live chat hello to everyone hello to

the live chat hello also to Elinor hey guess what

Elinor you are first on today's live stream so congratulations to

congratulations and jubilations you are first on today's live chat

congratulations Eleanor also Berlin for you Martha

also Martha in Poland can I once again can I just do this because this is

something I felt very guilty about the other day

can I once again say hello to Martha in Poland and also your mother as well I

really did feel very guilty because last week I didn't see your message so

perhaps today you are sitting with your mother watching my livestream and just

in case you are hello to Martha and your mother who I wonder if that guilty

feeling will ever go away do you ever find yourself with the feeling of guilt

maybe you forgot something maybe you forgot your husband's birthday or your

wife's birthday and now you feel a little bit guilty about it so quite

often we will have the feeling of guilt sometimes we can feel guilty we can feel

a little upset maybe something we've forgotten to do or say so once again

sorry Martha I didn't see your message last week so I hope that I've made up

for it now I hope I am forgiving good hello also to RHS Cecilia hello Cecilia

nice to see you as well on the live chat Hiroko

nice to see you as well Olga hello Olga I haven't seen you for a long time nice

to see you back holder Oh Olga I love that name by the way

I always think that Olga is is an abbreviation of a longer name but I

don't think it is so Olga hello to you as well

hello to Maria Oh Maria I'm saying hello to Maria thank

you for joining me as well yes I went to see my mother yesterday she is being

looked after at the moment and she is in a certain place for observation so

hopefully within a few days my mum might my mum might be going back

home but we don't know yet thank you very much once again for all of your

lovely wishes for my mother if you want to catch me here on youtube you can

Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time right here on YouTube you can have me

live three times a week I might be the busiest English teacher on YouTube I

might be hello art all hello art or I hope I pronounced your name right

where are you watching at the moment Maria once again also Massimo hello

Massimo I haven't seen you for a long time either nice to see you back with us

Beatriz hello from Argentina hi Argentina how am I I'm okay but I was a

bit worried because the weather is quite bad today we've had some really awful

weather I can't begin to tell you how bad the weather was about an hour ago

it was terrible look so there was the view from my window about 65 minutes ago

really bad really bad weather a terrible day as storm

Kirra battered and bashed the UK really bad day today

oh dear me have you seen my new website oh yes I have a new website with all of

my English lessons they are all there and you can watch them as many times as

you want in addict dot u K so that is my new website

with all of my lessons lots of other things are on my website and I will be

adding some new things next week as well so there will be some new features added

to my website next week so so I I actually launched the website last

Sunday so here we are week 1 we are into week one of my new website the life of

my new website if you have checked it out what do you think of it are there

some things that you think you want to see on my website you can let me know no

problem hello also to Pedro oh yes Pedro is he Pedro Belmont he is arrived

he's here everybody give a cheer that's enough that's enough no more of that I

don't want to encourage Pedro too much because he always has somewhere to go on

Sunday I don't know where Pedro goes but sometimes Pedro will suddenly disappear

during my livestream and I don't know where he goes I think he has a secret

Maria once again that's three times I've said hello to Maria Luis Mendez hello

Luis nice to see you here on Sunday as well great to see you all here and also

Irene JC Jordi is there a particular type of food that you hate there is one

thing that I hate eating and it's something I've never eaten in my life

I've tried it I've tried a little piece of this particular thing but I've never

eaten it completely today I am going to try to eat this particular

thing so it is a type of food that I hate I can't stand the taste or the

smell of this particular thing so today live on the livestream I am going to try

and eat this particular thing also coming soon yes he will be with hers yes

definitely mr. Steve will be here in around about 5 minutes if I can get him

into the studio hmm I wonder what I will be using this week

to lure mr. Steve into the studio well we are talking about fruit today so

today I will be luring I will be tempting mr. Steve into the studio with

some nice segments of orange yes so a little bit later on in around about 5

minutes I will try to lure mr. Steve into the studio this is the bait that I

will be using but the big question is will mr. Steve take the bait

will Steve be tempted by my little treat find out in a few minutes so is there a

type of food that you hate is there a type of food that you cannot stand

something you don't like to eat Palmyra I love the windy weather I don't I don't

like windy weather I don't like rain I don't like those

types of weather to be honest no definitely not hello

man how is the weather how does it look like in your country well at the moment

it looks like this so this is the weather right now live from my studio

window it's quite windy and we've had a lot of rain and it really was bad

about an hour ago it was unbelievable I thought the roof was going to blow off

the house that's how bad the weather was earlier incredible mr. Steve will be

with us soon hello also two big big new big new or

Zbigniew I hope I pronounced your name right

where are you watching I'm always interested to find out where people are

in the world because I'm in England for those who are wondering I am actually

situated in England did you have any damage to your house no however in

certain parts of England there have been some terrible storms this morning and

already certain parts of England are underwater there has been terrible

flooding in certain parts of the country in fact here is a photograph would you

like to see a photograph so this is a photograph that was taken this morning

and posted on Twitter and this is in a place called hidden bridge hidden bridge

which is in Yorkshire and this morning they've had so much rain already the

place is flooded already it is under water and the reason why this particular

place is now flooded is because it's in it's in a valley so it's actually

situated at the bottom of a valley so all the water from the hills and the

mountains it all runs down and it ends up in this place

so already today this particular community is under water a place called

Hedden bridge a place that has experienced a lot of flooding over the

years unfortunately which is a shame it is a shame we have Chris murrells

also on the live chat yes the weather is like bad today so is there a type of

food that you don't like it can be any food there are some things that I don't

like eating such as kidneys I'm not a big fan of kidneys so I don't like to

eat kidneys I don't like certain types of mushroom I

don't like eating mushrooms mushrooms they are disgusting I don't like eating

mushrooms at all and kubera okuu kübra says I do not like eating zucchini okay

then yes I quite like zucchini I like zucchini very much that is eggplant

isn't it zucchini Erik says I didn't know liver is good for anemia can I just

say that I do like eating liver liver is quite nice in fact mr. Steve and myself

we both had liver a couple of weeks ago so yes I like a little bit of liver in

gravy with some vegetables on the side so I don't mind I quite like the taste

of liver however I don't like the taste of kidneys is there a type of food that

you dislike is there a type of food that you hate please let me know

Jamelia says it is it mince pie mr. Duncan that you are going to taste

because I know that you hate mince pie Thank You Jamelia it is a type of fruit

that I will be eating today however it is also a type of fruit that I hate

eating so it is actually a type of fruit that I dislike however today I am going

to try and eat it live here on English addict if you are interested in getting

in touch you can of course follow me on Facebook you can also contact me

through email and if you want to make a donation you can also help me to

continue my work right here on YouTube for free

so now there is no excuse for not knowing the details how to contact me so

now we all know hello also to Dan and Alfie hello to you

nice to see you here today I hope you are feeling good also we have Nestor who

says I don't like cauliflower I love cauliflower now cauliflower is a

very strange vegetable because first of all it has a strange appearance it is

white and also quite hard so a lot of people don't like cauliflower

I love cauliflower however you don't see it very often you don't often see it

served in cafes or restaurants so I always think that cauliflower is a

neglected vegetable I really do so I quite like cauliflower isn't it strange

how some people like one particular thing and then other people dislike the

same thing isn't it strange hello to Palmyra I hate wasting food because it

takes a lot of effort to grow the plants and also so many people do not have

enough food so I never I never buy products I dislike I agree with you

there I don't like to waste food I hate going

to a restaurant I'm sure this has happened to you have you ever been in a

restaurant and you are sitting at the table and you eat your meal and you

finish everything and then you look at someone else and they they've left most

of their food on the plate and you know that that food is going to be taken away

it's going to be taken away and thrown into the rubbish it will be disposed of

so I always feel a little sad when I see food being wasted

Helena says I can eat all sorts of food but some food tastes better it is true I

might be a little bit fussy do you think so maybe I am a fussy eater maybe I am

too fussy about the food that I eat highly Cuong says I hate durian ah well

durians have a very terrible smell however inside if you open a durian the

the flesh the inside is actually quite tasty so actually I like durians I I

used to eat a lot of durians when I was in Malaysia hello to tsukete I hate it

when people leave food I also feel sad yes it's a terrible sight I do not like

to see food being wasted it makes me feel very sad I don't like to leave food

on my plate says Olga I agree with you there is there is nothing sadder there

is nothing more pitiful than seeing food on a plate that you know is going to be

thrown away it's terrible I don't like it at all no mr. Duncan do you like

oysters I don't I'm not a big fan of shellfish I don't like else

I don't like oysters I don't like whelks I don't like mussels not these mussels

not these mussels but the muscles that come in the shells and also I don't like

prawns I don't like anything like that to be honest prawns

they are disgusting that like prawns at all dan and Alfie says YouTube is the

best I love YouTube I've been doing this for nearly 14 years on YouTube so you

don't need me to tell you that I love YouTube very much I am a very big fan

of YouTube hello Jamelia in the summer we like to eat little snails no I'm not

a fan of eating snails either also Belle Pedro Belmont is a message oh this is a

message from sook act for Pedro I don't eat red meats and I don't eat any animal

flesh I like to eat meat sometimes I'm not a big meat-eater however sometimes I

do like to eat some meat I know it's become very fashionable very popular to

become a vegetarian now so a lot of my friends

some of mr. Steve's family as well are vegetarians so some people do not like

to eat any any meat whatsoever mr. Duncan what did you say

prawns prawns prawns are like little mollusks they probably aren't mollusks

but they look like mollusks they have a tough shell on the outside so you have

prawns have you ever eaten prawns they're disgusting I do not like prawns

at all Tomic says I don't like seafood I don't

like mushrooms and also I don't like pineapple oh yes

I don't like pineapple either why why do they put pineapple on pizza why why do

they put pineapple on pizza I think it is the worst thing in the world you have

all of that lovely cheese all of that beautiful bread that has been cooked and

baked to perfection and then you put lots of pineapple on top so no I don't

like pineapple on pizza I think it ruins the whole thing to be honest so I am NOT

a big fan of pineapple there is one particular fruit that I

hate and later on I will be eating it live I am going to see if I can actually

eat this particular piece of fruit mr. Steve is about to come into the studio I

can hear him I can hear his little feet have you ever heard a mouse in your

attic have you ever been in your house and you can hear a little mouse in your

attic well today I can hear mr. Steve's feet in the distance scurrying around he

is sniffing for food and guess what I happen to have some food right here so

here we go we are now going to try and get mr. Steve to come into the studio

today I have two lovely segments of orange can you see them so we have some

orange segments today we are going to try and tempt mr. Steve into the studio

so if you want be quiet because he is very shy mr. Steve is very

timid so I will leave the food here and we will see if we can tempt mr. Steve

into the studio

again this is too easy orange segments hello everybody

okay Steve you don't have to share it every week I say I haven't got time to

come on today and mr. Duncan tempts me with some usually sugary snack yes but

this time a healthy snack a segment of orange yes we're talking about fruit

today and we're not we're not describing us not fruit cases no and not not a

couple of fruits but hello hello we're talking about fruit idioms today Steve

now today we're doing something unusual because I'm going to eat something

that I hate I'm going to see if it is possible for me to eat one particular

type of fruit that for all of my life I've hated so much and that's what we're

talking about today we're talking about is there a certain type of food that you

hate what about you Steve is there a certain type of food that you dislike

you've put me on the spot you've put me on the spot mmm created a little bit of

pressure because you want me to come up with an answer yes food that I hate I

don't like raw fish no sushi no I can't take to that so so yesterday we were in

lemming Tain's spa and we were looking for a place to eat and we went pressed

this sushi restaurant and we both agreed that we wouldn't have raw fish so I'm

not a big fan of raw fish and you don't like raw fish so yesterday we decided

not to have sushi so yes I might agree with that one I think I agree with Steve

I'm not a big fan of sushi I like fish but I'm not sure if I want to eat it raw

alright there's another cut there's a Caribbean dish mmm which involves it's

called salt fish I think it's a key no ackee and saltfish yeah and I don't like

that either I either I don't like the sound of that

if I said either my brother would pull me up and say it's either okay then I

brought you up to say either anyway we're not talking about that we're

talking about food can say either or either food yes so yes we've eat a lot

of fish but the of all the foods that we don't like that's two types of fish that

we've listed yes it's a very it's an acquired taste for Westerners sushi but

it's very popular it's very well if you go to London there are sushi restaurants

everywhere so yes and wherever I travel about during the day I want to pick up a

sandwich from somewhere lunchtime in the sandwich cabinet in all the

supermarket's there's always some sushi in there there's a tax yes I avoid it

I've never never really been a fan I've tried sushi in the past but I'm not

I'm not a big fan of it supposed to be very healthy yes

so the food that I don't like well there's lots of food I dislike I don't

like shellfish as I mentioned earlier prawns snails clams oysters I don't like

any of those things yes we categorize those as as seafood in if you say

seafood you don't normally mean fish like salmon or or card you know you

normally main prawns as you say mussels and I don't like the reason I don't like

there was one I don't like the texture and two if anybody's ever eel in a

restaurant if you go out for a meal with friends and somebody is ill the next day

you can virtually guarantee they'll always had the shellfish it it's always

it's always the fish or well the shellfish or the prawns yes there's

another one that people tend to get sick because they can go off very quickly so

there are lots of types of food that aren't very nice as Pamir it's a trendy

food is sushi but of course in Japan it's everyday food I would imagine yes

sushi is popular in certain parts of the world including Japan of course hello to

everyone watching in Japan I hope you don't dislike me because I I'm not a fan

of sushi however I do like lots of other things that are Japanese thank you

Christina who's admiring my blue eyes are you sure they're blue oh it's nice

to get a compliment it is we did that storm Steve storm what's it called storm

Kira Kira Kira and and would you want to see it this is this is what was

happening earlier outside my window look look at this so this was over an hour

ago this was at around about I think it must have been around about one o'clock

today and this was the view from my studio window look at that 100 mile an

hour winds apparently we've had which I know it isn't a lot compared to someone

like the Caribbean or Indonesia yeah but for us it's a lot I said well it's

strong enough to blow your hat off definitely my mother said she went out

today went to church and was nearly blown over by the wind

that's so strong I think I think maybe your mum has upset God hmm maybe it's

your mum's fault so there it is in the garden that to

relate look at that Steve in the garden that oh yeah that was earlier not now

thank goodness look at that that that tree on the right hand side it

makes you feel like we're in it we're in a foreign country yes but that is the

wind the rain was going horizontally earlier Pedro says I have a beautiful

profile that you don't have to shout Steve I'm getting admirers today you are

easily pleased yes there we go when my daughter says

Noemi Noemi that was pregnant the doctor forbade I think is the word you want to

say there rather than forgave forbade forbade her yes not to eat sushi hmm

because it's raw any raw food you've got the risk of contamination from bacterial

food poisoning so it's the same when they say to us if we go abroad don't eat

when they tell us even even to Spain which do you think would be unusual but

they say to us don't eat raw vegetables or fruit it's strange that they've

always told us that because different countries have different bacteria and we

you can get sick but yes anything raw and some people eat raw meat there's

always a risk of contamination unless it's being properly prepared there we go

it reminds me also I remember in the 1970s people used to say if you go

abroad don't drink the water and also don't use the toilets and I never

understood that I never understood why they wouldn't let you use foreign

toilets when he went abroad I always thought that was very strange so what do

you do mr. dummy do you hold it in for the whole entire time you're on holiday

I think you I think you have your poops in your suitcase and take them home with

you is it cold it says Jamila no it's not it's actually not cold it's 15

degrees yes it's it's it's a it's it's a unseasonally warm wind we're having the

whole weather it's crazy it's supposed to be winter we should be under snow now

but we're not sooo cat said she was in the Falkland Islands oh ok and 95 yes

very strong winds of course they're islands aren't they exposed in the sea

don't think they're going to get don't mention the Falkland Islands oh right

yes all sorts of interest in comments okay then we'll make them

interesting for us there we go Jimmy says organ meats from pigs and cows they

are all awful yes oh that's very funny mr. Duncan so you're talking about liver

kidneys so all of the internal organs return me cause I'm awful awful hmm and

mr. Duncan was joking saying that they're awful hmm

so they are awful awful yes so the awful is awful and somebody said that not all

Japanese people like sushi which is something that you wouldn't think about

No well I would I know that all Japanese people won't eat sushi I'm pretty sure

of that Chris says it doesn't like shrimp paste

yes all that's different that's a bit strong the smell is a bit strong shrimps

strong Oh Chris doesn't like eggplant oh yeah I'm surprised because I see this is

very strange it's very interesting to find out what people like and dislike

when it comes to food because some people dislike things that I like so

actually I like eggplant I think it's it's lovely it's gorgeous you do like it

yes so it's interesting I'm always fascinated to find out what people like

and dislike because some of my likes might be someone else's dislike I'm also

elegant according to Eric no it's my day today I think I think they might be

trolling you Steve Oh mr. Duncan I just I needed this boost

today keep them coming keep them coming good compliment I think

Steve needs some encouragement today so please keep the compliments coming to

mr. Steve well we had a difficult day yesterday it was a big day yesterday it

was a big day it was we did a lot of things we went to lemming Tain's baa and

then we had something to eat and then we went to see my mum who is currently

undergoing observation before she can go back home so we we had a very long we

didn't get home until very late last night and mr. Duncan was

oh okay then that's it we're not going in - nope that's it

please shall we just draw the line how Mira says do we like herring yes I

do hmm my mother always used to cook

herring for it's an oily fish isn't it so it's very healthy because of the oil

in it a bit like salmon is that the omega-3 probably but they're also full

of bones herring don't you find that pow/mia are used to be very difficult to

get all the bones out a lot of people a lot of people a lot of people choke to

death on herring because of all the little bones also there's a great

expression in English red herring so a red herring is something that might

mislead you to think something else or maybe - to throw a person off suspicion

so if I suspect mr. Steve of doing something bad he might say something to

distract me it might be a red herring it might be something that's not true or

real maybe as a way of distracting a person something that will lead a person

down the wrong road yes a clue if you were doing if you were doing all these

murder mystery weekend yes that nobody does I've never seen I've never met

anyone that does murder mystery weekends anyway this I think anyway that's a big

subject we are talking about fruit idioms and in a moment I am going to eat

shall we reveal the fruit that I'm going to eat you see it's unusual because mr.

Duncan doesn't really like fruit any fruits well I like fruit well that's

wrong because I eat oranges I know but you've only recently started eating only

the last ten years Duncan is fruit averse ok stop picking

on me not picking on you I'm just stating a fact here we go

this is the fruit you won't believe this this is the fruit that I hate and I've

never eaten this fruit in my life I've had little

pieces of the fruit because I know what people are going to say you are going to

say Oh mr. Duncan if you've never tried it how do you know that you don't like

it well I know I don't like it because I've had some of it I've had a little

piece in the past so he won't believe this the fruit that mr. Duncan has never

eaten well I've eaten it but never a whole one never a whole one so I guess

so I'm going to try and eat this I have a feeling this one might might be rotten

I think this might be a rotten one so this might not be a good choice he's so

right so it is something that is bent Oh what could it be something that's bent

do you know of something that might be bent it's got a curve in it yeah so it's

it's not straight it's bent a bent fruit a bent fruit with a skin didn't somebody

shout that at you the other day here it is it's a boom oh I hate bananas even as

I stand here now I can smell oh oh I actually want to throw up just smelling

this so so if you are afraid of people throwing up on camera

you might want to watch something else however if you like seeing mr. Duncan

throw up stick around so here it is this is the fruit that I hate I've never

eaten one of these in my life ever I've tried bananas and I don't like them

so here we go shall we first of all prepare yourselves No

ah nah that's an interesting question mr. Duncan oh okay how do you peel a

banana skin I didn't ask a question how do you peel a banana skin this is a

debate sorry what are you doing I'm not going to do it do you peel it from here

okay or do you peel it from here can you peel it from in the middle okay you just

maybe you can just break it in half and suck the contents but we humans tend to

peel our bananas from the stalk we humans yes us human beings okay but

apparently in the wild monkeys peel it from there Oh from that part and

apparently it's easier because often when you peel it from here it doesn't

break properly does it it's annoying I don't know this one is because it's very

ripe oh this is very ripe as you can see it is almost rotting yes but some people

like very ripe bananas yes and other people like them green this is very ripe

that's very ripe oh I don't think I would eat that I'd soon oh really well I

actually had one this morning okay well mate you mind it you said you

wouldn't eat this but you've eaten one already so I'm having a little bit of a

learning curve today Steve learning curve oh yes so a learning curve is when

you are learning something and we often think of a learning curve as being

something that does that almost like the shape of a banana so you start off at

the beginning and then maybe you gain experience or you find out what

something is like you find out how to do something so we often talk about a

learning curve the way in which you learn anything for example yes so when

you start off the curve starts off shallow and then goes like that so you

put a lot of effort in at the beginning hmm and you don't seem to learn very

motion then as you put more and more effort in you suddenly learn more and

more because your brain cells start adapting yes and then it but then

eventually it levels out again and the more effort you put in you get less

returns but in the beginning you have to put a lot of return in to get a bit of

knowledge a little bit of effort you get a lot of returns but then you want to be

on that bit where it's going up the curves going up so my learning curve

today is literally something that is curved

I always like the fact that but look like smiles it's a very big yellow

smile not all they look like in mr. doe maybe if you have bad teeth your smile

might look like a banana I remember seeing something on YouTube some people

were saying that bananas are actually proof of God have you seen that video

there is a video on YouTube where people that whether a couple of people talk

about bananas and they say that bananas are a proof that there is a God so I

thought we were proof rather than the banana so I'm going to prove now that I

don't like bananas so sue Duncan has is stating he has never eaten a banana in

his life though a whole pan a whole banana I've drawn I've tried banana but

I've never eaten an actual banana and for some reason this one I think this

one is a little bit moldy and rotten well it looks like that on the outside

but it's perfectly ripe in the inside you sure positive

okay pound me oh sorry sook at points out bananas a high in potassium it's

true it is in fact they've got so much in them we recommended here in the UK

not to eat more than one banana a day because if you have too much potassium

it can make your heart beat irregularly and I've got some friends at he'd like

three or four a day okay you can get heart palpitation so one a day is all

they recommend well I believe if you eat more than one you might you might

actually suffer serious physical damage well I'm that's you're going a bit

farther but you may increase the potassium in your blood stream too much

and it takes a while for the potassium to be for the body to get rid of the

excess so if you keep having one two three and over a period of days you

might get an elevated potassium level causing you to have heart palpitation

anyway I'm sure a lot of people are waiting for me to eat this banana I

don't think so I think this might be so make sure make sure at the end of the

year I think YouTube will be featuring this moment on

their YouTube rewind that's what I think so here it is this is a banana

so which end do I peel well either I'm a am I a human being or a monkey well you

see monkeys are clever they know that that's the best place to peel them from

but I am going to go with the monkey go with the monkey I will

if in doubt and this is this is my new way of thinking now if in doubt go with

the monkey so do I just break it yes okay oh it's alright so I don't like the

feeling of it it's all it's all squishy and squatchy do it from the other end

there mister don't do it in the other end I think this is rotten I'm pretty

sure this banana is rotten this end yes I'm going to do it from the human end oh

that was easy it's easy when they're right to do peeling oh it's nice that is

so easy I've never peeled a banana in my life

I'm doing very well prized so this is my learning curve today as I work out how I

should peel up but not I'm doing very well I'm doing very well here I think so

so the kid I knew a good boy mr. Duncan I can peel a banana careful that might

fall off this reminds me of something by the way

yes Helen where is Pedro going he was disappears they mentioned this earlier

Petra keeps disappearing halfway through our livestream and I don't know why I

think he's going to meet someone I think I think he has a secret well maybe just

going to bed I don't know what time it is

so I'm peeling the banana dudududu hurry up mr. Duncan we haven't got all day

look at that are you actually going to eat that I'm going to put it in my mouth

I'm going to slide it into my mouth and I'm going to take a big bite out of the

end oh yes Jimmy says I was cut off the

brown spots before eating them do you eat the skin as well oh yes the brown

bits that one's quite good it's very ripe

it's disgusting I don't think mr. Duncan will be able to eat that without being

sick okay oh dear here we go so I'm going to eat this banana whilst I'm

eating it we might leave mr. Steve to help us you see we might have some music

as well shall we play some music whilst I'm eating my banana so here is some

banana eating music so I'm going to eat it are you ready

I'm going to push this banana into my mouth and take my first ever bite out of

a banana ever in my life it's incredible I don't think I can do it

I don't think I can do apparently when you first put it in your mouth it feels

a bit strange but after a while you get used to it take a big bite go on just

take a big bite okay

this would make a great thumbnail by the way have you any ever known anyone not

to like a banana oh it's not that's fine that's normal that's just the seeds

you've got a long way to go you've got at least another five inches to go mr.

Duncan Oh have you swallowed it

I'm trying not to swallow it okay I've I've spotted it I've swallowed

some of it it's the first time I swallowed banana and would keep Gary

bubbles are you gonna have another bite you haven't swallows it's still in your

mouth you're lying mr. Duncan yes banana is still in your mouth I can't respond

he's going to put like a clip on in a minute for you to watch a video clip

then he's gonna spit it out yes exactly suit cat suit cat is saying I've never

known anyone not to like a banana nor have i but then this is mr. Duncan it is

an unusual human being I'm not even sure if I'm a human being but should okay I'm

going to this is I've got to do this I know I have to do this because I

promised this I'm going to eat a little bit more

Tomic says wash it down with vodka okay can I just have the vodka instead that

would be a remarkable show no one has ever eaten a banana that doesn't like

bananas and then wash it down with vodka well I've got some vodka in there so we

could it's probably gone off because we've been in there for year you're okay

mr. Duncan that looks disgusting netra n says you should eat it lovingly in order

to derive the benefits from it yes if you eat food in a harmonious frame of

mind you chew it well you will derive the maximum benefit from that food in

terms of its nutritional value people often say that if you eat your

food too quickly you see you're sending signals to your brain saying I don't

like this food so your body probably will not digest it properly you could

have an allergic reaction because mr. Duncan has allergic reactions to think

do you remember that time we went out and had an avocado salad acardo's give

me this horrible reaction in your throat yes and we're gonna have to take you to

the hospital and you're the same thing you get with tomatoes as well raw

tomatoes mr. Duncan get send allergic reaction so it's not surprising he's

avoided most fruit and vegetables his entire life so I hope that this this

particular banana does not give me some sort of allergic reaction or I don't

react to it don't eat it says soon she's had enough of watching you trying to eat

this banana you got your dose of potassium says Alina whatever not a very

pleasant way for you to get your potassium I wonder why people talk about

their dislike of foods mr. Bruno mr. Bruno says I prefer I'm gonna throw up

I prefer I prefer to eat tea cake says mr. Bruno me too Pal Mira says my

husband never eats yogurt and if you try to eat it you would get that same

gagging reaction mr. Duncan is gagging on that banana you can tell he doesn't

like it if you gag it means you can't swallow it properly you don't like it

going past your throat I'm not used to putting something so large in my mouth

okay let's keep it clean and mr. Duncan let's keep it clean uh sure you can have

the rest of this would you like the rest of this banana no thanks I've already

had one today I don't wish to overdose on Potosi

sooo cats as my father used to force me to eat fish and every bite made her feel

nauseous nauseous nauseous disgusting mr. Duncan is feeling nauseous so

there's a good it's now I don't know how it's doing it but I have this strange

sensation in my head I feel as if the banana is going into my brain I don't

know why nauseous mean Jing you feel sort of like you're

going to be sick something uncomfortable sorry I can't eat anymore you'll get

used to it mr. Duncan I'll tell you what I will I will keep this skin and then

later I will put it on the stairs so when mr. Steve is coming down the stairs

he will slip on this banana skin yes Anna says it's disgusting watching you

trying to eat the banana and I agree where is the vodka well it's in the in

the cupboard I could go and fetch it

drink something go on drink some water undrinkable I have to drink some water

Steve that's what mog mog has said drink some water plunge it in chocolate well

there's a good suggestion I like banana fritters so that's bananas that are

fried in oil with batter and they taste absolutely delicious and they tend to

serve those a lot in Chinese restaurants here as a sweet banana fritters hmm so

it's fried banana with a batter on the outside good they're absolutely

delicious and the other thing is banoffee pie banoffee pie is that banana

and toffee that's banana and toffee banoffee banana two words what would you

call that mr. Duncan it is took elements are to word and combine them to form

another one you normally you can call it a compound word banoffee pie so that's

one of my favorite so that's a biscuit base sort of crushed up biscuits like

digestive biscuits happened to my skin I'm turning I'm turning yellow I hope

you're not getting an allergic reaction I feel ok banoffee pie and normally you

have it so it's a biscuit base with the banana covered in toffee the bananas

normally chopped up and you put the banana with the toffee on top of the

biscuit base you might put some bit of Marjorie you know butter into the

biscuit base to make it firm and then you would put some chocolate on top but

in habit with some ice cream that sounds alright delish what could the banana

like no sigh I would I would have to pick the banana out so I wouldn't eat

the banana I would just take the banana out and ignore it Wilson says have we

ever been to Barcelona no no we haven't no but I've got friends that go every

year I would love to go it's supposed to be a very fun happy lively place to go

sounds like so like a good idea by a beach isn't it it's very Beach so

even what we might have to buy a holiday this year because because mr. Steve is

not getting any free holidays this year because apparently he was really rubbish

last year well that's a good in fact Steve's company wants those holidays

back we've got to now give them the holidays back I've been that fried

bananas yes we could we call them banana fritters and fritters you could also

have banana split which is where you have you cut the banana and put lots of

cream and fruit and ice cream and ice cream inside Christina says that banana

with ice cream we guess you call it banana a banana Rama split I call it

banana split a banana split you just split the banana and then put ice cream

and cream and all sorts of things on it anyway we are looking at fruit idioms

and oh look it's ten plus three already banana bread that's nice banana bread is

nice it says Jamila don't like the sound of

that I think you'd probably like that banana split is very popular in Colombia

okay another good reason for meeting South America

I can't get the taste of that banana out of my mouth or I can smell it from here

Oh have you ever eaten a delicious Mexican food says saturon are called and

empanadas de plaid black tato bananas no isn't it a plantain well a plantain is

just a tiny little sort of banana is yes so a plantain it must be a plantain Lata

nope Latino empanadas empanadas de plátano oh well done very good that's

verified for an answer I'm trying to sound you know what trying

to sound Mexican oh okay then if it makes you happy so we're looking at well

Steve just looks at the live chat so much live chat going on today it is a

very busy one so we are looking at fruit idiom Steve come back to me Steve yes

come back to me in the zone I'm here please please stay focused

so fruit idioms there are lots of fruit idioms around you wouldn't think there

would be but there are for example well we were talking about bananas

there is one I'm not going to eat this one there's no way oh I don't think I'm

going to eat a banana ever again after that experience anyway go bananas

Steve what does that mean go bananas if you go bananas it means you go a bit mad

doesn't it yeah a bit you do things very quickly or yes if I often go bananas

don't I on the live stream yes quite often go bananas you go you do unusual

things mad mad things maybe my certain people

might describe you as being a bit mad yes you might see mushrik well normally

to lose your temper as well you might go bananas over something oh yes

or maybe you might become suddenly overjoyed by something something you

can't believe that it's happening you go bananas over it yes maybe you

discover my livestreams and then suddenly you can't control your emotions

you go bananas you become well you become an English addict basically you

go bananas over my live streams you can't believe how amazing they are go

bananas yes Wilson says that they've got

accomodation in Barcelona near the beach oh they have a spare room and bring mr.

Lomax I'm not sure if mr. Lomax thank you for the invitation if we ever get

the chance to go to Barcelona Wilson Alonso Geraldo that's a very long

name Wilson ah then we will look you up we will send you an email

we will phone you we will look you up okay and yes

welcome bring mr. Lomax okay fruit idiom Steve okay it's what we're doing there's

so many messages on the live stream today the apple of my eye

now Valentine's Day is on the way just a few days away from Valentine's Day we

will be doing a special Valentine's Day livestream next week by the way isn't it

Thursday no well it is I think it's Friday isn't it Friday Friday so on

Friday it will actually be my live stream so we always do a live stream on

Friday so Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time so I will be talking about

romance love and of course on Sunday next Sunday it's Steve's birthday next

Sunday guess my age does it have three numbers bananas with milk says Nestor

are you older than then Kirk Douglas bananas with milk that's what your

mother but there isn't a name for that is there a name for something when you

liquify bananas and mix them with milk you purify them yes you could say banana

peels you puree them well to puree is to to mesh and make something almost into

liquid but normally you mix two or three things

together so maybe you put things into what they call a liquidiser liquidiser

that's what the motion with my hand is liquidiser by the way so and then you

put everything in the liquidiser and then you press the button and it goes

and then it mixes everything up so you end up with a puree puree something

that's mashed with the the flesh and also the juice of the fruit or vegetable

yes if you if you get raspberries or strawberries and liquefy them you get

you get a puree and and that of course that strange thing about bananas is if

you keep mashing them with a fork they'd almost turn to like a liquid strange I

know they seem very dry but when you mash them they turn into it like a paste

a very liquidy paste and your mother you would always mix milk with banana as a

sweet when you were a child and a lot of sang of it it's a very it's a very

properly at least it was used to be in this country hmm

mix milk with mashed up bananas as something to give easy to eat for a

young baby or a child can we please stop talking about bananas because I don't

like bananas and I've just eaten a banana and now I feel like I want to be

silly montane chips yes they'd be very nice maintains they are like little baby

bananas yes so the apple of my eye we are still talking about we might get

through these somebody who is adored so the apple of my eye is that is the

attention so that the love attention the person who is always in your mind the

person who is always in your thoughts the apple of your eye is that one

special person with whom you have a a very close and romantic relationship ooh

but it doesn't have to be romantic it doesn't have to be no no because you can

say that somebody's got a daughter often you say that the father dotes on

the daughter okay loves the daughter and she's the apple of her father's eye but

it's still love though isn't it's love yes it means you love somebody but it

can be romantic level it can be platonic love familial like the love between a

father and her daughter so we call that Fidesz daughter

that's called familial have you ever heard that word of course mr. Tim

familial love yes yes that that's a very common way to use that in fact they used

to say that about my sister well okay they used to say that my sister was the

apple of my father's ah somebody you know loves the daughter supports them

and always having fun and playing games and things like that we are talking

about fruit idioms amongst the rather you are the apple of Belarus ears I oh

that's very kind of you to say so thank you Belarusian who is your apple of I

sir me the apple of my eye I well it's hard to say really because sometimes in

the morning when I look in the mirror III I fall in love all over again

but an egoist of an egoist yes okay what about what about narcissist and that is

well I'm not a narcissist you are narcissistic it means that you love

yourself too much yes it's almost like a well it's almost like a disorder really

you become too self absurd do you need to be happy with yourself you do need to

love yourself yes but not to the extent where you've got pictures of yourself

all around your room or maybe you are always on the internet with a camera in

front of you doing live streams I used to know somebody they had pictures of

themselves all around their apartment on the wall really on that yes they weren't

naked were they I said out there going but there that that's slightly troubling

okay I think if you go to somebody's house

but then and they've got pictures of themselves everywhere that means that

they think a lot of themselves maybe that would actually be a very good topic

to talk about one weekend maybe photographs do you have any photographs

around your house not today we won't do that today because we are talking about

fruit fruits and idioms the fruits of your labor

Steve ah so when we talk about the fruits of your labor

it means the rewards or results the results the things that you can enjoy

because you have been working hard you have put a lot of effort into something

and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor

it is like the reward of your hard work it's like the tree like a tree that's

worked hard all year in the Sun forming the fruit over several months so the

fruits of your labor yes you put a lot of effort in so somebody who who puts a

lot of effort into learning English and then suddenly or over a period of time

becomes much more competent at speaking English yes and somebody people start to

say or don't you speak English well you can say you know that's the fruits of

their labor yes is their ability to speak English so what you put in is what

you get out so the more effort you put into something the more work you put

into doing something quite often you will find that you will be able to enjoy

the fruits of your labor about this Irene's birthday is on Valentine's Day

oh you are I mean a practicing so happy birthday for Friday yes I won't be there

but you can say happy birth I wonder I wonder if you will be getting not only

birthday cards but also Valentine's cards as well here's another one oh

here's a good one Steve yes yes ok mr. Duncan the meaning of first of all omits

the meaning of go bananas means to go crazy to lose control of your emotions

maybe in anger or maybe something you are

really excited about you go bananas hmm Satur inna says the I think they're

saying that the derivation of apple of your eye is to do with Adam and Eve

could well be I'm not sure about that I think it's just just to do with actually

growing fruits and then picking the fruit and then enjoying them could be I

like to bite the Apple sometimes Kyle says hello uncle Duncan and Steve it's

my nephew hello to my nephew

I'm giving a round of applause to my nephew I don't know why who we saw

yesterday no we didn't didn't we well you did not okay I'm thanking

somebody else so hello Kyle oh hello mr. Steve who has no idea who any of my

family members are I know the names but I can't place the names of the faces I

do now though I think you'll be you might be sitting in the same room as my

mother next week Kyle is studying is that correct

Kyle is studying yes yes studying very well can picture you now I can picture

you now he's in fact I might say that Kyle is a bit of a brain box clever

I've just seen box him who's clever just like his uncle I wouldn't argue with

that no you better not sue cat says that she has to go now she won't be

participating but she will be listening from the kitchen okay yeah what are you

going to be cooking do I need to shout hey do I have to raise my voice a little

bit hello hello is it's sue cat sue cat are

you in the kitchen hello sue cat what are you cooking sook

at kangan banana fritters sue cat can you hear me can you hear me I'm shouting

a little louder now because sue cat might not be able to hear me cuz because

she's gone into the kitchen what are you cooking before you go tell us what your

cooking is it's gonna make our mouths water Pat you says what is the meaning

of the Apple never falls far from the tree good one that's quite a good one

actually let's just take this one because I'm getting confused well you

keep you keep changing the subject what's going on it's his fault the apple

doesn't fall far from the tree means that there is a similarity between the

parents and the offspring so we often mean that there are very they are very

similar the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree it's often used as an

insult to be honest so you might sometimes hear this used as an insult

Steve is it similar to like father like son yes or a chip off the old block

yes or maybe very sick very similar so to have similar attributes or similar

behavior or similar ways of doing things we can say the app we can see there that

the Apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree and quite often it's used as an

insult yes to say that yes you might be criticizing somebody but you say with

their children exactly the same as them sometimes children can be very different

parents but sometimes it could be very similar and if they're very similar the

child is not very clever and we can see there that the apple doesn't fall very

far from the tree and that that also means that the parents are also a little

bit so it's in that case in that sense it's a bit of an insult yes is an insult

what about lemons well lemons if something is a lemon it means it's

useless something that has no purpose it serves no purpose it is a lemon or

you've designed something and built something it turns out it's useless it's

just a giant lemon a car for example that's doesn't sell very well yes you

can say it's a bit of a lemon yes nobody wants it Steve Steve has some very

strong opinions about cars especially the way they look nowadays we saw a car

yesterday on the road and it might be the ugliest ugliest car that I've ever

seen now I'm not a big expert when it comes to cars Steve is the expert

however this particular car was maybe the ugliest car I've ever seen I can't

remember what the brand of the car was well it was an SUV wasn't it yes but

while specifically I think it's this it was a small SUV but it was uglier and a

lot of them are quite ugly it had all these strange angles and things sticking

out at the side it was horrible anyway we're not talking about cars because

like I always make the mistake of talking about cars and then Steve Steve

jumps in the car he starts it up he puts it into first gear and then he speeds

off down the road and we can't stop him we can't stop him

unless we send a police car I still haven't got that Ford Mustang mr. Duncan

that I'm waiting for maybe you know my birthday you might have to wait a bit

longer all right Carmen Miranda Oh Carmen Miranda used to wear fruit on her

head yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love

your very much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love you very much

she doesn't like bananas is that true I'm not sure but she has lots of fruit

on her head I remember Carmen Miranda have we used

the idiom fruit case fruity lace or somebody a fruit case I thought it was

fruitcake or fruitcake case a crazy person I'm per se a fruitcake or a fruit

case person who has lost their mind they're a bit mad a bit you know you you

can it use as an insult if you say such and such that they're a bit of a

fruitcake mmm means they're a bit a bit mad yes a crazy person is a fruitcake

he's a fruitcake here we go Steve can we do this one yes a bite of the cherry yes

if you have a bite of the cherry if you get a bite of the cherry it means you

have the opportunity to do something you get a bite of the cherry cherries being

nice yes and also you can have a nibble yeah at the cherry you have a bite of

the cherry it means you get the opportunity or the chance to do

something to be power to something maybe hmm a bite of the cherry so you might be

so you're only getting a little taster aren't you you're not setting all of it

that well no no no you do but that's that you do you do actually get the

chance to do something yeah does it mean you get a little chance it means you get

the chance to do it you get the bite of the cherry you are you are able to do it

the opportunity is now yours it's there you get your chance to get a bite of the

chair that's it you get a part of the action you are now involved yes but not

Nestico not you're not getting all of it you're getting the chance that is it to

boil it heart of some veteran organization it's an opportunity an

opportunity to do something chance to do something let's think of an example

where we could use that well well I I must admit well way back in 2008 when

YouTube got in touch with me and said hello Duncan this is YouTube here we

really like your video lessons would you like to be a YouTube partner and this is

when there weren't any YouTube partners and it was the early days of YouTube

partnerships not like nowadays because everyone is now a YouTube partner

everyone on YouTube but in 2008 so I I decided to take a bite of the cherry

because it was offered to me so I became a YouTube partner so they said would you

like to take a bite of the cherry and I said yes I would I would really like to

have a bite of the cherry please give me a chance to prove myself

as a worthy YouTube Partner when life gives you lemons make lemonade I like

that because lemons are often seen as sour or bitter something unpleasant

so when lemons come along do something and you hasn't things yes so yes I'm

trying to so when lemons come along you might not

want to eat them however you can take those lemons and you can squeeze the

juice out you can add a little bit of sugar and then you can make lemonade so

that thing that seemed unpleasant at first becomes good and nice so if

something unpleasant comes along try and turn it round in some way to make it as

pleasant as it can be so not literally not literally lemon so something

unpleasant happens at work maybe you can turn that around into something and

vintagy stew yourself that's we are using it figuratively figuratively so

you don't actually have lemons in your hand and you were you don't have to make

lemonade no figurative that's a good one

okay here's another one Steve to cherry pick

you cherry-pick you take the best parts of something don't you

or the thing that you feel relates to you the best all the things that you

prefer right yes yes definitely yes so if you cherry pick something so for

example the right let's try and think of an example that mr. doe could have you

got an example some people might cherry pick the Bible yes ha ha so they might

open their Bible and they will pick all the parts that they want to talk about

or to preach about however then they will ignore all the other things so you

might be a religious person who chooses parts of the religious texts because you

think that's the thing that relates to you have up however you ignore

everything else and quites and quite often sometimes these things might make

no sense so you pick the things that you feel represent your own thoughts or

ideas so you will cherry-pick you will pick the things that you feel that you

want to choose or use then you will ignore everything else yes it could be

and it could be an article that's written somewhere or a book as mr.

Duncan's described and somebody might and you might be describing that hmm

paraphrasing it but you're only picking out the bits that you like the sandals

and conveniently forgetting or ignoring the parts that don't fit your argument

or that you don't like somebody might accuse you of cherry-picking

hmm so Big B could because you're not highlighting everything you're not being

even you're not you're not highlighting all of the other things you just choose

the things that you feel represent what you want to express and then you ignore

everything else so a person might be accused of cherry-picking they only pick

the things that they want to express and they ignore all the other stuff it's a

good run from pachu hmm cool as a cucumber me I call cucumbers aren't

techne three fruits well maybe they are

cucumber fruits or vegetables cucumbers or vegetables yes you've got to be

careful with that because some things which we think you think of vegetables

are in fact fruits and vice versa but let's go cute cool as a cucumber

because cucumbers if you cut them up there quite cooling aren't they if you

put them on your eyes or on your face the water evaporates and they're cooling

so if you say someone's cool as a cucumber it means they're unruffled they

don't get upset easily I used to think that milk was a vegetable yeah so if you

say if something stressful is happening and a particular person is staying very

calm and unruffled okay then you might describe them as being cool as a

cucumber cool cool under pressure your mum they

stay emotionally level your mother thinks that I am as cool as a cucumber

yes it doesn't mean cool as in hip and trendy no it means cool as in terminate

temporal yes so I am often cool as a cucumber so when things go wrong I'm

very good at keeping my my cool that's Steve Steve is the opposite Steve is not

as cool as a cucumber he is he's as hot as a chili pepper that's good I just

made that up just now I think that's an actual phrase so I can so cherry-pick

yes cherry-pick is usually a negative phrase isn't it yes we often criticize a

person for cherry-picking even in politics so a person might criticize

another political point of view so they will only choose certain things that

will make their argument stronger however they will then ignore everything

else so they cherry pick so quite often if you accuse a person of cherry-picking

it means that you are criticizing them for only choosing certain parts of the

thing to make their argument or to prove their point

so yes cucumbers so cucumbers are I think they are vegetables I'm going with

vegetable I used to think that milk was a

vegetable because when I was a kid that was a bit stupid

yes sweetness says they are cold-blooded yes well I never

cold-blooded you wouldn't that not afraid you would use to describe

somebody what you could do but in this context it means that they emotionally

don't get upset it's a it's actually a positive phrase that's it cool is acute

you wouldn't say cool as a cucumber as a negative phrase there's always going to

be a positive thing that you can control your emotions and not get upset in

difficult situations I like the way Steve always disappears have you noticed

he slowly disappears during the live stream you say somebody's cold-blooded

it means you're describing them as being emotionally cold yes and not very nice

that would be negative so this is different thing all together no

committees the cucumber is a positive thing cold-blooded person might be a

sociopath or a psychopath somebody who's yes it doesn't mean onion mow cool as a

cucumber it doesn't mean unemotional it just means that you can that you stay

calm and depression that's it so if something goes wrong you know how to

handle it so it's positive whereas somebody if you describe them as without

a bit cold-blooded it means that they don't have any empathy or sympathy

that's it for situations or people Oh Steve now this is one for Steve this is

this one is just for you I don't know what you're talking about mr. Duncan to

speak with a plumber in your mouth we will speak with a plug in your mouth it

literally sounds like we've got something stuck in the back of your

throat but and you're speaking this very posh yeah sort of aristocratic manner

that is associated with a royal family and aristocratic people in the UK in the

United Kingdom I've an itch now right you've got

something stuck in the back of your throat it sounds like you've got some it

sounds like you've got something stuck somewhere else

say someone read very plumb it means when they talk like this I hope I've

explained that mr. Duncan I'm very sorry about that if YouTube is watching

I apologize please don't take my partnership away

it just means posh if you say someone's plummy it means that your posh well it's

the sound of their voice it's the sound of their voice don't do that again

what are we talking about today mr. Duncan EDM with fruit I can't wait to

see the subtitles for that oh dear Oh what so if you speak with a plum in your

mouth it means you sound very posh you sound very upper class the way you

pronounce your words so when Steve was at school everyone used to make fun of

Steve's voice they did because they said he spoke as if he had a plum in his

mouth well because what happens is when you

grow up in a particular area hmm then you develop the local accent of wherever

you live nurse and but my father's job meant that we had to move house in two

different areas quite often so we'd I grew was sort of brought up in where we

had where there is a neutral accent I would say in the UK in London but a

fairly neutral accent but then we moved into an area of the UK where the accent

was a very strong sort of countrified accent countrified there is no such word

by the way as country files yes I like a country sort of accent that sort of

farmers might have my god but you know that's it so I was I would speak well I

used to sleep when I was young if you heard recordings of me I spoke very high

school respect like that really hello mr. Duncan and it also right also

because your family was a bunch of snoots well they did have very clear-cut

accent because your father your father used to speak very posh hear how people

used to speak properly in in when they were brought up in the 30s and 40s he

used to speak and and of course we move then into the country where they sort of

spoke like that and I know where they sort of spoke like

and they said they thought I was very posh hey Steve Steve and I used to get

ridiculed it's so I'm watching my view account and it's just going down I'll go

then so either they are used to be called a

posh a snob because they thought that because of my accent I was not like them

you know what it's like if you moved to a different area people take the mickey

out of your accent okay Steve I think that was almost that was almost longer

than it took me to eat that banana I'm going to go mr. Duncan are you going now

yes good you said you were only staying for half an hour and I've stayed for an

hour yes but I'm going to go because when I'm

hungry and - my voice is going that horse well it's you

you did say only what a half an hour you said half an hour and he stayed here for

an hour just I love you all so much is that the reason yes I do enjoy my

time on the livestream I think it's just because Steve likes to be me and me yes

dialect accent you know what it's like even you moved to new I was like the

only person in the school with a different accent to everybody else and

immediately people will always ridicule you take the mickey out of you for what

if I'd been brought up in the country and then moved to London yes I'd have

been called different names again but I don't know what though I wasn't the only

name I was called there are many names you were called at school right I'm

going mr. Duncan because you know what's coming in when you finish this live

stream yes we're going to have a tea cake a cup of tea and also watch Columbo

yes if settle down and watch an old American cop show cop show detective

show yes great well a lot of people do know who Colombo is Columbo is very

popular around the world I love Columbo so it has become a part

of our Sunday afternoon ritual after finishing the livestream we will have a

cup of tea a tea cake and we will watch some Columbo isn't a good one look a

second bite at the cherry yes well that means you get another

you see another opportunity to do something you might have failed us the

first time and someone gives you the opportunity to have another go at

something that's it it could be a job so you get a second bite of the cherry yes

right to tower everyone and see you next week hmm as far as we know because

Steve's mum is coming next weekend to visitors on Saturday so Steve's mother

is actually here next Saturday not Sunday but next Saturday Steve's mother

is going to visit with his sister if they're coming to see us isn't that

lovely so we're looking forward to that thank you Steve

we're will they're going soon we are going in a little while

however we have some idioms still to mention for example here's another one I

heard it through the grapevine oh dude doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo TT

that was a song of the same name I heard it through the grapevine if you hear

something through the grapevine it means you hear something from another

person you hear it as something that might be described as gossip so people

are talking to each other and you hear a rumor you hear something from another

person you might say I heard it through the grapevine I heard it through chatter

I heard it through people talking with each other

something that I picked up in a conversation that I heard from another

person I heard it through the grapevine and also a classic song as well I think

it was Marvin Gaye was it Marvin Gaye I heard it through the grapevine

everything is peaches and cream here's another one to do with fruit everything

is peaches and cream if everything is peaches and cream it means everything is

super everything is perfect wonderful everything is going

well my life is peaches and cream everything is going okay so yes I like

that expression very much that's a good one I like that one another one another

fruit idiom it's all gone pear-shaped if something goes pear-shaped it means it

goes wrong something goes wrong something doesn't go the way you planned

it goes pear-shaped the thing has gone pear-shaped something you are planning

to do has gone wrong you can say that everything has gone pear-shaped also oh

here's another one this is the final one by the way the last fruit idiom for

today to tip over the applecart if you tip over the applecart

it means you caused a disruption you caused something that causes chaos you

do something that creates a bad situation or maybe you disappoint

someone by saying something you caused upset you caused anger you upset the

applecart you make something become serious you caused chaos you create a

difficult situation you tip over the applecart you say something or you do

something that causes a big problem or maybe many problems you tip over the

applecart you say something that makes the people around you angry and upset

thank you very much for your company today by the way Cecilia Alina sweetness

it's nice to see so many people here today to go pear-shaped means to go

wrong something goes badly wrong it goes badly I will be back with you are

when well it will I be back I will be back with you on Sunday Wednesday Friday

so the next time you will see me is Wednesday Wednesday at 2 p.m. UK time

and of course don't forget to check out my new website yes it is now up and

running my new website all of my lessons all of my playlists you can check

everything out on my website and don't forget this is also available on your

mobile phones as well so you can look at my website on your mobile phone or on

your computer lots of lessons lots of information and

next week I will be adding some more things to my website so please look out

for that that's almost time it's almost time for

me to go we don't have time to talk about friendship

today however we will talk about it on Wednesday friendship words phrases to do

with being friends do you have many friends that is subject the topic we

will talk about on Wednesday thank you for the interesting and useful live

stream you are very welcome Pat you too pop ones cherry oh you are very naughty

if you pop your cherry it means you do something for the first time you pop

your cherry however it also has a slightly more suggestive meaning as well

if you pop your cherry it means you do something for the first time you pop

your cherry however it also has another slightly rude meaning it really does

Amit says what is the meaning of give Fig

if you don't give a fig it means you don't care I couldn't give a fig about

mr. donk English lessons I don't like them I

don't want to watch them I couldn't give a fig about them so it is a polite way

of saying something else so the word fig is actually replacing another word which

is much ruder quite often in English we will do that we will replace one word

with another to make it more polite and not so rude so yes to to not give a fig

means you don't care you don't care you you are not worried about it you you

don't want to talk about it you don't want to think about it you couldn't give

a fig thank you very much for your lovely company today it's been a very

long one one hour and fifty minutes a big one today I hope you've enjoyed it

thank you Eleanor thank you very much to everyone who has

got involved today I always worry that I I missed something out when I do my live

streams by the way if you want to send a donation you can as well because

everything I do here I do for free so you don't pay anything for this it is

free but if you want to make a donation there is the address right now on the

screen you can send a donation to that address to help my work continue forever

and ever and ever that is almost it Thank You Helena Thank

You Luis Thank You mog mog nice to see you here again today

Eleanor nation also Cecilia Berlin am it quite a loop and also highly quang thank

you very much for your company today even though the weather was bad I will

see you on Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time don't forget the time

and don't forget to check the time difference in your country

and of course you know what's coming next yes you do wherever you are

watching have a great week stay safe stay happy and you know what's coming next

I'm going to watch Columbo now and have a tea cake and a cup of tea

ta ta for now 8-)

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