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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Housing Plus Masterclass - How to read your Rent Statement

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g'day how are you doing. This is andrew from Housing Plus in today's masterclass

we're going to look at how to read a tenant statement for rent statement

you'll see this rent statement here it's got these little black boxes the reason

there's a black box is is because for privacy this is a real tenant statement.

I've blocked them's called redacting them, hope it's

it's okay to follow and we'll go from there.

So we'll start at the top you find here where the circle is indicating will be

your name. On the right-hand side you'll have your tenancy identification number

your name again and it'll tell you when you started your tenancy. Also up the top

here you'll have a date that this was printed.

If we look down the tenant statement what you'll see here is the rent balance

so this tenancy here is $19.97 in rent, and they are zero days in front

and so the next day if no payments been received there will be one day behind

If it's in credit it looks black, if it's in debt, in other words if you're behind in

your rent it will go red. Just like this outstanding for water has gone red so

there's ninety seven dollars outstanding for water but one of the things that's a

little bit confusing here you'll see that there's $100 in credit for what's

called unapplied payments and that just means at the time of printing

this tenant has paid $100 most likely for water but our finance team hasn't

paid that bill yet across so following shortly following this what will happen

is the unapplied payments will be paid onto the water which will show as the

zero dollar balance for water and the unapplied payments will be $2.66 which

is the difference between $97.44 and $100 and that will show as a couple of

dollars credit. If you ever look down here you've got your rent history so

your current weekly rent is how much you will pay.

you've got the rent start date and then the current market rent now the difference between weekly rent and

market rent is - some people who are on a lower income will get a bit lower rent

and and so you might find there's a current weekly rent of say $200 but the

market rent is $304 and so the amount that you would pay is $200.

the middle section here you've got your bond. Now this tenancy doesn't have a bond

this was an old tenancy and as an old tenancy there was no bond but newer

tenancies have a bond. This window he talks about the current allocations so

that that there talks to how your rent when it comes you more we split up and I

think if you're uncertain about that it's best to speak to your portfolio

manager. If we look down a little bit further to speak to your portfolio

manager or the person who's the best to contact in this case the person Sherry

Sherry Fleming you've got a contact number and an email to call Sherry and

you've also got some maintenance details there

so that's it. On the back page of here what you see is your history and so you

we can see that this this house here which starts at the oldest ones and ends

in the newest ones has been paying three hundred and four dollars a week three

hundred and four dollars a week there's some receipts you have ten dollars

that'll be for water and previous to that they're on 290 well the water

charges is what the what the tenancy would pay when the water bill comes in

but I won't go into too much detail there I would encourage you if you're

uncertain about any of this backside here the back of the Sheep just speak to

your office on and and on the third page you'll find the advance payments this is

the money that hasn't gone against something yet and you can see here

there's one hundred dollars sitting that so that's it it is it's improved overall

what it's trying to say if it's black it's good if it's red this is a problem

obviously if you're concerned about paying the rent the best thing you can

do is to speak to your worker your tenancy officer and discuss on how what

we can do for you and additionally you may find that you've fallen behind the

best thing to do is to enter into an affordable payment plan to to get back

in front and to make sure that new tenants you can be sustained now I hope

that's useful for some tenants look forward to seeing you again in another

masterclass thank you

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