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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Xiangqi Openings Series 02 part 2

Difficulty: 0

therefore, when Black captures Rook, Red must take with advisor. Black plays N7+6, forks.

since Knight takes Knight will be mate, so Red must move advisor. Black takes Cannon.

Red's pieces are under pressure (confined) In the future Black can direct Cannon to back rank, using both Cannons to create strong attacks.

Besides these lines, there is another variation for Red back here. It's a stronger defense.

that is, Red Rook8=6 attacks Cannon. (after Knight took Pawn here), to see Black's response.

if Black N7+9, Red is able to move Rook here. This position is difficult for Black to checkmate.

here Black can take Cannon first. After that Red still couldn't check with Cannon.

since after Black moves Advisor. Next Black takes Rook followed by 2nd Rook checkmate. Red can only takes.

then Black N7+9 threatening N9+7 mate. It's still difficult for Red.

for example, Red Cannon check, is definitely not an option.

if Cannon checks, Black dodges by moving advisor or elephant. if Red Rook guards this File,

Black checks, that's a mate. Black takes Rook, Red can only take with King.

Black Rook moves to back rank is checkmate.

Red Cannon checks will definitely fail. Stronger and only move for Red is Rook4=2

Black can check first. Red moves King.

after that Black takes Rook check, King moves. then Black plays Cannon5=6

in this way, after abandoning a piece, Black's attack is strong.

the upcoming tactics, now there is N7-6 check then N6-5 check gaining Rook.

another threat is pulling back the Rook: Rook8-1 will threaten double checkmate, forcing King to retreat,

then Rook retreats here, etc. Generally speaking, here Red is unable to defend.

for example if Rook attacks Cannon, Black can retreat Rook. it's still threating the gain Rook.

if King retreats, Black can check. if King moves in, Rook checkmate by taking advisor.

Red can only blocks with advisor, Black can still gain Rook.

There are several tactical combinations for Black.

it's a bit complicated, the moves i mentioned are some of the possibilities.

in the above variation, Red's Cannon move C8+2, engaging river Cannon, is not successful.

Black's attack is fierce. Red's defense cannot hold against that.

of course, back in this position, Red has another choice, Rook4+3

here Black plays a good and necessary in-between move. here Red can't block with Knight,

because Black Cannon4=1 can fork Rooks. Red can't respond.

therefore is forced to play Cannon8=9 Black then plays Cannon1=5

after this Cannon move Black is still confining Red Rook, while threatening Cannon4=1

here Red can only use Knight to guard Pawn first.

following that Black Rook checks, Rook must retreat, Black can simply exchange that

then Black develop his right Rook. Red's right wing defense is already broken and can't be defended in time.

Black makes a necessary check first. Red can only block with Cannon.

Black then moves Rook6=8 another in-between move.

now threatening this mate. after Rook check will be double cannon attacks.

if Red retreats Elephant, Black can strike in.

Red must connects elephants. Black can abandon that Knight.

push Pawn, then N7+8, N8+7, C4=9, etc. Red's right wing is unguarded.

Black's attacking speed is obviously faster then Red.

In this example, from the beginning after Elephant3+5, Red's Knight move causes rather obvious weaknesses to the formations.

especially Knight4+6 crosses Palace, further deteriorates the situation.

Giving Black chances to perform series of attacking tactics.

Black's two Cannons are flexible and active, similar to "emerging sea dragon"

at the end checkmates Red in combined attacks with the coordination of 2 Rooks and other pieces.

the formation of Red in this game is an unsucessful one. Viewers should avoid such formations.

that concludes our discussion of this example.

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