Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 English Words That You are PRONOUNCING WRONG!!!!! Maybe? (Part 1)

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welcome back to another episode of eko

English I'm Evan your host your teacher

and today we're going to talk about 10

commonly mispronounced English words are

you ready let's begin number one this

first word is the name of the guy who

comes to your house when your pipes

break or leak plumber plumber but

plumber has a "B" in it and that "B" you

do not pronounce it is not plum BER' so

do not say plum BER' because plum-BER is

wrong we do not say plum BER' we say

plumber got it so next time your pipe

leaks you're going to call a plumber

very good number two pizza is one of my

favorite foods I think many people like

pizza. Why? because there are so many

different varieties of pizza but many

people say pizza wrong pizza comes

from Italian and the two Z's in pizza

sound like too "ts" so you say pi (ts) a do

not say Piza got it all right number

three raspberry raspberries are also a

very tasty fruit nice and red and juicy

you can get it in ice cream and other

types of meals but the "P" in raspberry

is not pronounced so you do not say

raspberry raspberry wrong raspberry say

it again with me raspberry got it all


number four these are the people that

help you when you get robbed they're

called the police now police when you

pronounce police oftentimes it sounds

like the P and the L are right next to

each other so when you say police

the tea and the hour right next to each

other even though there's an 0 there you

can say police a small little

schwa between but it's your choice say

what you want number five this is number

five quinoa is a small grain that comes

from South America it's relatively new

in America and many people do not pronounce it

correctly it is pronounced quinoa

quinoa all right it's also very healthy

so if you can find it at your local

grocery store go buy it it's good for

you number six we like talking about

food today number six is almond almonds

are pronounced almond even though there

is an L you still say almond I don't

know why I didn't make it up but just

make sure next time you eat one of these

say almond I'd like to buy some almonds

very good numbers seven coupons are what

you use to save money on the food you

buy or other things it doesn't have to

be food but I'm hungry right now so I

want some coupons to buy some food now

make sure that when you say coupon

the first vowel is ooh the second vowel is

on coupon not coupon got it this is

number eight niche now niche has two


it could be fish or niche I feel like

mitch is used more commonly in the

United States niche is used more

commonly in the UK so just make sure you

don't say neechay or night those would

be wrong number nine say says to say is

one of the most common verbs in English

language I think people say say probably

every day but when you use he/she/it

Say Changes to says listen to the vowel

say says say says a ez so when you say

says he says make sure that you say a

very good tip especially for ESL

learners and the last word is number ten

are you comfortable comfortable

comfortable comfortable is a very long

word but it's also a very useful word

because you can ask people if they are

comfortable but just notice how we

pronounce this word comfortable it looks

like comfortable and you can stay

comfortable but i prefer comfortable

because it's faster keep in mind that

all these words you can pronounce them

however you want but if you don't want

people to laugh at you and make fun of

you and scoff at you and call your names

try to pronounce it like i did in this

lesson and it will help you improve your

english way better than it was before i

hope you enjoyed this video if you like

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improve your english stay cool my

friends and until next time goodbye

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