Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SCARLETT'S LAB | Ep. 2: "The Brain Wave 3000"

Difficulty: 0

(light music)

(school bell ringing)

(electricity buzzing)

- What's this for?

- Nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas.

Commonly used as an oxidizer in chemistry.

- And this?

- I would not touch that.

- Can we focus, please?

The Brainwave 3000 is ready.

This should create a perfect map of the wearer's brain,

showing us exactly what goes on up here.

When we eat a Starburst.

I just need someone to make sure it works.


(keys tapping)

Is it on?

Not a lot coming through.

- Her sense of smell is lighting up her olfactory bulb.

- [Kimmie] It smells like big time farts down here.

She should really get an air freshener.

- That's sulphuric acid from an experiment, okay?

- [Kimmie] Maybe you light a candle?

- Thanks for the tip, Martha Stewart, but this is a lab.

Not a--

- [Kimmie] But if it already smells bad,

I wonder if I can sneak out this big one

I've been holding in all day.

- Oh my gosh.

It's dictating her thoughts.

This is great data,

but do we have to say something like morally speaking?

- To simplify Kant's ethical code,

you should tell her yourself if you wish to be told.

- Since when were you such an expert on morality, anyway?

- Since 2.6 seconds ago,

when I consumed, "Introduction to Moral Philosophy."

- [Kimmie] Wow, this Starburst is so juicy.

I bet kissing Tre would be juicy too.

Whoa, where did that come from?

He does have such nice lips.

(Tre chuckles)

I just wanna--

- Okay.

- [Kimmie] Did it work?

- Excellent data.

- Way more than we needed.

(school bell rings)

(upbeat music)

- Initial here, here and here.

Sign there.



(keys tapping)

- [Student] Mm.

Candy's good.

Starbursts are so good.

Makes me happy.

Yes, yes.


Tummy feeling nice.

- [Dr. S] When's the last time I had a Starburst?

Or experienced joy?

- [Student] I love yellow Starburst.

I wonder what makes lemons so yellow.

Are limes just lemons that aren't ripe yet?

- [Dr. S] Makes you think of Halloween time.

Fall air.

Janet and I stealing Starburst from the kids Halloween stash

when they went to bed.

- [Student] They may be laughing now,

but wait till everyone sees my volcano.

(student laughing)

- [Dr. S] Janet called it her mom tax.

Mom tax.

Those were good nights.

Oh, Janet.

(Dr. S sniffling)

- Hi!

- Wow.

Their experiments looks so cool.

Can I volunteer?

- Are you kidding?

You can't assist the enemy, Marcus.

Wait, I have an idea.

If you're gonna volunteer to assist the enemy.

- You know I'm a bad liar.

- You just need to go in there,

be cool and get some intel on what she's doing.

Then I'll know if my project is good enough to be hers.

- Do I look like Bond, James Bond?

- Please?

Competing in the National Science Fair Competition

will open big doors for us.

Big doors, Marcus.

Don't you want to get into MIT?

Come on.

- I've been tweaking your programming as we go.

Your sense of smell is now connected

to your stored emotional memories hard drive.

- That explains my sudden fondness for keyboard cleaner.

- And, I just wrote a hyper modulator algorithm

that mimics dopamine in the reward center.

- That explains that pleasant charge

in my positive feedback loop.

- That feeling there is called happiness.

I've got a lot more coding to do,

but this software update is gonna make big waves.

- I certainly like this happiness emotion.

My system is delayed due to the process of the data

that Kimmie wanted to kiss me.

I think I desire to kiss her back.

- Motivation and desire is connected to the,

wait what?

Tre, you can't kiss Kimmie!

- Why did you give me lips then?

- It's not just that.

It's just for one thing, you'll get bored.

And for another, she doesn't know you're a robot.

She's gonna blow up our whole project.

- What is the point in attempting human consciousness

if I can not experience love?

(door thudding)

- Sorry, am I interrupting?

I'm here to volunteer.

- Just a second.

What do you think?

That's my enemy's lab partner.

- It's possible he has ulterior motives.

- Or maybe Monica doesn't even know he's here.

We were tight before they started dating.

He's a good person.

If only they were a way to find out what he's up to.

- It's unethical.

It could compromise the scientific integrity.

- Can we stop with all the ethics and philosophy, Tre?

You're supposed to be my friend here.

And besides where were his ethics

when he dropped me for Monica?

- Should I go?

I can come back.

- Oh, no.

Please have a seat.

Tre was just leaving.

- So how does this all work?

Man, is it extra hot in here?

- Sorry.



I'm really sorry.

- Hey.

You okay?

- Yes, just finding usual functioning a little difficult

because I'm processing something Scarlett said

as well as information of your thought

about kissing me earlier.

- You guys read my mind?

- More like heard your mind.

I feel the sensation to go right now.

- Am I supposed to feel bad for you?

- I honestly don't know.

- So basically, when we eat a Starburst,

the mesolimbic dopamine gets activated and, are you okay?

You look uncomfortable.

- It's really fascinated.

You know me, I love this stuff.

- I guess we should get started.

Just eat this and I'll do the rest.

- Aw, she remembered my favorite flavor.

Sure hope my sweat doesn't break her equipment,

even though I was only her partner,

because I felt bad for her, she definitely grew on me.

Gosh, I hate spying for Monica.

- I'm so embarrassed.

- I'm very sorry for your deception.

If it alleviates your embarrassment, I find it

as both flattering and charming.

- It's okay.

You don't have to say that.

You know, you're kind of odd, but you're a good person Tre.

Thanks for telling me.

- Person.

(upbeat music)

- [Scarlett] Next time on "Scarlett's Lab."

- This isn't enough to beat Scarlett.

(equipment clatters)

- Other than providing embarrassing insights,

I haven't done much at all.

- Don't worry, we've got it covered.

You're gonna get an A.

- There's nothing in here than stupid doodles.

- Good, let's go.

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