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Hey everybody, it's Charlotte with the Wooden Wick Co. and today on Makers

Moments I'm going to be teaching you how to make a tube wick candle and how to

make a spiral wick candle. I have all of my components out here on the table -

you'll need candle wax. Specifically today I'm using the virgin coconut soy

from the Wooden Wick Co. I love working with this wax, it's great for beginners,

it's creamy, it's white, it has great glass adhesion, beautiful hot and cold

throw, and overall just really easy to work with so that's what I'm using. For

my vessels I'm using the copper metal tins. Each of these have a 5 ounce fill.

One of them will be for the tube wick and one of them will be for the spiral

wick as well. For fragrance I have the green bamboo and wild violet fragrance

oil - this has notes of orange peel, eucalyptus, green bamboo, African violet

and galbanum. It's a really beautiful green floral, so excited to use that. I've

got a scale so that I can weigh out my fragrance oil. I already have the wax

melting behind me and I have that going now and already measured, and then

obviously and importantly I have our wicks. So here is a bag of our spiral

wicks. These wicks work best in natural wax blends, coconut soy blends work

great with this. It creates a melt pool diameter of about three to three and a

half inches and you can see it spirals around. It has a cool really unique

visual like a wood cylinder. And the spiral wicks come with their own

special wick clips which I have those here too.

And then next I have our tube wicks and the tube wicks work best in all wax

types, and they create a melt pool radius of about two to two and a half inches,

and you can see they're a little bit smaller in diameter. And then the tube

wicks, you can just use our standard wick clips that we use for flat wicks, so I'll

get one of those out as well. And then of course I have wick stickers so I can

secure my wicks to the bottom of the containers, and wick trimmers. So a fun

little tip when you're making tube and spiral wick candles, if you know already

the fill height or the height that you're going to fill your wax in your

vessel, you can pre trim your wick. So let's say I know that I need to

trim this to an inch and a half I can measure it, I

can trim it before making my candle, and then I can press the trimmed side down into

the clip. That way the top of your candle has a really smooth cut on your wick.

Today I'll trim them afterwards just so you guys can see what that looks like as

well, but let's get started. So I mentioned that I already have the wax

melting behind me - so I have nine ounces of liquid wax back there and I'm going

to use one ounce of fragrance oil - that's gonna give me a 10% fragrance load in

these candles. So again they're five ounces total

each, I'm going to need 10 ounces of total liquid to fill both of them, and for 10%

fragrance load I'll be using nine ounces of Virgin Coconut Soy wax and one ounce

of the green bamboo and wild violet fragrance oil.

so weigh out your fragrance oil on a scale. You can use any container to put your

fragrance oil into to measure it.

Perfect. one ounce on the dot. It smells super good. Okay and now I'm just going

to use this cloth because I'm going to grab my pouring pitcher and that is going to

be hot. This wax is best melted to 180 to 190 degrees. Okay perfect, and now you can

just pour the entire one ounce of fragrance oil directly into your melted

wax and get something to stir with. And when you're making candles you want to

stir your fragrance oil into your wax for two to three minutes. So put on your

favorite song and just relax because two to three minutes can seem like a long

time when you're just sitting here stirring wax, but it can be kind of

relaxing and meditative too. While I'm doing that I'm going to take the lids

off of my containers. I probably should have wicked these before but that's

okay, watch me do it as quickly as I can.

Okay so it's been two minutes now and I'm going to take these little rubber

bands off of the spiral wick. These wicks can come with rubber bands or a

biodegradable plastic tube on them. Whichever you have on your wicks just

remove that before putting them into your candle. And then take your wick

sticker, adhere it onto the bottom of your clip and then press the entire wick

and clip assembly down into the center of your vessel. And then we're going to

do the same exact thing with the tube wick. With the tube wick you can just gently

pinch it into the bottom of the flat wick clip, and then again always use a

wick sticker, it's just the safest thing you can do to make sure that your wick

stays in place while the candle's burning. And then I'm going to just do the same

thing and press that into the center bottom of my container. Okay and now I'm

ready to pour my wax.

When you're making candles you want to pour your wax to about half an inch to 1

inch below the top of your container.

Beautiful and so now these candles are poured and they are ready to cool. I'm

going to let them cool for at least 24 hours before moving them or trimming

them to make sure that I don't mess up the surface of my wax. This is a single

pour wax which means that you don't need to go back over it with a heat gun or

make any corrections to it after it's been poured, it should set up perfectly

the first time. So I'm going to let these sit and cool, and then we're going to come

back in 24 hours and I will show you guys how to trim them. So when you're

ready to trim your candles, take your wick trimmer and slice them 0.2 inches

above the surface of the wax and gently clip the wick away. And we have these

beautiful finished candles! So that is how you make a Tube wick and a Spiral

wick candle! Thanks so much for making with me today! Don't forget to subscribe

to our channel to stay in the know on all the latest makers tips and tricks.

Happy making!

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