Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taking action for a clean Ganga

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It's India's most sacred river, worshiped by millions the Ganga today is a rever

in peril. Nearly 2.9 billion tons of sewage are dumped into it every day on its long

journey. Even at the Indian government has launched a massive campaign to clean

the Ganga, citizens too are getting involved. In the city of Muradabad, Seema

Sharma, a school teacher is on a mission.

Every month Seema collects data to show just how polluted the river is.

Here at the banks of the Ram Ganga she has found the dissolved oxygen levels are

extremely low. The data she collects helps the local government in monitoring

the health of the river and Seema is not alone. A number of citizens are coming

forward to do their bit for the river. Every week The Ram Ganga Mitra or

Friends of the River choose a patch that they want to clean up. They also

sensitize the community about this vital issue.

Cleaning up the Ganga is a mammoth task that may take

decades but these efforts are essential for the river and the wildlife it

supports, like here in this small pond managed by WWF India and the Forest

Department of Uttar Pradesh turtles from the Ganga are being reared in captivity.

All right off you go. Would you like some cucumber? WWF India has been working with the

farmers to ensure the biodiversity of the river is protected.

The return to the river is a celebration of the river and the life form it supports.

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