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So, at the beginning

of every season,

I just ask the creators,

"Who dies?"

At the end.

'Cause there's always one person who dies at the end,

who's like, key.

I didn't wanna ask Sera everything

'cause I wanted to have

a little bit of mystery

and suspense for myself too.

I knew I was gonna go.

I didn't know exactly

how it was gonna

go down, honestly,

until we were doing it.

Somebody had to die.

I didn't know that

Love was gonna die,

and I also didn't know

she was gonna die

in such a spectacular fashion.

That's intense, man.

Yo, like, what?

Have you seen this?

I haven't yet. No.

I have not seen this episode yet.

I've literally watched everything except for this one.

Okay. Let's watch the episode.

I can't hear you,

because you shot me in the ear.

Sera Gamble was like,

"You are gonna be the first couple in the cage."

I swore I was gonna die, and I was like, ready for it.

The cage stuff was so dope

because we got to shoot that in sequential order,

so we got to do like a mini play.

And when we were in that confined space,

that's not an easy place to be, so it was fun just to,

like, I felt like we really got to live that.

- You're getting hysterical. - Oh, fuck you.

That is sexist as shit.

I am a feminist.

Who put 'em in the box, really?

Like, they put themselves in the box through their actions.

You're gonna blame Joe?

You wanna know what grazing feels like?

- Oh, no. - Hey, Hey.

- Don't get hysterical. - Hey, Hey.

- I took a seminar. - Hey, hey!

Oh my God, I love it.

Fuck, I'm gonna need more tarps.

Joe's most concerned about being able to afford more tarps.

You fucking shot me.

The scene like, it gives like a nice like yeah,

comedic break in all the madness that's happening.

But I never thought it would escalate that far.

I have loved every version of you, Sherry.

What we learn is that the nucleus of Sherry and Cary

is really, truly love.

Going through the season,

you're gonna question that

and you're gonna think they're fake

- and that they're just a big facade, - Yeah.

but when it comes down to it and the curtains pulled back,

they really do love each other

and nothing's gonna hold

them down and they end up winning in the end.

And that's a beautiful thing.

When I got to Sherry and Cary getting out of the cage,

and Sherry finding the key.

I was like,

"Oh, sick they made it out."

Yes, that's how you conflict resolute, guys. Good job.

Look, king and queen of Madre Linda, what can you say?

- She can't know.

It smells amazing.

- How could she know?

- It's roast chicken. - Hmm.

- Where's Henry? - He's asleep.

- I'm gonna check on him. - No.

- Sit. - She knows.

She's made dinner for him. She wants him to sit.

Did you ever actually love me?

From the moment I saw you.

I think she struggles with believing that he really cares.

'Cause he doesn't.

And. And she can feel it.

You know, from his perspective,

he's like the most persecuted man in all of history

because he actually is with the most evil woman ever.

You are happy to murder, just for a different woman.

Meanwhile, here I am doing it for you.

That's the way she loves.

That's the way she cares for people.

You know?

And I think if he killed for her, she'd be like,

"Yes. He loves me."

You know, here's what I need you to know about James.

I did kill him.

But I didn't mean to.

I think it was unintentional.


I think she wanted to control the situation.

And I think she wanted to like force him into loving her.

You don't have to worry.

This time I'm letting it absorb through the skin.

It's life or death for both of them.

But you know, from Joe's perspective for him,

and taking in everything she's saying,

and trying to watch her every move

while also having to become paralyzed,

it was fun to try and like feather that.

No one will ever love you like I do, Joe.

How many Jim Carrey falls I did.

His whole performance is stolen from Jim Carrey.


Why Joe?

Was he kind to you?

The scenes with Marienne, with Tati.

I was really excited to see that when I read the script.

Like they've both been wronged.

It's about a man, but in the end it's actually about them

and remembering that it's like,

"No, the man does not have the power."

What if I told you Joe's the one who killed your ex?

Love, I think walks out of this understanding,

she needs to feel good about what she's doing

for herself instead of trying to win the approval of others,

especially her husband.

You and your beautiful daughter, you need to run.


Lying is just the beginning of what he's willing to do.

The weight of it was extremely important to me.

To have this conversation

and have it in a very authentic way

that can be then taken by women who may be

in either of their positions.

To give that truth and give them power through the screen.

If there is ever, even for a fleeting moment,

a tiny voice in your head,

and that tiny voice is telling you "I deserve better,"

listen to her.

That's your partner.

That's your real true love.

And if you betray her long enough, you will lose her.

Trust me. I'm still trying to get mine back.

Let's go, rip off the band-aid.

I'm not the problem.

My husband is the problem.

Don't worry, he's paralyzed.


Ah, that needle.

It looks like it hurts.

That was acting.

Did you really think that I wouldn't start to wonder.

What you were growing in the garden?

There are certain like, ways that he spits in that

that's like, "Ah, you're just,

you're not getting any better, are you?"

I had to finally stop you.

We're perfect for each other.

That is remarkable.

That paralyzing, dying thing you're doing, honestly.

Like you're becoming paralyzed and you have to talk.

Which she like killed 'cause I was like, "Yo, that's wild."

He'll know what you are.

The look on his face like, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck.

What have I become?"

It's hard to watch for the first time. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What a roller coaster of a scene, dude.

My final thoughts on the finale

are they both deserve to die?

The house of Love burning down

and destroying the cage from within. Super poetic.

It made me wanna cry like, and I was like, "Oh, oh God,

no, pull it together. Uh- uh, they're crazy."

I think Joe's got something coming to him

if he happens to spend more time in Paris.

What's gonna happen in Paris with Joe and Marienne?

I mean that's where his future wife,

mother of his child is.

He wants another child?


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