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So by now...

I guess most of you know how this works.

I show you some news clips about the country in question.

Breaking news out of Pakistan!

There's a crisis in US / Pakistan relations...

Mixed messaging coming from Pakistan...

Pakistan settle your own problems...

World leaders are urging Pakistan and India to take some deep breaths...

And then I go there...

And see what it's like behind the headlines.

But wait a second,

I think this guy has some things to say...

There's one place once described as the world's most dangerous country

that's offering up a pleasant surprise...


So should we see if we can find that pleasant surprise this man is talking about?

I'm confident we're going to find something.


More of the Pakistan that I was expecting to see...

Everyone should come in Pakistan...

There's nothing wrong with it...

Wonderfully peaceful now...

Abbottabad, Pakistan Population 300,000

// Native language //

So we're just doing our typical morning routine here in Abbottabad.

// Native language //

We just got that local transport there.

Those costs about 20 rupees each or 30 rupees (20 PKR = 0.12 USD)

for a few kilometers

and then we head to this local coffee shop,

and then after that we're going to head up into this really remote area,

it's going to take us several hours to get there.

We have to get a transport to a city

and then we're gonna have to hire a Jeep to take us up the mountain side

because you need four-wheel drive access. Anyway...

// Native language //

So we will get the coffee, head up into the mountains.

We've got Shahbaz here,

he's looking like a pilgrim with his big blanket on.

// Native language //

- Thank you very much... - Have a good day, bye.

// Native language //

How are you?


I'm ready...

- What's the plan, Babar?

Yes, first we are going to Mansehra, it's a...

You can say that it is adjacent city to Abbottabad,

about 30 kilometers from Mansehra,

we will be going to a mountain village.

This is the plan and let's see how it goes

- Because it's still raining outside... - Right.

- So we will try our best to do something. - Find something.

Yeah, find something.

So, if you missed the last video, Babar is a local that we met

and he is a local youtuber as well, so...

He's kind of showing us around this region...

We will continue on and hopefully come across something.


Okay. So we just pulled over on the way to the mountain village

but we went past the viewpoint, as you can see there, for Mansehra.

Mansehra actually has quite an interesting history.

Basically this road that we're following here, Babar...

This was the Silk Road?

No, this is not the Silk Road.

The road which we traveled before from Abbottabad...

- That was the Silk Road. - Oh, okay... And then we turned off.

Yeah, then we turned off and we bypassed Mansehra City...

And now we are in the surrounding of Mansehra.

It's a village also.

Can you explain a little bit about the history you were telling me before

about Mansehra and the Indian Kings, and things like that?

Quite an interesting, maybe just a brief summary.

Basically Mansehra is before the name of Mahan Singh

who is one of the ministers,

very important ministers in the government of a famous king of India

whose name is Akbar.

Akbar, he was the Mughal Emperor.

Mahan Singh was a Hindu...

You can say a minister of Akbar and he's very famous...

That is why it is called Mansehra.


Okay, so... try not to get run over.

So we've arrived in a mountain village,

we've jumped out of the normal car

and now we're going to find a Jeep...

But check out this village in the meantime.

Really nice to be in the foothills of the Himalayas up here,

beautiful fresh air but I must say the driver...

He is a nice guy, of course,

don't get me wrong...

But he's a bit loose with some of the corners there and the big cliffs, so...

This is definitely more of the Pakistan that I was expecting to see.

More local life, roads are a bit more rugged...

You know, so it's cool that you can come and still find this side of the country here.

But, again, people are very welcoming everywhere you go and generous.

So we're gonna go and find a Jeep now.

I'm paying the driver 7000 rupees (7000 PKR = 43 USD)

for the whole day and he's going...

// Native language //

And that's to drive us here, which was like a 2 hour or so drive

and then we're gonna get the Jeep which will be

another 30 minute to an hour drive up into the hills, so...

And then returning.

So the orange beard is something that I get some questions about...

So basically why you'll see in a lot of the muslim-majority countries,

especially, you know... Middle East to South Asian ones,

is because Prophet Muhammad used to dye his beard...

It's a natural plant, I'm not sure of the name exactly,

but it's a natural dye.

So they do it to kind of replicate what the prophet did, so...

That's in short, there's a lot more to it.

But if you're wondering why the orange, that's the reason.

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Okay, let's get back to those Pakistani mountains.

// Native language //

He's is cooking beef and also add few vegetables like onions, tomatoes...

// Native language //

- How long has he been making this for?

// Native language //

He says that they are doing this business from last three generations.

- Okay. - So he's the third one.

He's the owner of this shop as well.

They are earning good money with this business.

Chapli kebab is famous among the local people.

This is minced beef

and with different spices like red chili...

It has a very different taste to it, I really like it.

It's very tasty,

very different from the taste we used to eat in Abbottabad.

- 1 to 10, what's the rating?

- I think 9.8. - Wow!

9.8 out of 10!

One Chapli kebab you can buy it in 50 rupees, paskitani rupees.

- Okay. So it's like 33 cents.


- So you're going to get two kebabs and one Naan bread.

Yeah, I kind of thinking of making a roll kind of a thing, you know?

I'm going to wrap the Naan on those two kebabs.

He is a guest in my country.

- What's your country? - New Zeland.

- England? - New Zealand.

- New Zealand? - Yeah, yeah...

- I love New Zealand... - I love Pakistan.

Thank you...

// Native language //

- So he just gave us all this free because... - Yeah...

- It's free... - We are guests.

It's our lunch and it's free from Validad.

and he's saying this is a gift for the guests...

- Especially for you... - Right.

Because you are the guest of Pakistan.

So this is our Jeep.

Look at this thing, it's beautiful.

// Native language //

- How's the eating and going over extremely bumpy roads?

Yeah, it's really interesting.

I can I get a taste of the Naan with Chapli kebab.

So it's like Chapli kebab roll kind of a thing...

It's really interesting, yeah.

- And what about the stomach?

How is the handling while we're going over these bumps?

- We have to find out when you go up. - Right.

// Native language //

We've been driving through some pretty extreme trails...

And I think we might be pretty much in the village.

- Is this the village? - Yes.

Okay, cool.

So what should we do here?

Is it possible to maybe visit a family or...?


Bro, what are you talking about, man?

All right, guys... It's raining really hard.

We've arrived at one of our drivers families house, I think.

It's gonna make some shelter, hopefully not get eaten by a dog or something.

Two seconds later...

// Native language //

We've arrived at this local families house in this remote region

and they've already given me some warmer clothing.

And we've met this gentleman here.

What was your name, sir?

- Mohamed. - Mohamed, nice to meet you.

So, has he lived here all his life or does he work in the city?

So he mostly lives here.

// Native language //

He's been living here since his birth, yeah.

- Is it mainly farming that keeps the income for these families?

// Native language //

So it's mostly farming, yeah.

- And what about supplies and things?

Do they have to go every so often and get general food supplies and things?

Or how does that work?

// Native language //

We have a few shops that is nearby this area

so they probably get it from there.

But if they want like a huge quantities then they go to the main market.

- It's life hard here or is it a nice life?

// Native language //

He things the life in this villages is hard...

// Native language //

So he think there's not much business and jobs in terms of that

so you have to mostly rely on farming to earn their money and stuff, yeah.

- Do you think that they'll stay here for the rest of their lives?

Or maybe try in a different location?

// Native language //

He's like, to survive is kind of difficult so we'll probably to earn more

and to have a stable income we'll have to move to the city life, you know?

So they get milk from their own buffalo...

So they kind of have this place for their own buffaloes

and they can get milk from them.

- So they also sell the milk or just consume it for themselves?

// Native language //

So they have it for their own consumption only, yeah.

- And so, everything that they produce here is it only for their own consumption?

Or do they sell some produce?

// Native language //

So he's like, he's doing farming and getting the milk just for their own consumption, you know?

So all the crops and all...

Like fruits and vegetable, they get from farming and...

- So are they self sustainable? Or do they have to buy some things?

// Native language //

Whatever the mostly consume is from farming

and the milk that they get,

and there are very few thing of the need from the market.

So this is the kitchen where they prepare all the food that they has to eat, yeah.

You can see some utensils, cutlery.

Probably a milk feeder for the kid.

And the place by the fire, yeah.

- And does somebody sleep in here as well?

// Native language //

So kids like... Kids sleep here during winters mostly, you know?

By the fire and they kind of let the fire here

and they've sleep by the fire.

- So this is the cousin of the gentleman we were just talking with

and he is currently studying, right?

And what is he studying?

English, maths and Science

// Native language //

You study history and geography as well.

- So you speak English?

A little English?

And so, what would you like to do later in life?

He likes driving, so he wants to like drive cars and...

- Okay... Like a race car driver or taxi driver...?

// Native language //

No, like normal cars...

- Like people pay him and he... - Yeah...

And the Jeep that you get to see in this area,

he would like to drive those Jeeps...

Okay, so kind of like his some of his family members do that job

and he would like to do it.

// Native language //

// Native language //

// Native language //

So this family has kindly invited us for a Chai

to come up to their house here.

And they've given us a place to sit

and there's a really cute little dog over here.

Very very hospitable people and it's quite cloudy

but you can see this is kind of in this valley

and there's some mountains in the background there.

// Native language //

It means that I will be looking for you...

Please come in the mountains...

- You're a good singer. - Yeah

- Did you use to sing? - No, no...

I'm a bathroom singer only.

- Toilet singer. - Or a living room singer.

- Or a living room singer... - And you've got an audience, look...

// Native language //

So after a very bumpy ride there in the back of that Jeep,

we have made it back we went to Babar's for a nice meal

just now and his wife cooked up storm for us.

some local Pakistani food followed by some Chai of course.

Would be rude not to drink Chai.

I hope you enjoyed that adventure, it was really more than I expected,

it was a bit more extreme but I loved it.

Definitely check out to Babar's channel, I'll link it down below,

as well as Shahbaz, of course.

Legendary man there with the epic hairstyle.

See you in the next video.

More adventures to come.

Still more of Pakistan to see.

We are travelling to the other side of the country in the next video.

So get ready for different climates, landscapes and people in the same country.

In case I don't see...

Good afternoon, good evening and good night.

Thank you so much for watching.

I would love to stand outside and to...

You know, feel the snow...

And I would looking towards the skies

and snow is, you know... falling on my face.

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