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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDS MAKE JAPANESE CANDY (Popin' Cookin') | Kids Vs. Food

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- What is this sorcery?

- This is the funnest thing I've ever experienced.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we have some food for you to try.

- Some food?

- (FBE) But, you're gonna be making it yourselves.

- (both) What? - No.

- No, how dare you. - You're joking.

- That's gonna be so cool. We're gonna make the food?

- Ooh, yay. Is it baking stuff

or actual cooking stuff?

- (FBE) You're gonna be making this.

- What? What is this?

Is this fake sushi?

- Please don't be horrible. - Oh, they're the little

Popin' Cookin' thingies.

- Yes! - This is the Popin' Cookin', right?

I saw Kawaii-- - Kawaii Unicorn.

- She did this on her channel and it looked so cool.

- (FBE) These are Japanese Kracie Popin' Cookin' do it yourself kits.

You'll be making a mini meal together and then

giving it a taste. - Oh.

- Hope I'm not such a bad cook.

- (FBE) In Japan, this type of candy is referred to

as intellectual development candy. The term is a registered trademark

held by Kracie and the goal is meant for this candy

to help kids develop skills as opposed to other types of candy

in which children just simply eat them.

- Okay, nom, nom. - Okay, so it's kind of like

learning and you also eat.

- I think it's gonna be pretty exciting and fun.

- I'm so legitimate excited.

- (FBE) Here are your materials. - Ooh, materials.

- Fancy pantsy.

- (FBE) We premade a few items for you,

but you will be making the food.

I'll be giving you step by step instructions, so be sure

to follow along. - Okay.

- (FBE) So, you're gonna make the fries first.

- There we go. Snippy, snippy, snippy.

Wow, that's a lot of powder. Are we supposed to be eating this?

I'm serious, this is powder and water.

- (FBE) This will be your salmon. - Oh, that smells strong.

- Smells really good. Smells like lemon gummies.

- That's so tiny.

One. - Two scoops.

Whoa, it kinda looks like cloud slime.

- You're right. Two.

- This is the mixer, I think. What is happening?

- Oh my gosh. - It smells like a potato.

- It smells like McDonald's fries. - Oh my gosh, it does.

What is this sorcery?

- I got it. That?

- (FBE) Good.

- Now, time for the pink pack. It feels like there's

something called strawberry.

- Is that supposed to be the salmon? - (FBE) Yes.

- The meat powder.

- Oh, I see black stuff. Wait.

- It looks like chocolate. - I know.

Legit, smell that. Smell that.

- Ooh, it smells good.

- Amazing job. Amazing job.

It doesn't even look like real meat.

Why does it smell so bad? Like gravy and meat.

- It looks like dried up chocolate.

- Transfer. - Transfer.

This is like vegetarian meat. - Oh my gosh, it is.

That's what it smells like.

- Get in there, patty stuff. Okay, I think I got this.

- (FBE) All right, time to make the rice.

- I wonder what the rice is going to look like.

More powder than water? That's crazy.

- Oh my God, that's a lot. Chop, chop, chop.

Okay, I'm chopping it.

- It smells like bubblegum.

- This is the funnest thing I've ever experienced.

- (FBE) This packet's for the hamburger buns.

- Whoo.

- Okay, just one scoop. It looks like cheese from nachos.

- Ew, it looks disgusting.

- The only thing I'm actually probably gonna like

is the french fries. - You're gonna like it.

- I am not. - 'Cause Sydney made it.

It seriously looks like throwup.

- Now it's starting to smell like an In-N-Out

or McDonald's.

- (FBE) So now we're gonna quickly put the fries

and the patties in the microwave. - Oh.

Where's the microwave?

- It gets a lot more smellier after the time.

- (FBE) Now we're gonna make the fish eggs.

- It's a pretty blue color. - Oh my God.

- It looks very small. - What is this one?

- (FBE) Okay, so take your baster and make single droplets

of the orange mix into the blue liquid.

- Oh yeah. They're like these tiny

little fish eggs.

- These are the eggs.

- Those are actually satisfying. Oh, I dropped two at a time.

- It's okay. - There you go.

Oh yeah, they're actually turning into eggs.

- That's really cool how they just sink to the bottom.

This how you really do it? I mean, I could make

my own restaurant.

- I got some of the rice on my hand

and it feels like real rice. - Yeah.

- I think we're starting to make some sushi.

- (FBE) Okay, so we just microwaved your food.

- Oh my gosh.

- This smells like real freaking potatoes.

How do they do that? Start cutting on the lines, girl.

- Why are these things as hard as a rock?

These are our french fries. they look beautiful.

- These are American girl sized, yeah.

Just a fact. - Okay, there.

- Okay, so there and there. - (both) Cheese powder.

- Got it. - Stir that cheese.

Put that cheese on the paper.

There you go.

- You're gonna cut the cheese. Now hurry up,

'cause I'm starving.

- Beautiful slices of cheese.

- This is the seaweed packet, right? - Bleh.

- This is how you knead seaweed.

- Let's make it flat. Flat, flat, flat.

So, we put it around the rice now?

- Fish eggs, oh yeah.

- Oh, look at all those eggs. Let me see this.

They're supposed to reach the top.

- I just wanna eat stuff. - There is my creation.

- It smells like vinegar and ketchup.

- Ugh, no.

- Whoa. - That looks like strawberry sauce.

- (FBE) Last but not least, your Coke drink.

- Coca Cola.

Oh, it's fizzing.

- It smells like real Coke! - It does.

- (FBE) All right, are you ready to try your mini meal?

- I wanna try this. - I wanna try it so bad.

- I'm gonna try the eggs first. The eggs taste good.

And my hands are getting really sticky now.

- It tastes so good. The black stuff

tasted like SweeTarts and some delicious lollipops.

- They taste like Jell-O. - It's like a dark licorice.

It kinda had a taste on it, but the seaweed overpowered it.

- Drink half. - (coughs)

- Mm. - It doesn't even taste

like Coca Cola! Now this is good.

Try these.

It tastes like beef jerky combined with cheese.

- One, two, three. That's good.

- Not that good, but it's good.

I'm gonna try a fry with ketchup.

- That's good. - Mm.

- The cheeseburgers are good.

- This was fun. - It was fun, but it's gross.

- (both) I would love to do this again.

- With Lucas.

- I think the journey was fun,

but not the destination.

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- Goodbye.

- Hey guys, Alyssa here, a producer from the React Channel.

Thanks so much for watching us make mini meals

with our kids today. Hope you had a lot of fun

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