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hello everyone, welcome to my channel

Today we will prepare a popular caramel dough

using his example I will show how to work with the hand-made form that we made in the last video

and bake delicious caramel horses

the recipe is universal, from it you can cook cookies and gingerbread, if you add spices

to prepare the dough we need

900 grams of wheat flour 500 grams of sugar 200 milliliters of boiling water

one chicken egg

200 grams of butter 82% fat 1 teaspoon dry ginger

1 teaspoon of soda and 0.5 teaspoon of salt

first you need to make sugar syrup

I melt sugar in 3 steps

I pour a third of the sugar into the pan, put it on medium heat and wait until the sugar has completely melted

add a second portion of sugar, stir and control the process

and only when the second part of sugar is completely sold

add the third part

do not leave the syrup unattended and stir

when we see that a third of the sugar has almost completely melted

can include a kettle

pour boiling water gradually, intensively interfere

do not remove the pan from the fire, otherwise cooling the caramel will begin to harden

the syrup will boil and splash very carefully, do not burn yourself

with boiling water we lower the temperature of the syrup and when it evens out, simmering calm

add butter and make it melt faster in syrup

better cut it into small pieces

when the oil has completely melted, add soda and spices

soda from heating will react and rise with a cap of foam

we interfere for another half a minute and remove the pan from the fire

as it cools, the red foam will settle

and we will see that the syrup has acquired a dark brown, amber color

the syrup is still hot and I pour it into the mixer bowl

to lower the temperature of the syrup, I add a few tablespoons of sifted flour

when the mass cools down and is safely warm, you can add an egg

gradually pour the remaining flour

this is the final amount of flour

later on we will no longer need flour, even when rolling

the dough is soft, thick and mobile

soft, obedient, slightly sticky

has a stunning rich color and smells delicious

we shift the dough onto a plastic wrap, give it the form of a layer and remove for a day in the refrigerator

caramel dough can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three weeks

in the freezer for a couple of months

the dough turns out a lot and for convenience I divide it into several portions

the total weight of the dough is +/- 1740g

Ill cut out cookies Ill make a home-made horse shape that we made in the last video

the dough cooled well during the night, but did not freeze into stone

I roll it on a teflon rug using wooden ruler guides

dough rolling thickness 4 mm

home-made form movable, not fixed

I figured out how to use this feature

the form on the test must not be pressed with the hand, as we usually do

a flat, smooth, hard surface

it can be a small kitchen board or not a big lid, as in my case

pressure on the mold is simultaneously over the entire surface

she enters the dough vertically, making a clear, even, beautiful cut

although very thin and prone to deformation

the advantage of form mobility is that even in the narrowest inconvenient places

such as ears or legs where the dough usually gets stuck

due to the mobility of the form, the dough comes out without stretching

also, since the shape is very thin, the cut is almost perfect, without fringe

we can say that the home-made form copes with the task at 100%

and no worse than ordinary, finished, purchased

in practice it works

bake cookies in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, in the up and down mode for 8 minutes

when baking, cookies slightly increase in volume

therefore, on a baking sheet or on a sheet it must be laid out with a small distance from each other

hot cookies will be convex, very soft and it is better not to touch it right away

let it cool

but the cooled cookie will be smooth, smooth, slightly rounded

it has such a beautiful and tasty color that even without decor it looks very attractive

the taste of cookies is also original, caramel toffee

since there are no rims, pens or holders on the form

cookies can be made perfectly symmetrical

how not to turn it everywhere beautifully, even from the back side

if you connect two symmetrical cookies you get a 3D volume figure

the recipe is very successful, the dough is obedient and it is a pleasure to work with it

as a decor on the test, you can draw a picture or inscription and shade it with cocoa powder

you will get non-standard, tasty business cards, invitations or valentines

I experimented a lot with caramel dough

and here is another unexpected lucky find

from this test I got pretty, tiny apples, pears and mushrooms

You can decorate them with varnish glaze, iceberg or chocolate

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see you again

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