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Well... let´s get to the point

I need your Help

I need your help to do an Epic Trip

by Motorcyle from Kuala Lumpur to Barcelona

A trip that will cross 2 Continents

and 33 Countries

Malaysia... Thailand...

Vietnam... Laos... Cambodia...

Myanmar... India...

Afghanistan... Pakistan

Kyrgyzstan... Iran...

Syria... if we can...

This motorcycle solo trip

will need all possible protection, right?

I am from Mexico... and my name is...

Lyos Fernandez

Lyos Fernandez

Lyos Fernandez

Lyos Fernandez




Well... that was long time ago

I´m a producer and editor

and even I had a TV show

in Melbourne about extreme sports

and I have all the experience

All the knowledge

to make this project... a reality

The only thing I need... is you

I need your help to buy the motorcycle

and the camera in this first...


I will grab the camera every Sunday

and will tell you all that happened in the week

I´m also a climber

I have climbed... 38 mountains

Even the tallest of Mexico

The tallest of Australia

The tallest of Malaysia

The tallest of Philippines

The tallest of the World

And now...

I wanted to show you the most sacred

and tallest mountain of Bali but

Just as LYOS.TV

reality is not always perfect, right?

Some time ago, I did another motorcycle trip

on 11 countries of Southeast Asia

There isn´t a better way to

know... a place

than by motorcycle

Gives you the freedom... to explore towns

Explore waterfalls

Explore beaches

Explore mountains

and to meet people

The main goal... of this project

is that you experience traveling by motorcycle

in the weirdest places we can find

So you live it together with me

To know what is the heart of this project

You have to watch the Chapter 01

Here below I put the link

Join us

Please join us on this project

that every week will update you

of what is happening here

After this maybe you will

get inspired... to do your own trip

You will see that

LYOS.TV will never let you down

Send you many kisses... Bye bye

I don´t know how to start


This island

has changed me

I have been

don´t know how long without a mirror

without toiletwithout bed

I think this is the

stupidest idea I´ve ever had

Some nights ago

I had a dream

It was with


My... love

when I was 5 years old

We were in kindergarten


she criticized me

She criticized me for all the nonsense I could think of

She criticized me

for all the things I had done for years

Look what I found

I couldn´t resist to talk again with you

Forgot to tell you that

I will be visiting orphanages on each country

and you guys can cooperate... to

give presents to the kids that you choose

If you want an orphanage in Pakistan, ok

In Afghanistan, ok

In Iran... in Kyrgyzstan... wherever you tell me

You will be able to choose

which kids you want to give presents

Share this campaign, this Crowdfunding

We have subtitles in English and in French

and the Indiegogo link is just down here

Support us, suscribe to YouTube, Social Media

Join the

Every single way helps... and

I give you the Chapter 01

Hope you enjoy it

Lots of kisses... Bye bye

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