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There is a lot of hype surrounding a film by the name of 'Innocence of Muslims' right now.

And this film had been on YouTube for about 1 1/2 years.

But Muslims did not see it.

Then, someone took 15-20 minutes of the most important scenes from this film, translated it into Arabic, and put it on YouTube again.

After that, what happened was that a large group of people in Benghazi, Libya set fire to the American Embassy.

And an ambassador that was in the burning building died of suffocation.

And besides him, three other diplomats also died in the fire.

After this, there have been attacks on American Embassies in Egypt and Yemen as well.

In Bangladesh, Pakistan, and various other countries there are protests being carried out as well.

Things like [this film] happen from time to time.

Sometimes, cartoons made with the intention of mocking the Prophet Mohammad are published in Danish newspapers.

And other times this sort of thing comes in other forms.

And now, this film.

This is a very blasphemous act.

Blasphemy is of two types:

1 - To simple dig up dirt on someone/make an issue of flaws you perceive them to have, and to show them disrespect.

2 - Character assassination:

to conceal the truth,

to place allegations,

and to attribute things to that personality which are not true.

This attack... I consider it to be an ideological attack.

In my view, this is not just blasphemy.

This film, 'Innocence of Muslims' is not merely intended to blaspheme the Prophet of Islam.

But at the same time, it is aimed distorting the image of the Prophet Mohammad, the image of the religion of Islam,

the goodwill of Islam, and the authenticity of the religion.

This movie, this film, is not a proper film.

This film was shot and initially the story was about Ancient Egypt.

And then, with some mischievous mastermind, dubbing was done on that movie.

It is said that the movie is a $5 million budgeted movie.

But that is not true.

I think it is a home production.

The quality of the movie suggests that this movie was not created by Hollywood.

Had it been created by Hollywood, it would have gone to the Toronto Film Festival. Which never happened.

And it is also learnt through different sources available on the internet, like Reuters and other news agencies, that

the priest in Florida, who burnt the Quran in Florida and then he went to Michigan and did the same in Michigan,

that one priest is actively involved, and he is the centre of motivation behind this movie.

Of course, it is what a hate crime can go to any extreme.

Many questions are raised in the movie and many points have been slandered about.

And allegations and the image that the producer has depicted of Islam and distortion of the image of Prophet Mohammad

is strongly deplored and it is vehemently deplorable.

I would like to say that such an act cannot be attempted by any religious person.

No matter what religion does he belong to.

I think, as far as my understanding is concerned,

this is a conspiracy to provoke Muslims and disturb the global peace at least one more time.

To stir the restful minds of the citizens of the world.

The producer said in the film, as he depicted, that Prophet Mohammad was born 2 years later than the demise of Abdullah.

Therefore, the Prophet does not have a father. And they used a B-word.

Well, it is true that the Prophet was born after 2 years of the demise of the husband of Aminah, the Prophet's mother.

There is no doubt that the Prophet was born 2 years later than the demise of Abdullah.

So what?

Jesus doesn't have a father.

I mean, Jesus doesn't have a father at what does it mean?

I totally understand and I agree that Prophet Mohammad was born 2 years later than the demise of Abdullah.

But what does it suggest?

A filthy mind, a dirty mind can think of one thing only? Then that is his problem. But it has nothing to do with reality.

The problem is, even the Muslims cannot comment on this particular subject.

Because their knowledge is very limited.

And if it is not available in Ahadith and in the Quran, then they are really helpless.

They cannot say anything on this topic.

But I would like to convey this piece of truth to the world

and I would like to tell them,

the His Divine Grace, the Awaited Imam Mehdi Syedna Gohar Shahi AS declares that Mohammad (PBUH) is not a son of man.

Mohammad (PBUH) is not a son of man.

Mohammad (PBUH) is not son of Abdullah.

So, it does't matter whether he is born after his demise, before his demise, 3 years before his demise, or 10 years after his demise! It doesn't really matter because he has nothing to do with Abdullah.

Mohammad (PBUH) is not a son of Abdullah.

This should be clear in the minds of everybody today.

Now the question is, who is Mohammad then?

Who is Mohammad, then?

You see, sometimes God says something which keeps your heart restive.

And it keeps your mind venturing about, seeking for reality.

When God is exhibiting his powers and his unknown intelligence,

maybe he forgets that what he is doing might appear to the world as a contradiction.

But unfortunately, God is carefree. And humanity has to pay for his carefree-ness.

Prophet Mohammad was born 2 years after the demise of Abdullah

and then in Quran, you hear a different story.

Quran says, 'Say, verily, I am a man like you.' Al-Kahf [18:110]

Quran says, 'Say, verily, I am a man like you.' Al-Kahf [18:110]

Quran says, 'Say, verily, I am a man like you.' Al-Kahf [18:110]

Do you understand my point?

If you go into the depth and you have the spiritual insight, and you are spiritually connected with God and the Prophet himself,

then you will find out what is the real McCoy. Then you find out what is the story.

But if you are dependent upon what you read in the book... my friends it is not just possible to reach the reality without being assisted by the Prophet himself or by God.

His Divine Grace Imam Mehdi, The Awaited One Syedna Gohar Shahi AS said,

'Gabriel came to visit the mother of the Prophet, Aminah.'

The same angel who appeared to Sarah, the wife of Abraham.

The same angel.

Sarah, the wife of Abraham, was a barren. She was not able to produce children. There was something wrong with her ovaries.

She was not able to produce any children; she was not able to conceive a child.

Therefore, as a result of this incapacity of Sarah, God advised Abraham to find a concubine and produce a child

therefore an Egyptian lady named Hagar was approached and was turned into a concubine by Abraham.

And a child was conceived in the womb of that concubine from Egypt: Ishmael.

Later on, God wanted to test Abraham.

So when the child was still in his infancy, God commanded Abraham to leave the child and the mother in the mountains of Mecca.

So he did.

And then a series of miracles emerged.

The little child was thirsty and he was running his legs upside-down on the mountain and water erupted from underneath his feet which is now called 'Zam-zam'.

After God commanded Abraham to quit Ishmael, his son, and his concubine, Hagar, Abraham returned to Sarah.

And sometime later, the archangel Gabriel appeared and said to Abraham, 'God is going to give you a child from your barren wife.'

Look at the mysterious ways of God! You [God] could have done it before....but he didn't do it.

The same archangel, Gabriel appeared to Abraham and said, 'God wants to give you a child through Sarah.'

And Abraham said, 'But she's a barren woman, how could she conceive a child?'

And Gabriel said, 'What God wishes, it happens.' And Abraham was left with no other choice but to say, 'Yes, you are right.'

And Gabriel ran his palm over the backbone of Sarah, and this is how she conceived Isaac.

Is there anybody in the entire western, eastern, northern, southern world who could say with authority and authenticity that Isaac is a son of man?

His father is unknown.

Abraham's wife, Sarah, was a barren woman. She was not able to conceive a child, but then she conceived a child! And she conceived a child who later on became the leader of the Children of Isreal.

Isaac...his father is unknown!

If Prophet Mohammad's father is unknown today, I do not see anything wrong with that!

Do you see anything wrong with that? [No]

If Prophet Mohammad's father is not known, it doesn't surprise me!

It doesn't really surprise me. It shouldn't surprise you either as long as you have some common sense filled in your brain.

Now, the father of Jesus is not known.

The father of Isaac is not known.

The leader of Christianity...the father of Jesus is not known!

The most authentic Prophet in the Abrahamic faith, the father religion Judaism. Isaac, the father of the Children of Israel...his father is not known.

If Prophet Mohammad is not known, it shouldn't surprise you.

Because your Prophetic Ancestral System doesn't have a father!

But is it a bad thing, not to have a father?

If it is a bad thing not to have a father, then the entire humanity is bastard!

Because Adam doesn't have a father.

If not having a father is bad, then the entire humanity is bastard.

Because we are all children of Adam.

Whether it is from England, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or whatever...all come from one progeny, the Progeny of Adam.

And our Adam doesn't have a father!

If he doesn't have a father, does it mean Adam is a bastard?

Freedom of speech.

Tell me, if Adam doesn't have a father, is he a bastard? [No] Why?

Because he is Adam?

Because he was created by God in the Paradise.

Let's talk about Prophet Mohammad.

I agree, Prophet Mohammad doesn't have a father. That's true.

This is not a disputed matter.

Prophet Mohammad doesn't have a father, that's true. But then, how was he conceived?

How was he born? Who is he?

Well, we know how Adam was made, how Adam was created. It makes sense.

Because we all believe, whether according to the Quran, Bible, Talmud, Torah, or Psalms of David that God is able to do anything.

Even the Quran says, 'Surely God is All-Powerful over all things,' [Al Baqarah: 128]

God can do anything. Not just the Muslims, but also Christians and Jews believe it.

God can really do anything.

Even things that you cannot expect him to do.

Then who is Prophet Mohammad? Who is his father?

His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi explains, 'The same archangel Gabriel who appeared to Abraham and ran his palm over Sarah's backbone...'

'...and this is how Isaac was conceived.'

'The same archangel Gabriel appeared to the mother of Prophet Mohammad.'

And what did he do? He mixed in a white liquid a seed of light which he brought with him from Alam-e-Jabrut.

He brought a white liquid with him and then he mixed a special seed which he brought with him from the Higher Realms.

And that seed is called 'Shajratun Noor', seed of light.

He mixed it with that white liquid and then he gave it to the mother of Prophet Mohammad, Aminah.

She drank it, and with that drink she got pregnant.

And this is how Prophet Mohammad was conceived.

Jesus said, 'I am the light of the worlds and heavens.' [John viii. 12]

In the Bible, Jesus said, 'I am the light of the heavens and the worlds.' [John viii. 12]

And in Quran, God said, 'There hath come to you from Allah light and a perspicuous Book.' [5:15]

Surely, Noor (light) from God has reached you, and the Holy Quran.

Two things are mentioned in this verse: light from God, the Holy Quran.

'Kitab um Mubeen' is referred to the Quran. But what about this Noor (Light)?

What is this light referred to?

This light is referred to Mohammad (PBUH).

'Surely, light from God has reached you.'

Who is God's light? Mohammad (PBUH).

And Mohammad (PBUH) said that himself. He said that In the first instance, when God initiated the act of creation, the first thing he created was light of Mohammad (PBUH).

Mohammad (PBUH) said, 'What God first created was my light.'

Meaning, what God created first was light of Mohammad (PBUH).

This is Prophet Mohammad's personal introduction by himself.

Mohammad (PBUH) said, 'I am light from God, and Momineen (Believers) were created with my light.'

And then God said, 'Surely light from God has reached you, and the Holy Quran.'

And the Prophet Mohammad said, 'One who has seen me, he has surely seen God.'

The reality of Prophet Mohammad is light.

Prophet Mohammad doesn't have a father. Isaac doesn't have a father. Jesus doesn't have a father.

Why? Because these personalities are special creation of God and it is up to God what method of creation does he use to produce such Spiritual Dignitaries.

It is entirely up to God what type of method does he want to use to create such dignitaries. It's up to him.

And sexual reproduction is not the only way of reproduction.

Sexual reproduction is not the only way of production; there are many types of reproduction.

E.g. a peacock. A peacock drinks the teardrops of the male peacock and this is how the female peacock becomes pregnant.

This is not sexual reproduction, is it? [No]

So there are many ways, more than one way, of production.

Now it is entirely up to God what method of reproduction does he want to use. He is able to do anything!

And from time to time, he gives examples to let people know that he is using different methods.

So Mohammad (PBUH) in reality is not a human being but light of God in form of a human being.

Let me give you an example. Two angels, Harut and Marut were sent to Egypt.

And what happened, they taught somebody some magical words - as a result of which they were punished by God.

And still they are hanging upside-down in a water well in the city of Babylon, Egypt.

They came in the guise of a man. Just because they came in the guise of a man, does it change their reality?

It doesn't change their reality.

Let me make it more simple.

These actors and actresses who appear in movies...when they are playing a character in the movie, does it change their reality?

It doesn't change their reality.

In a similar way, God has sent many different types of human beings. Some human beings were made of fire, others of clay.

Some human beings were made of clay from the Higher Realms, from the heavens. Most of the humans were made with the clay of this world, this earth.

Mohammad (PBUH) in reality is an image of God.

The Bible said, 'God created man in his own image.' [Genesis 1:27]

And Mohammad (PBUH) said, ' [God] created Adam in [his] own image.'

But as we understand, Adam is not the first creation.

The first creation is Prophet Mohammad, his soul.

And he (God) created Mohammad in his own image.

Jesus is also image of God. Abraham is also image of God.

If you disgrace, derogate, defame or blaspheme these Holy Dignitaries, you're only pushing yourself to hellfire.

Not only the fact that you're pushing yourself into hellfire by doing such indecent, immoral acts, but also it announces to the world how filthy, immoral and dirty you are.

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