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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 11,700,000 MASTERY POINTS COMBINED- Spectate Highest Mastery NA JHIN, SORAKA, TALON, ELISE & JINX

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Let's do this

*Art is worth the pain*

*Say hello to my little friends*

*Every step a new journey*

*The spider demands sacrifice*

*This is no challenge*

Yo ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mickey C aka

TheLoLHounds and today we have got a very special video

Some of the highest mastery points players from the North American server

Have teamed up to form the ultimate

Dream team, the ultimate meme team, the ultimate one trick team, and possibly

the future of the LCS

In today's video we have got NA's highest mastery points Jhin, with over 2 million mastery points

Highest mastery points Elise, with over 2 million as well

Highest mastery points Talon, with over 2.6 million

The highest mastery points Soraka, with over 2.4 million

and the second highest mastery points Jinx, with over 2.7 million

Ok I imagine that's going to be happening a lot this game and would you look at this?

Action straight away with the level 1 invade Sejuani and Kennen are going to face check. It is a 4v3

But they are just going to settle for getting the red buff

And oh Talon actually got the red buff there

Talon hits level 2 and he's got the red buff

He's gonna go all in. Oh, this is gonna be fairly close. He does have ignite

Can he get the kill? Is Talon going to get the first blood? Of course he is going to get the first blood

Combined, they've got close to 12 million mastery points on their champions

Talon with the level 3 roam. The W hits from Jhin, the flash-auto attack. And what a start to the game

Oh boy now. What's happening here in the bot lane? Kennen's been rooted and exhausted. He doesn't have flash.

Oooh, can they get the kill?

The zap from Jinx snipes him out

Hmm, is this the AP Jhin top lane special?

Oh, no looks like Talon could be the first one to go down in this dream team


Elise is waiting patiently in this top lane brush. They want to kill this Pantheon. The ultimate from Jhin and whoa

Pantheon is so low just one more hit, and there it is. Elise picking up the kill

Elise finds the Sejuani who is low on mana and health. Elise pops ghost

Looking to get the kill and is going forward. Sejuani flashes away. One more auto attack

No, needed another auto attack. And now Elise in an awkward spot

But Talon is here as well both Ziggs and Pantheon. Pantheon jumps in the blasting cone. Kennen is also here

They could be in some trouble

They could get collapsed on. Twitch is... still in the bot lane. Doesn't look like he's rotating yet

And Talon's gonna try to turn this one around and gets the kill

But Elise is going to die for it and now looking to run down the Sejuani

Who is only level 5. The cocoon lands and the zap, the slow. In comes Talon, does he have his ultimate? No

But Jhin is going to pick up the blue buff

the red team rotating down to the bot lane looking to catch out this Twitch and Kennen

The flash in from Talon using his ultimate

He's got ignite as well. The heal from twitch. He's still alive

Elise is going to get the kill. Just getting the kill, will go down

Talon does die, so it's going to actually be a one for two. Elise looking to defend this tower and

Oh, she's actually gonna go in trying to kill the Ziggs. Can she do it?



Talon with another roam down to the bot lane. Pantheon is here as well for the enemy team and

Talon in a 1 V 3 is

Still going to pick up the kill. The super mega death rocket a little bit too late to kill steal

Well look at Elise, coming in hot, using that ghost and she's gonna go all in and they do pick up the kill

but she's gonna go down and

Kennen picks up a triple kill. That's not good.

There is going to be some more kills and Ziggs is going to go down, Jinx picking up that kill

And they're looking for the Twitch as well

And here comes Elise, loves to tower dive and that's going to be an easy one.

Oh no. Jinx is isolated, Sejuani with the blue smite

But Soraka is going to come in in the last second to save Jinx with the heals and Sejuani gets baited

Watch out, Elise misses the cocoon

But here comes Talon as well, Elise picking up the kill and they're looking for Sejuani

And looks like she's going to get away

But Elise still looking for more and Kennen is going to use Zhonya's and survive

Talon looking for another flank, he wants to kill the Ziggs

Oh, but he has Zhonya's and he jumps over the wall with the heal from Soraka

So he flashes back to get the kill, but he will go down

But they should be able to kill the Sejuani and they do

Jhin is going to go down to Kennen, who is doing all the work at the moment for the enemy team

But in the bot lane looking for Dragon and Jinx is gonna

Get one kill, get the double kill, the heals from Soraka saving Jinx once again

and now Zigg's running away for his life, and that is gonna be the triple kill for Jinx

Looking for objectives. That's the way to go, can he get it?


Talon, he has 15 kills so far in the game

And he's looking for number 16, looking to take down the support Kennen

Can he do it? Oh, the ultimate from Kennen and Zhonya's

Twitch comes in, takes down Jhin,

But down goes Kennen, the super mega death rocket picking up the kill.

In comes Elise using Ghost


Okay now things are not looking too good because down goes Soraka as well, Jinx all by herself

And they get aced. Oh boy

They lose the mid inhib, but they're going to get Baron in reply

Using the Baron buff to take down the top inhib, Jhin is taking it by himself.

In goes Sejuani using her ultimate but misses it, but Elise does go down

But they do get the inhib, and Talon gets a kill and so does Jhin

Meanwhile, Jinx is taking the mid inhib, but is going to get stopped

In goes Kennen, but Soraka is there. What's happening here?

Oh no Talon is gonna go down, but he does get a kill before dying

And that will be the mid inhib. They could actually end the game here. One more Tower and then the Nexus

but in comes Pantheon with his ultimate taking down Soraka

And now Jinx is going to get the kill before dying and

Well this, well she may actually kill Sejuani.

Sejuani has to dash away, but Twitch spawns just at the right time to shut down Jinx.

Here comes the Talon. He's gonna be looking for the Twitch, he flashes onto him and

Absolutely blows him up.

*There's nowhere to hide*

Looks like this game is about to be over as Pantheon dies to the Soraka

who's basically going full ap with Deathcap and Luden's Echo,

Does have the Ardent Censer as well.

In goes Talon


he gets the kill, but gets shut down and

Now Jhin and Jinx are the only ones left alive to end the game. Jhin is gonna flash to end it


*When you try your best, but you don't succeed*

Couldn't quite do it. Jinx is the only one left alive, can she do it in a 1v2?

the ultimate from Twitch though. Oh, oh no

They get aced and they still can't end the game

All the inhibs have now respawned and Baron is up

Talons gonna jump in, but he's put himself in a little bit of an awkward position

But he's gonna parkour his way out of there

Jhin using his ultimate to do as much damage as possible, in comes Elise

But Twitch is invisible and can she get the kill?

Oh no, Twitch gets the kill. Late-game twitch is starting to get very strong.

Down goes Talon as well. Oh boy, they may actually lose this one

But a double kill for Jinx, Jinx gets a double

Quadra kill!

Penta kill!

*You think I'm crazy. You should see my sister. *

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen

Jinx coming up clutch, right at the last second to save the game

For the highest mastery points, one trick dream team

combined with over 11 million mastery points.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If so, drop that "Like" button and as always

Have a nice day

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