Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stupid Game Show Answers - Attack of the Duh

Difficulty: 0

[SGSA Theme plays]

[Jack:] What classification of animals are dinosaurs?

Uh...[Buzzer] Let's see.

[Jack:] I'll have to call for your answer.

Plistasistrians. [Audience laughs]

[Jack:] What was that?

Plist, plist, P-L-I-E-O-C-E-T-E-N-E-S-O-U-S.

[Audience laughs]

I-I-I I don't have that answer down here. And I'm afraid...

[Audience laughs] I'm afraid that is not the right answer.

[Jack:] And under the rules of the game, your opponent can answer and pick up $100 more.

[Jack:] What classification of animals are dinosaurs?


[Jack:] You're right. You go up to $300.

[Bill:] What U are the Eastern Europeans who originated the tradition of painting Easter Eggs?

[Maria rings in] [Bill:] Maria.


[Bill:] No. [Buzzer] No. [Audience laughs] No.

[Maria:] Oh, shoot.

[Bill:] Yeah.

Name something you feel before you buy it.

[Audience giggles] [Mike buzzes in]

[Richard:] Mike.

Excited. [Audience laughs]

[Alex reads the answer]

[Contestents rapidly hit their buzzers]

[Alex:] Per Gunnar.

What's your behind?

[Alex:] Oh, no. [Everyone laughs]

"Blank" Tennessee.

Mississippi. [Audience laughs]

Wait a minute.

I could safetly say in advance, "You are not going to get the $20,000..."

[Bob:] Gentlemen, tell me. What is your favorite pasta?

Um, flat on my stomach, looking at the TV screen...

[Audience laughs] [Bob:] No, no no no.

[Everyone laughs]

Name something made of leather... [Rings in]

A purse.

[Richard:] You're going to be slightly embarrassed when I finish this question.

[Richard:] A purse.


[Richard:] [Chuckles] Name something made of leather that a cowboy uses.

[Audience laughs] [SGSA Theme plays]

[Theme stops]


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