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A long time ago, in 2007, a bunch of friends had a crazy idea.

What if

"People could learn languages without going abroad

and explore a new culture with someone from there?

And so, the italki language exchange community was born!

Our dream was to build the worlds best

community-driven language education platform.

We envisioned a world

where people could become fluent in languages

by connecting with people from other cultures.

In 2009, we launched our marketplace

and began transforming the language learning experience.

From one mind and heart to another,

people began achieving amazing things, like

The Japanese teacher who teamed up with his student

to create an awesome rock band,

and even released an album!

Or the student who learned Ukrainian

so they could communicate with their grandparents.

Or the student who reached conversational fluency

in 8 languages and travelled the world.

And so much more.

As technology evolved, so did we.

We pioneered student-centric learning

through 1-on-1 video chat with teachers,

so students wouldnt be limited by time,

distance, or even textbooks.

We created our own integrated platform

where learners could practice, share their knowledge,

and make friends from all over the world.

And when theyre stuck or confused,

they can reach out to a supportive Community

who can help with any question.

It is an experience you can enjoy anywhere.

So, that crazy idea we had?

It became true.

The world we envision,

the one where everyone can learn a language

in a personalized and authentic way

its happening because of you.

So on our 14th anniversary,

were inviting you to celebrate with us.

Because youre italki too.

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