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Do you KNOW a lot of English but still struggle to SPEAK?

Well, a student of mine named Duleendra sent me this. See if it sounds familiar.

I have been trying to speak fluently since many years ago but I feel I am still in the

same place where I started. I have studied many grammar rules but when I speak I have

found many difficulties. I am good at understanding things but I don't know why I am stilling

struggling in speaking.”

If you have this problem, you are definitely not alone.

I truly believe that ANYONE can become a fluent speaker of English - even those whove struggled

for years.

The truth is traditional English learning methods make communication difficult. So its

not your fault if you struggle to express yourself

And the good news is that Duleendras problem actually reveals the solution!

When I was young, I used to love watching Michael Jordan play basketball.

He was a master who made defenders look foolish, while making the sport look easy.

Watching him dribble, or hang in the air for what seemed like impossible amounts of time,

made the world love basketball.

But, most people only saw his success on the court during games.

What you DIDNT see was a LOT of hard work and practice in the gym.

Sure, Jordan had a lot of natural talent. But he revealed his secret to winning 6 championships

when he said, “I play to win, whether during practice or a real game.”

The message for everyone, from hall of fame athletes to language learners like us, is

clear: You play like you practice.

So if you study grammar rules when youpracticelearning a language, of course youre going

to think about grammar rules when you speak.

Now, learning grammar is important. But HOW you learn grammar, and things like vocabulary

and pronunciation, determines whether or not you become a successful speaker.

This is really important, so I want to make sure Im clear.

Most English learners struggle to express themselves because traditional methods teach

them to think and translate IN LESSONS. This is thepracticetime where they learn

and study. So these lessons really train learners to think and translate in conversations, and

those are the realgames.”

Michael Jordan knew a lot about basketball, but he was great because of how he practiced!

So, what does this mean for you if you KNOW a lot of English but still struggle to express


Change the way you practice to change the way you speak!

Here are two of the most effective ways Ive foundfor both myself and my students

topracticethe same way natives do so your conversations become much more

comfortable and fun.

The first thing you should do is try explaining things to yourself in English throughout the

day. This means both in your head and out loud.

As a learner of Japanese, I talk to myself about everything from putting on my shoes,

to what Im having for lunch to more advanced descriptions of business and life.

I do this to make my speech automatic when Im in a Japanese conversation because I

know I willplaylike I practice.

The second thing you can do is ACTIVELY model native speech. By this I mean you should listen

to what a native says, like even to what Im saying right now in this video, and then practice

repeating what you hear. Thats the easy part.

But, the reason I call thisactivemodeling is because after I get comfortable saying

something like a native, I then change the words to talk about something different.

You might hear something in English like, “Yesterday, I watched a movie.”

You might practice this a few times to get the pronunciation and grammar right as you

naturally connect the situation with the correct sounds and vocabulary, and then change the

sentence to something like, “Yesterday I watched a play.”

This is simple practice, but youre training yourself to apply PATTERNS the same way natives

do, rather than trying to memorize grammar points.

Natives are usually just saying the same few things again and againjust like you do

in your native language. But natives do so automatically because theyve developed

the HABIT of using these patterns with lots of practice.

Rememberif you sit and review flashcards or grammar tables when youpractice,”

you will forget words and translate grammar rules in your head when you speak.

So try changing the way you practice, and youll quickly be impressing others in conversations

the same way Jordan did on the court.

You play like you practice, so practice the way you want to play!

Im Drew Badger, the founder of, and thanks so much for learning with me today!

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