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Oh my lord...

Let me just warm up these old bones first

When you're my age you will need a stick to walk around

It's cold as frick up here

it feels like we're riding into a fridge

I have these fears in the turns when I'm sobering up

Now that's how you relax

Check out this sign

First you make a stoppie and then you crash

We need to turn right over there

Dammit the gate is closed

This is the spot, yeah

This is that road

Can we go around it?

'El Condor'

No, we can't

It's says that right on the gate

It sure is the El Condor

But it's shut tight with a paddlock

That paddlock is brand new

If we were here alone, we could just leave the bikes for a moment

pass the locked gate and still check out the place and take a video

they are emptying the radar right now

I guess we're the lucky ones

8km to Almeria

1, 2, 3 and I can't see the rest because there's a car blocking the view

These poor vandals, they have to resort to paiting over the rocks instead of home walls here

Go ahead

All these bent street lights

they look like they're falling

go here and immediately left

This road leads up to that school?


I feel strong herb smells

in the air

watch out for the sharp rocks


my guy

check out that city landscape

Alright we can check the cameras when we reach the restaurant

there will be plenty of time

Let them pass

it's not easy coordinating a group of bikes on these tight streets

The rest is behind those two cars up the road

This is a pretty big city


with high density

Looking good, check out that girl on the right

Let me see

Lovely pillow she has

And a decent muffin as well

Cool trees, nicely trimmed and there is a big one in the middle

I like it, looks very cool


Dracaena? What are you even talking about?

Isn't that the plant we had in classes at school when we were young?

They were ferns!

We had ferns, I don't know what you had in your school

I took him half-way through the world and all he can say is "oh, a Dracaena"

Good one

A juggler

We saw something like this at...

You just block the whole view

I did, didn't I?

Just how long do these red lights take, if he can fit a whole circus routine in the meantime

Speed trap ahead, for 50km/h

Watch out for it


Dinner during a sunset in a place like this...

Not too shabby at all

this must be it

it has to be, we can't go any further because of the signs

the only open food place around here

The fish smell is on another level here

What a locking system we have here

We don't need anything fancy, fried fish with chips will do just fine

Not much left to show

Dammit, I forgot to change the vizor

Let them go ahead

Yes, exactly

In the meantime...

We'll catch up to them

I knew I forgot about something

We're no misers but they sure did us dirty on that fish price

Fish for 1000 PLN for 7 people?

You ready?


now that's better

Sun in our eyes, looking nice

alright we can start pushing from here

this place is freaking amazing

Andalucia is the bomb

one could keep riding and riding

See how late it is, still not dark and we ride bikes

Check out how fast the sun is setting

Very fast, it disappears as we speak

Puff and it's gone

Some crazy dude just flew by

but he was on the BMW, and we know how these guys behave


We caught up with them!

You don't need to scream this loud

I hear you just fine

You have this much noise on that bike?

I have a very small windshield


Coffe and restaurant? Why are stopping?

I thought that Arek is running out of fuel

Nah, we all filled up last time, we can hop back on the highway

Maybe while we're here, we could get the groceries?

Where? Here?

Whatever, we might as well

We should go back through this roundabout

and then up the hill

KTM's cornering lights kick in

we did test it a while ago, remember?

Let's see what it does

it's projecting light into the corner depending on lean angle

The BMW has standard H7 halogen lights

That yellowish tint?


KTM gives a lot of light into the turns

The more I lean the more leds turn on

Interesting idea to be honest

He wanted to go home early because they forgot clear visors

It's tricky riding in the dark with a tinted visor

Their visors were essentialy black, really dark

Holy crap the wind here is getting really strong

God damn it blows!

These trucks are only making it worse

additional turbulences

There was a warning sign

It's blowing hard, real hard

But not in a good way ;-)

It's getting out of hand



Why did you sneeze so quietly?

I tried my best to block the sneeze, I know it's not healthy but...

I was suprised because you never sneezed so lightly in your entire life

It's usually a full on explosion

Holy Jesus and Mother Marry

Holy Jesus and Marry


I blocked it this time

That's why it came out half-assed

We just missed our exit on the right

No problem, we might as well head for the Gibraltar now

What is that single light in front of us?

A single motorbike is ahead

They are two people on it

And they are Polish, these are our guys

"Our" our guys? Or strangers?

Our guys from the villa

That's the guy with the black visor

I'll go in front of him and let him follow my lights

Are they lost?

What are they doing here all alone?

Maybe they missed the exit

Good thing we missed it too then

Yeah, he can at least follow us home now

I know how it's like to ride at night with a dark visor, nothing funny about that

This exit here?



They see us? They do

I thought at first that you ment there are strangers from Poland in front of us, but you ment our guys from this trip

I just felt how sore my ass is when I stood up

maybe not so much the ass itself but the sides as usual

the spot where the edge of the seat is, that's the one

Hold up, I think someone's gonna cross the street

Yeah, I was right, kid lurking in the shadows

Pretty cool little city this is

This thing is doing a horrible job of navigating us home

It's almost pitch black here

That is crap, there is something seriously wrong with this, it just lengthened our trip by 14km

I think we were here just a moment ago

Where are you taking us?

I'm trying to cut you to pieces and looking for a thick enough forest to do so

I think this one is thick enough

Shame, it sure was nice before

Hold up, we'll help you

Wait for us, don't scratch it more

Hold the brakes, I'll pick it up from this side

Luckily it has the protective crash bars installed

So it should be fine

It got dirty

It's mostly dirt

Did you put it in 1st gear?

You are facing downhill, you need to put in gear

That's why it fell right?

These small scratches can be polished, do not worry

Let's hop on and go

Thanks to those crash bars nothing really got damaged

We're nearly there, few more turns and they will be home

Mind your head, these branches hang low

Right over here

And that's it, you made it

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