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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Conjunctions Exercise 2 Fill up the blanks - English Learning - Unacademy

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hello everyone America John Mara verify

did you keep it on and it kept me and

this is second exercise which is related

with contractions I hope you might have

done well in the previous one again you

have some sentences to solve and use

conjunctions wisely stay tuned for more

so we are doing the coast conjunctions

and interjections Byron and Martin we

completed with the concepts related to

both of them and we started doing

exercises this exercise today is second

exercise and it is based upon

conjunctions a little bit about me for

those who are listening me for the first

time or watching me for the first time I

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a freelance trainer for personality

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very interesting so you can check them

out very easily let's start with today's

exercise so we have 12 sentences and at

the end of every sentence there are

three options for you like for the first

one I have but as and so you have to

pick up the right conjunction and fill

it up in the blood it's so simple do pay

attention on what thing is there in the

first part what thing is there in the

second part how they are related with

each other is it a reason is it a

consequence it is just something

explaining something what exactly it is

you need to check that thing out I will

quickly read out sentences for you you

can directly note down the answers if

you want or you can pause the video note

down the whole sentences then unpause

and go ahead you can do anything that

suits you well

but do attempt all of them this will

make sure that what you have learned

your concepts are clear in your

first four sentences are we decided not

to go for picnic - it was raining here

are the options

the baby was - tired - he fell asleep on

the floor the options are here it was -

a cold day that he had to wear sweater

and a jacket over it and here we have

some options for you so such on as my

mother sings - chopping vegetables but

since and why next four sentences ah she

didn't want to eat this - her friends

forced her to eat despite or but - she

worked hard she couldn't get the deal

finalized so either though we can - go

by bike - take the cap so here you have

to use either or or neither north or so

that so any combination would work you

have to use them along with their other

word that is given you cannot use so

along with no nor or you cannot use

either along with that ok keep them in

pair he is in bad shape he can - walk -

then and here again you have some pairs

of conjunction use them in the pairs in

which they are given next four sentences

are it has been 15 years - he left Dubai

however since and when the main issue in

this colony is - the water supply is

insufficient when since or that - mom

was very tired she cooked dinner for 12

members even though despite or but - you

like this watch I'll get it for you - if

as also so these were the 12 sentences

as I said attempt all of them there is

no one who is judging you there is no

competition over here it is for your

self improvement so attempt all of these

12 sentences pause the video take your

time solve it and then you can check

your answers along with the solutions

which I will be discussing now solutions


like these we decided not to go for

picnic as it was raining so this thing

that we are doing in the first part of

the sentence it didn't happen the reason

is here it was raining that's why we are

using as we are not using but because in

the case of but two things will be

acting in opposition here things are not

in opposition but this part is the

reason why this thing did happen that is

why as is correct the baby was so tired

that he fell asleep on the floor so that

such that so as here we are comparing

the heights of tiredness or maybe we can

see the level of tiredness was extreme

so this level or this extremity when we

are explaining we use the word so to

tell that extremity and then along with

so we will use that next it was such a

cold day that he had to wear a sweater

and a jacket over it here we are using

such to compare this cold day and to


what kind of cold day it was okay so

here also you are talking about the

coldness that was there on that

particular day but we are also telling

something that happened because of this

cold day so it was such a cold day I am

giving an indication or am pointing out

at a certain cold day so this is why we

have used such my mother sings while

chopping vegtables so here while is

telling us that this word when my mother

is doing the work of chopping vegetables

the moment she starts chopping and the

movement till she completes it till the

work is done what she does in meanwhile

she is singing and this work my mother

sings it is happening throughout

chopping vegetables that's why while is

used over here next we see she didn't

want to eat this but her friends forced

her to eat here two things are

happening in opposition first she is not

willing she does not want to eat

something but in the second part the

friends are forcing her to do something

that she is not willing to do

that's why but is used though she worked

hard she couldn't get the deal finalized

here though is use telling us that

something was supposed to give some

result but the result was completely

opposite so she worked hard as the

result she was supposed to get the deal

we know what was the expected result in

this case but here the word couldn't is

telling us this first word it is not

giving the result as it should have been

giving that's why though is used next we

see we can either go by bike or take the

cap either/or combination is used over

here here we are willing to go somewhere

okay we can - go that's why neither nor

we cannot use so that also we cannot use

because we are not talking about heights

of something or extremity of something

we are just telling about two options

one is going by bike another is to take

a cap that's why either/or is used he is

in bad shape now bad shape doesn't mean

that the person is disfigured okay bad

shape means the person is not doing well

maybe financially maybe physically but

the person is not well here bad shape

means he is unwell physically because

later on we are saying he can neither

walk nor stand so both of the things he

cannot do and be no VI using neither nor

why because first part it is clear the

person is not doing good and if it's not

doing good I cannot use either or I

cannot give option to a patient that he

can walk or stand but here neither nod

will be used next we see the last four

solutions it has been 15 years since he

left at Dubai we are talking about a

point of time then something has

happened but we don't know the ending

time or we don't know the ending point

if something has happened and it

happened when

we know the starting of it only that's

why since is used and it is still going


the main issue in this colony is that

the water supply is insufficient so

whenever we address this kind of thing

first part we are saying we are

introducing something and then that

introduction is over and we are coming

actually on the point so the main issue

in this colony is that the water supply

is insufficient that is used in this

manner even though mom was tired she

cooked dinner for 12 members 12 is

written over here so even though is

telling us something that is happening

irrespective of the thing that is in the

later part of the sentence mom was tired

this is one thing she was supposed to

take a rest but what is happening she

cooked dinner she is doing something

positive but she was not supposed to do

that she could that dinner for 12

members so yeah we are using even though

to talk about this situation that is

mentioned in the first part of the

sentence that in spite of this thing

still she did this thing like this if

you like this watch I will get it for

you too if is something that is for

supposition or to ask about something

that is uncertain in my mind so that's

why if it's used to know that whether

you like this watch or not and suppose

you like it if you like it then I will

get it for you - then we are using if in

such kind of situation to know the

uncertainty or whenever something's is

supposed here--if will come as the

correct fill up for this blank so that

was it for today's lesson thank you so

much and don't forget to rate share and


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