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shaluwm shaluwm family and mashpachah seekers of the truth all the warriors out there

the followers of the way the elect of yahuwah and all those who

are trying to live the WYSE LYFE this is jevon greene

and kenny green with warriors of the ruwach and uh we just wanted to say

shaluwm it's another beautiful day in OKC it was a wonderful time i'm going to say

it one more time i'm not going to stress it enough

if you have people in your area and you can fellowship with those that are

walking in the truth calling on yahuwah and yahuwshuwa

get with them connect of course you can connect with us but it's always good to

fellowship and it's a it's just a beautiful time it was just a

awesome time yes it was yeah so uh i guess we just wanted to

give a little update on the uh on the fellowship i'll let you go ahead and

take it right we have uh of course we have the uh

2021 uh florida fellowship coming up and so we wanted to come before you and

just uh speak to you about uh how we wanted to

go about this so that it'll be uh barakah to everybody so um i'm gonna

let jay start but we just want everybody to know that if

you're walking in this truth and if you want to

uh connect with us uh that we're more than willing

and uh we welcome you to come and connect with us

uh and and we would love for you to join us at the fellowship but we just have a

few stipulations and things that we need to make sure that we put out so

that uh it can go as smooth as possible so that's the whole goal of this video

uh is to just share with you uh some up-and-coming information and

let you know about the deadlines that we have put in place so that everybody be

able to get their information in and give us an adequate

amount of time right to be able to take care of everything that needs to be

taken care of to enable us to be able to have

a awesome and wonderful experience in florida at the 2021 fellowship it's

gonna be nice yeah before you give those those dates and

some of those things but what i wanted to say here

um is that if you're connecting with us for the first time and you email

us we're gonna encourage you to contact us and get to know us

and labor who those to know who labor's among us before you

uh you know begin to basically uh you know all i'm trying to say i guess

is that when you send in your stuff and you contact us we encourage you to

get to know us so you know who you're dealing with when you come to these

fellowships so that you know that you're on the same page uh as

knowing what what we know believe how we believe um

and walking this truth out 100 because there's gonna be a lot of time

if you get with us with the next month or two

we're expecting you to reach out we're gonna try to reach out to you and get to

know you so that uh when we come together there's a um

you know a smooth understanding of what we're all about

you know what i mean so be looking for that so if you're reaching out if you're

going to come to this fellowship in 2021 we want you to understand that we are

going to be actually trying to reach out to you so we know who you are

and then vice versa so you can understand and see where we are and you

can try us to see if we're of aluwhiym or not that's

what the scriptures say so that's one of the main things i wanted

to put out is that before the fellowship which is next year we have a lot of time

to get to know each other so that we can uh we can just be on the

same page you know that that's what i you know wanted to put out in the

courage and let people know that's important to us right you know

what i'm saying so um yeah you can mention it mention those uh

you know some of the deadlines yeah so we got the date set for

july 21st right through the 24th that's correct uh and so

we encourage you to uh try to plan ahead and know that uh you have

that time to get everything together but then we have

some deadlines that we have to make in order to be able to secure the home

right so that uh everything will go smooth and we'll be able to accommodate

everybody at the fellowship so that once again those dates are july

21st to july 24th 2021 right

in orlando florida that's right and or and i will say

orlando florida but in the orlando florida area right

so it may not be exactly in orlando but it'll be in that area we still gotta uh

secure the home and so our our uh deadline for

registration for you to be able to register to be

able to participate in the fellowship uh in as far as the home is

december uh i'm sorry august oh yeah 31st right which is the end of this

month right so you got all month to kind of you know

mull it over and uh see uh how you want to

uh deal with everything but the deadline for you to get your information to us

is august 31st yep and then when you reach out to us

we'll respond to you with the email giving you all the details and

and what it takes to register and then you'll know

and you'll just have to meet those deadlines right from that

from that correct email that we said right yeah and just you know uh

and during that time frame be expecting to get on some calls because we want to

chat we're going to want to you know get everybody together that's involved in

the fellowship so just kind of be prepared for that

because again that's part of our due diligence to reach out to those

you know who want to come to this fellowship you know so we've got a um

you know yahuwahs baracking and we've got a family and

it's growing and we just want to make sure that

everybody's on on the same page when we come to these fellowships when it comes

to yahuwah and yahuwshuwa exactly and just know that that

directly in line with the scriptures it reminds us to know those

that labor among you right and so when we're laboring among

each other and we're trying to walk this uh thing out the way the

the heavenly father yahuwah and his son yahuwshuwa would have us to

then we need to connect with one another we need to be able to interact with one

another and we need to be able to uh get to know

those that labor among amongst us so we welcome you

this is not anything that's critical at all it's just being

organized and doing things as the scriptures

reminds us to do and that's decently and in order so we're looking forward to it

and we hope that you will reach out to us and let us know that you

would like to be a part of this 2021 fellowship

and of course um we will uh take registration until the home that we

are we're gonna um reserve is full

right and then once that home is full we still welcome you to come

down but then we'll have to make other accommodations

or you will have to make other accommodations to be able to still come

to the home and fellowship with us but then you may have to get a room or

something like that to be able to stay down for the few days that you will

be there for the fellowships right and we'll have some

information as well for the nearby hotels and all that stuff that you can

people can be able to stay at exactly so this is something

this is something that we're definitely looking forward to and we wanted to take

this time out to just do a short message and uh announce the 2021

uh florida fellowship we're looking forward to it we're excited about it we

are actually uh in oklahoma city right now as we do

this video uh wrapping up this fellowship yeah and

it's been a awesome time here uh yahuwah uh has

truly barak'd t uh uh the occasion and we've uh had a chance to spend some

quality time with other believers from different

uh areas in the united states and so we're excited and we're thankful and

we're wrapping up so we wanted to take this short time to make this

announcement about the up and coming uh florida yeah uh fellowship man it's

beautiful you know and i've said it before these fellowships are encouraging

um and uh you know edifying and they're just they build the body you know this

is this is what mashiyach did this is what the disciples did so if

we're following the truth this is what we should do and it's a joyous thing for

us and it's a beautiful thing for us to get together so i'm excited

for the next fellowship as always because it's always

it's always a barakah to me um but but yeah we just wanted to take that time we

wanted to make sure that you guys knew that

information and um warriors you know how it is out there keep the

bar high never ever compromise and don't do something don't do anything

but do the right thing so may yahuwah and his son yahuwshuwa

barack you and keep you always shaluwm shaluwm shaluwm

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