Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HAUNTED HISTORY / BLACK ARCHAEOLOGIST 2014

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Hi, that fellow sleeping there is me. I'm, Black Archaeologist. A week ago I receiveda misterious letter ,it stated ,and I quoat. " If you want to know the whole truth about

your great grand father Jimmy's murder back in 1932,I suggest you come a visiting. Make

haste as I am old ,and have not long til I expire. Signed Yours truly Miss Ruby Jenkins

Thomas Ville Georgia. So far my trip has been uneventful. Aside from the racist Confederate

flags I see everywhere I haven't noticed any. Hey boy ! And there it is . Hey boy wake up.

This be your stop. Oh! Ah, now wait a minute there,according to my map we've got about

a mile to go. Hey fellow, this as far as I go. This far as anybody go round these parts.

Ah, ah, You best get walking if you want to gets to where you going be for night fall.

Ok, let me see, If I keep on walking in this direction where wound I... That was piculiar,

but maybe he was right. A brother, in the south, at night. I decided to get walking.

Please don't be the address, please don't be the address, please don't .. Ah, man. Hellow.

I guess theres nobody home. I'll just come back tomarrow. Hellow ! Ah, Hellow! Help us.

Hellow ! is anybody here ? ! She knows. Ahhh. Hellow , I'm, I'm Black Archaeologist, you

sent me a letter. Yes I've been expecting you .We have something very important to discuss

young man. Wound you care for some tea? Ah, alright. Yes. Here you are. Ah, thank you.

Ah, this matter you mentioned ,coundn't you have told me on the telephone? Do you believe

in the after life Mr. Archaeologist ? Ah, it's just Black Archaeologist. Ah, well I..Ah,

no I don't. Go on .Well I didn't either until that horroble day.......

Really. Oh yeah, thats right, That horroble day.......Octoroon, White Power, Negroe, Hey you don't have to

do this. Can't we all just get along. Shut up boy ,we going to teach you not to touch

our women. Yeah get up there. Leave our women alone, Yeah stick to your own kind. You brown devil .White power. Go back to Africa. We can't compete with you sexually. I mean ,ah,

ah,hang him. Any last words boy? Race rader! Negroe! I don't care what yalls do to me. Ruby,I loves ya. I loves you to Jimmy. String him up. He aint so uppity now. Is it fixing to

rain? Looks like some sort of freak storm. Hey look ! What ? What in tarnation. Mommy!

Come on in here! Oh Jimmy. After it was all over, my house was the only one left standing,

and everyone was dead. You're the only one I ever told this story to, would you like

to know why? Ah, not really no. Because you're my great grandson Ah ,So ,You Mean, I'm ,I'm.

Yes, Mixed race Archaeologist Noooooo.....