Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samsung VP-D364W repair part 3

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Put together the front and the back part of the TFT display

Tighten the two screws

Let's connect the FPC

Bend it like this to send it through the hole

Push back those small dark-brown fasteners

Now, in theory the camcorder is in a fully operational state

So, let's have a try!

Replace the battery turn the camcorder on and pray! :)

It's working! :) I have made it!

Insert and tighten this screw

Watch out for the position of the bottom strap

Put back that metal thingy

Insert and tighten this two screws

Put together the two main part

5 screws (the one on the bottom is missed from the video!)

Before putting back the last part clean the optics

Connect the mic

The last 4 screws!

Thanks for watching!

Hope it helped you

[Bla... bla... bla... bla...]

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