Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samguk Yusa culture day held to celebrate historical texts 삼국유사 문화의 날

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If you live in Korea, youd have noticed that there are many unique festivals. Its

not everyday you get to see a festival dedicated to historical artifacts but... our Yim Yoonhee

is here today to tell us about one such event. Right. The Samguk Yusa was compiled in the

late 13th century by a Buddhist monk known as Ilyeon.

It contains various legends, folktales, and historical accounts of the Goguryeo, Baekje,

and Silla Dynasties. Its a very important part of Koreas

culture, and this past weekend, an event was held to celebrate the text.

Take a look.

In the beautiful mountains of Gyeongsangbuk-do province, Ingaksa Temple, also known as Koreas

historic site 374, recently hosted this years Samguk Yusa culture day.

Buddhist monks from across the nation gathered to celebrate together through various festivities,...

all in recognition of Venerable Ilyeon , the Buddhist monk honored at this temple.

"Our temple is a great source of pride, as well as our people. So people who come to

visit Ingaksa Temple learn about Venerable Ilyeon and grow very attached."

Venerable Ilyeon stayed at this temple for 6 years, before reaching nirvana,... the ultimate

goal in the Buddhist path to enlightenment. The temple is also home to a cultural and

historical treasure,... the octagonal stone structure was once used to take impressions

by both Japanese and Chinese because of its beautiful calligraphy.

And the last remaining bit of Venerable Ilyeons stone tablets remains on site as well.

"Before he came, while travelling the country, he collected various sights and sounds, and

stored them, which he later compiled into a manuscript."

The temple also houses a look at other aspects of the Venerable Ilyeons life, including

various hand made crafts and tools. Although his time has passed, his legacy lasts,

preserved through the Ingaksa Temple.

Tell us more about the Samguk Yusa. It contains the earliest recorded version

of the Dangun legend, which is about the legendary founder of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom.

The Samguk Yusa is very important because of the priceless legends and stories it contains.

While historical texts are always important, these types of books are just as important

because oral history is a huge part of any culture.

And this temple is where the Venerable Ilyeon recorded many of these stories and legends,

right? Yes. He actually was the governments appointed

Buddhist monk, at that time, so he had a very big job.

And the temple has been rebuilt, so you can visit the actual site where he worked back

in the 13th century. Thank you for that report.

Youre welcome.

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