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What's up guys, it's About Music here and this is the list of top 10 richest k-pop idols

of 2019. Let's have a look!

Before starting this video, I want to tell you that there

is not an official database of the actual networth of the korean k-pop idols. This ranking

is the result of some researches I've personally made. It takes into account not only the earnings

from the idol activity but also from CFs and obviously from family belongings.

So let's get started.

At the 10th position there's Taeyeon from Girls Generation. It is reported

that she has earned more than 22 billion korean won which are equivalent of 19 million dollars

from 2007 to 2014 with Sonyeoshide. moreover her personal incomes are also from CFs and varieties.

She owns the copyright of her solo songs such as "I", "Why", "Rain" and many more. She bought

a luxury apartment to her parents in Jeon-ju and she owns a Mercedes SLK55 and a Porsche 911.

At the 9th position there's Suzy of Miss A a JYP's girlgroup and for this reason she

has a better finantial ratio than SM. But more than the Miss A activity, she earned

(money) from acting in dramas and shooting CFs.

She has a big house in Samseongdong which

is reported to cost around 3 million dollars.

Number 8 is T.O.P. of Bigbang. According to

YG's statement, Bigbang earned 44 million dollars only in 2016. He's king of CFs and

he's well known for his acting skills in films.

In 2010 he bought a villa in the UN village

which costs about 2 million dollars. during a variety show called "Radio Star" he stated

that he he spends 95% of his earnings to buy artworks in auctions. The total value of the

artworks he owns is considered to be around 15 million dollars.

At the 7th position there's

IU. According to LOEN Enterteinment in 10 years of activity from her debut in 2008 she

earned around 50 billion korean won, which are equivalent of 44 million dollars. Considering

that LOEN Entertainment is a small company, she could have taken about 90% of her earnings.

She is a famous actress and she shooted tons of commecials.

Times ago she bought a Porsche

Cayenne even though she didn't have a driving licence. The number of songs she owns is huge,

it's second only to G-Dragon. She makes around 1 million dollars every years from streaming


Number 6 is Taeyang from Bigbang. He is reported to own about $300,000 of YG shares

and more than $1.1 million of Samsung shares. He has a house in Mesanapolis which costs

around 1.5 million dollars. During a variety show he showed hiw new house bought in 2014

which is a luxury villa in the UN village and it costs about 4 million dollars. Moreover

he owns a seven floors building in Hannamdong which costs about 6.8 million dollars. He

seems to have additional earnings from other Bigbang members thanks to his solo songs such

as "Look at me", "Ringa Linga", "Eyes, Nose Lips" and many more.

Number 5 is Tzuyu from Twice. The taiwanese member of the famous JYP girlgroup. She was

rich even before becoming member of Twice thanks to her family. In fact Tzuyu made a

lot of money from her debut in 2015, also shooting commercials, but a big portion of

her belongings is from her family. Her father is a famous buisinessman while her mother

is the shareholder of 3 surgery hospitals in Taiwan and she owns 2 cafes in the capital.

Number 4 is Rain. The first singer to bring k-pop to america and a famous actor who also

appeared in Hollywood movies.

He owns a villa in Samseongdong which value is about 6.5 million

dollars, a building in Dosan road of about 22 miillion dollars and a private villa in

Cheongnamdong of about 6.3 million dollars. If we add the buildings of his wife Kim Taehee,

the total value of Rain's family's buildings is about 45 million dollars.

Number 3 is G-Dragon

of Bigbang. He owns the copyrihght of half of the Bigbang songs because a lot of them

were written and composed by him. He makes 1.1 million dollars each year from these songs.

He also has solo songs such as "Crooked", "Untitled", "Heartbreaker" and many more.

His credit card is the famous Black Card, which is given only to 0,001% of koreans.

He owns a lot of buildings including the one in cheongnamdong which costs around 8 million

dollars, some apartments, a pension in Pocheon and a cafe in Jeju island. He has a lot of

cars, including a Bentley and a Lamborgini Adventador. His total networth is presumed

to exceed 50 million dollars.

At the 2nd position there's Seungri of Bigbang. He has a lot of

incomes as a member of Bigbang but it's just a small portion of his profits. In fact he's

a huge businessman. He owns a VIP luxury private bar and a night club called "Burning Sun"

in Seoul. He's owner of 8 million dollars land in Busan, he owns a cafe called "And

Here" and he's shareholder of a cosmetic company. In addition he's CEO of the company "YG-X"

and last but not least he's CEO of a restaurant chain named "Aori Ramen" which involves 45

restaurants in 6 countries.

Finally in the 1st position there's Choi Siwon.

He is member of Super Junior but also an actor. He was rich even before his debut thanks to

his family. In fact his mother owns a famous underwear company while his father is a very

rich businessman in Korea. In a variety show in 2012 some Super Junior members stated that

his father could even buy SM Entertainment with a loan. Siwon owns 2 buildings in Apkujeong

and a lot of luxury cars.

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