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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EP 9: NICK & KATIE

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I think I might actually be emotionally scarred

from some of these dates and physically too - and you know, spiritually.

I think I'm ready to focus on myself for a while

I just really don't want to be yelled at in a restaurant again.

Yeah, I think that's pretty much it for me with online

dating. I unmatched all of my matches so they're gone.

Feels freeing.

Why am I giving up? I don't see the point.

It's not real. They're not real people. They're

facades of what they carefully craft on their profiles and you can't really get

to know somebody when they're on their best behaviour like that.

I'm sorry--I just I realized that was their best behaviour.

It's just not genuine. I mean, after the

dates, I feel like I still don't even know anything about the guys.

Except that I never want to see them again.

I want to connect with somebody--actually connect

with them in the real world. Call me traditional but what happened to the

good old days?

When did people stop talking to you in person...

looking at you, making eye contact smiling, when you pass someone by?

People will do whatever they can to not have to actually talk to each other. They'll sit

as far away from anyone else as they can on the bus or at the movies. There's no

"meet cutes" anymore.

I heard that term for my sister. Don't judge me.

I just want him to message me and say, "Isn't this ridiculous?"

I want someone who finds this as stupid as I do.

I want someone who sees the world the same way.

I want someone who's on the same page.

(together) I want someone who thinks like I do.

The problem is I don't think I can meet him out in the real

world, so that leads me back to this

Brings us back to this.

Okay I'll give it one more go.

I mean it's when you're about to give up that everything comes through, right?

Nick... 29... two kilometres away...

Katie... 27.... couple of mutual friends...

(Nick) Nah.

(Katie) Nah.

(Katie) We probably have nothing in common.

(Nick )We probably have nothing in common.

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