Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kick-off Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance, 10 March 2015

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- Today, we are celebrating the start

of the Masters in Customs

and Supply Chain Compliance programme.

We have participants from Dutch customs and Belgium customs

but a large majority comes

from international for-profit companies.


This is Moscow.

And this is?

- Switzerland. - Switzerland.

- Paris. - Paris.

- Brussels. - Brussels.

- This programme is unique

because traditional customs education

was always only about legal aspects.

What we introduced is really 1/3 legal,

1/3 supply chain management expertise, 1/3 IT.

And it turns out that we are the first in the whole world

to do that education like that

and it's now taken as an example all over the world

by other customs administrations.

(upbeat music)

- It's a unique programme

because we work together with the private sector.

Public and private employees study together

in this very, very nice programme.

- We join up three complete different professions.

The profession of the supply chain manager,

the profession of the IT and compliance manager,

and next to that

the profession of the traditional customs professional

who is more a legislative part.

- The most important role of this master

is creating awareness

not only within customs,

within governmental bodies,

but especially also in commerce.

- It's important to have a multi-disciplinary view

on customs and supply chain compliance

because the supply chain in itself

is composed of different actors

and therefore the specialists need to have

a multi-disciplinary view

to cope with constantly changing global trade

and trade facilitation.

- It's really fun to teach these mingled students

both from tax office, customs, and industry

because in the discussions in class

we can really bring our different view points together.

So, for example,

they can discuss about the operations

and planning and design of a terminal

from a viewpoint of industry

and then also think about how should customs make sure

that security stands are hold.

And in the discussion we can bring those values together.

(men screaming) (drums banging)

- The reason why Dinalog is providing a scholarship

to this programme is

because the customs is at a world-class level

in the Netherlands

and we would like to stimulate the education

of as many people as possible in this area.

- You are also smiling right now, that's very good.

And hopefully you'll still be smiling

when you're deep in the programme,

when you're studying all these very difficult

and nasty exams.

(upbeat music)

- I chose this programme

because I've been working for government almost 20 years now

and have done several jobs in IT, in auditing,

and also working with supply chain,

and I would like to integrate all those things

in my future jobs,

and this is a great programme to do that.

- So, you all, dear students,

the success of this programme depends on you.

I wish you all the luck from me.

Thank you very much.

(students applaud)

- What was missing in my career

is also some kind of a certification

in supply chain and customs compliance,

and that's why I decided to join this programme.

And I am very, very happy about that.

(drums banging)

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