Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PREPARING FOR COACHELLA *INTENSE*

Difficulty: 0


(Intro Music)


Do you guys know what season it is?

It's Coachella season baby!

It's Sunday April seventh and I have five days until I leave for Coachella

And yeah theres a lot to do

This shit is a big fucking deal to me

I don't know why

I'm kind of embarrassed about how much I care about it

But at least I'm like self-aware and I know that it's stupid that I care this much about it

So it's like fine right? I don't know

All I've really done thus far to prepare, is pick out outfits

Which I have been doing for the past few months

And I have spread sheets and powerpoints for each outfit

And I have a whole section in my closet dedicated to my Coachella outfits

I think this is like a coping mechanism for me

It's something to look forward to and it's a fun activity

I mean you can say what you want about it but at least I'm having a good time

The final days of prep start today

Five days left. The prep for Coachella is so intense

Very similar to preparing for like a pageant, or like a fashion show

Like that's what it is

Coachella prep starts now, I can't believe it came around this quick

I remember when it was last year's Coachella and now it's like this years?

This shit's crazy. This shit goes crazy and stupid. Go crazy *aenh* go stupid *aehh* you know?

Let's just f*ckin get started

first and most important step of coachella prep is tanning

every outfit looks good with a tan and that's the f*ckin end of story.

i hate *phone rings* who the f*ck

only problem is that I hate tanning

it's one of my least favorite activities that exist so i'll probably end up just getting a spray tan

i always try to tan, but do i succeed?

never. i've never like gotten a good tan.

but i can try.

i'm very uncomfortable right now

another thing i do though, that speeds up the tanning process so i don't have to be outside as long

is put olive oil on my body. is that unhealthy? probably. nobody has told me that its bad

but then again nobody's told me that it's good. don't try this at home because i don't want to go to jail, oh my god

oh my god

ohmygod olive oil's a mess

supposedly being in the sun a few minutes a day helps with acne which we all know is a reoccurring issue for me

ohmygod my literal boobs are falling out this video is gonna not get monetized

ohmygod i literally have a pool of olive oil in my belly button so that's worrisome

ugh this is so boring but i know its gonna be worth it

like if i had a killer tan at coachella i mean

ooh the way i just said that made me upset im so bored so bored


i definitely just don't like the feeling of being oily and right now i'm really f*ckin oily and...

wow i really wish i had music to listen to right now

i don't have a speaker. only cool kids have speakers, i've never owned like a speaker

you know what, that's on my bucket list, is getting a portable speaker

so that i can be that kid that walks around the party, i don't really go to parties, but

walks around the party with a portable speaker and just makes everyone's day improved

because they're playing mo bamba on the speaker and everyone just goes frickin wild

i want that to be me

i always try to take a nap in the sun but it never works, maybe i'll try for a second right now


okay that didn't last very long

*cool music*


okay so let me tell you something

a big struggle that - i think everyone has - when planning coachella outfits

is that they want to have a unique outfit.

they wanna stand out, they wanna be different

they wanna have something that nobody else has -

and that's really hard to do when you're buying stuff from stores because -

anyone can buy it ...

sO i had the idea

that this year i would...

(get ready for it)

DIY a few things.

i dont know how i came up with this idea,

but all i have to say is that I LOVE it.

for one outfit I wanna paint on jean shorts and an old pair of air force ones

because I felt like that would be. really epic

and it would really set me apart because the thing is

is that no one else is gonna have this

that makes me #special

why is my apartment so hot are you sweaty?

Amanda: I've been telling you for three days your apartments so hot

what are we gonna do about it?

*phone rings*

leAvE mE aLoNe

I'm gonna be painting-

-using white paint and lime green paint

because the top that I'm wearing

is lime green

but im not gonna show you the full outfit

because im posting this video before I go to Coachella

and I don't wanna spoil my full outfit

*terrifying animal growl*

*obnoxious sounds*

I have no idea what direction I'm going with this

*obnoxious paint bottle squeeze*

what do we paint first?

pants?? shoes??


*utter confusion*

the sh- pants

wait up

what the f*ck

the shoes

the pants

I don't f*cking know

lets talk about Coachella outfits

last year my outfits were-

- you know what I'm not gonna be mean to myself

because I did my best

I just didn't really

hit the mark

at the time it was good

but now looking back I'm just like

well that was something to be embarassed of but

this year I'm trying to redeem myself

amandas actually over there




a hat

how's your custom hat going?

its gonna feel so personal

like when I walk around at Coachella

wearing this shit

im gonna be like



made it

made all of it I sewed the shoes myself

I will tell them that

its not true but I will tell them that

you know sometimes you need to white lie

every once in a while

there's nothing wrong with a little bit of lying

lying is super good


so far so f*cking good bitch

this is kinda boring though

like its funny because my dads an artist

and like

I should enjoy this type of stuff

but to be quite honest like

I'm already bored and its been about

seven minutes

can you believe how much effort we put in

took three days

I just can't believe that I do that

dude I was blonde last year at Coachella

can we talk about that

who was she

scared of her

did you ever know blonde Emma?

Amanda: no


now I'm thinking about it

like if I diy more clothes

I'd really

step up my game

in life

lime green stripe is done on both shoes

lets do a little montage

do you like this?

I know its hot

that's why I did it

*cue funky electronic music*


this is already kinda looking scary


*continues with groovy music*

okay guys

first little section is done


so do you know what

wait I just touched wet paint

im gonna work on all of this

I'll check in with you when I'm done

then we'll see how it went

DiY sEsSiOn

its been like three hours

and im done

but it'll be worth it when I show up looking like a bad bitch right?

I don't wanna reveal too much


no one has seen this yet

and the whole point

is that its supposed to be a suprise


these are the shoes

that's all you get to see

thank you

let me show you the shorts

boom -b

that's it

amandas over here rhinestoning her hat

I'll just give a little sneak peak

this is amandas hat

that she's rhinestoning

how do you feel?

she's literally been rhinestoning this hat for three hours

are you okay?

im not even close

you know me

once I start something im not finishing

so what if I went to bed and just made you continue doing this

I would hurt you physically

*Groovy music*

its Monday

happy Coachella Monday

hate that

happy monday for coachella


This week I'm focusing a lot on my health :)

Coachella's something wherre

You wanna be feeling your absolute best at

Physically mentally


it's an exhausting ordeal

it takes a lot out of your body, mind, and soul

so i'm trying to eat healthy this week

Which hasn't really worked

We're going to Soul Cycle right now :)

Exercising and eating well is a really big part

of preparing for Coachella, so

you have the best immune system possible

i got sick last year and don't wanna do that again

*Melancholy music*

Also because I wanna look ?? as fuck

woops I said it

this camera angle is a mess but i just can't like fix it cuz it's like

it's too early in the morning



I act like going to soul cycle

has something to do for preparing for coachella

but really like it just doesn't

and i'm just going, and i thought I'd film it so



*hard swallow

* music continues*

I almost threw up

I did throw up


in my mouth

*groovy techno music*

so let me just tell you what I've been doing for the past few hours, because i just feel like its really

its not really interesting, but its like really telling of how Coachella is for me

to make a long story f*cking short, I've been shopping

for the past two hours

emma editing: I actually meant to say 5 hours, at that point id be shopping for 5 hourssss!


today has been the type of day where I'm just searching and not finding what i need

so basically let me explain i had all my outfits planned, for all three days

fully planned had everything that i needed

Everything was great

A few days ago I decided that I hated

my day one outfit and i wanted to completely throw it in the trash

it was just like not working out

so yesturday I went shopping and i

I bought new pants

i'll insert a picture here

I've been trying to find a pink top that would match these pants

for literally the past 24 hours

and I've just been struggling

I searched online last night for literally 3 hours


then today, I went all around Malrose

which is a popular street to shop on in L.A

looked in all the stores...found NOTHING

and then my mom was like

"why don't you go on Hollywood boulevard and go to costume stores

and see if you can find a top."


not one thing that remotely was good

im being stared at for vlogging so...

gonna drive away now

wow these people are being creepy AAAHH

*techno music*

*groovy music now*

who's surprised?

it's happening again

nobody surprised that im here

nobody even cares or surprised

also I'm filming on my phone cause I forgot my vlog camera at home

because this morning as always was metic

I had diarrhea and I had a lot of scary dreams last night

so I couldn't remember to grab my camera on my way out

but im using my phone and you wouldn't even know the difference

but now that I said it

now you know that there's a difference because I said it

but if I wouldn't have said nothing you wouldn't have notice nothing




so I-I'm going to Coachella

*groovy music*

I...leave in two days

to be quite fucking honest...

im not ready

I did soul cycle this morning and then I had some meetings.

*woah there*


and now im going to a nail appointment

this sh*t it's like stupid you know what i mean? like

i'm like stressing out

about like having to get my f* cking nails done