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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lung Expander?! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Items!

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What's going on guys

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Now on with the rest of the video

Bryan: You look so fun-

Your lips are just protruding

Bryan: Awwww ewwww


What's going on guys I am matthias and welcome to 10 tech items

That may waste your money that Brian yes, Brian is back!

Brian from Team Edge picked out. If you're not familiar with Team Edge, click that info card right up there. We do some dope

Challenges. Yes, sometimes, I attend them and it's fun. usually I win them and that last one

I just had to bounce out earlier though. I didn't even get a chance to win, dude

Brian: Sara was watching, and she was like, "Did he just leave?"

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Now I got something special for you guys today ok

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Maybe you do maybe you don't I don't know that's up to you. I'm alright. Uh first item

For EM doodling robot a doodling robot

I've always wanted a doodling robot, and I mean you're too lazy to doodle yourselves yes

It's just like I'm Way too lazy

I'm like too bored of doodling myself where I gotta just have a robot doodle for me right. This is like

This is the mark of the future. You know when people are too bored to just be bored. You know that's elite status that robot

Doodle for me. I want some doodles robots. Also bring me some cheese oh

I thought I'd just gotten impaled for a second


oh.. OoH, all over your pants..

no, theres nothing there...

I mean

Let's see what this doodle and robots all about looks like I have it's good reviews right, but who's buying it

that's what I want to know how much of the robot do they actually assemble it takes about an hour to assemble ah

Fun easy project so that's the project the project is more about building it and assembling it rather than seeing the the crabby

circles that it can make

But let's see what kind of crappy circles we can make with this dude Add to Cart

The slamming of the products

Instructions, I don't need no instructions assembler

What you do is you put the thing through thing

Yeah, you want the instructions all right, so I'm just inserting the pens and then we're gonna be able to get some doodles

Well relax dude you're gonna read all over my desk oh

I just wrote on my desk no off of my dad ah

That I mean that definitely constitutes as a doodle

There we go we're too forgetting something and you suck oh

if you want to teach kids about you know some very simplistic robotics or


This is a perfect product for you you perv, or if you just want some really crap doodles

I would have to say is that this waste

Hide your hide your smart bottle hydra hydra smart white why hide your hide your hide your smart hydra hydra hydra

smart bottle like three times the name of the

Brand hydra, and they're calling it the hydra smart bundle. It's still hydra twice okay?

No name of the brand is up here the name of their first product and the name of the iteration of their first product

So it's the hydra hydra hydra, so what is this a Bluetooth speaker?

Speakerphone retractable spout recharge dock and safety party LEDs. I love it when anyone puts an LED in an item

They always call it party LED everyone's always trying to party with LEDs

Who's partying with LEDs last time you had a party did I see one LED you're doing it wrong?

Next time I come to your house, and you throw a party bro. It better have LEDs. I didn't invite you the last part

Know they'll everyone loves this bottle right I had to cart them I'm interested

Bonus alternate bottom I

Love having an alternate bottom, you know I mean sometimes you've been sitting down all day

And you're like where's my alternate bottom. This one's sort. Can we replace it? Well here we go

Here's all the features a powerful speaker six thousand milliliter hydration bpa-free

Lighting system. Oh yeah the party LEDs. That's right

I'm so impressed. No it might actually be a interesting item and it might have all where's my extra bottom

Well this extra bottom is disappointing I think this bottom is much better cuz this bottom is chargeable looking at this right now


honestly appears to be high

Well made it feels like good materials are being used in this. No joke you could take this off and

Recharge it later. Maybe that's Bluetooth part. Oh, this is the that's the party LEDs in there let me turn up some party

Let me turn up dude

We got some water coming dude

That's the party that's the party led watering it yeah, let's put some water in it

The LED is legit flashing right now, and you cannot even see it

This is the water bottle portion right and then you have all these tops and bottoms

Here's the speaker portion or the speaker phone, then you have the LED

Really the LED. I don't know about that. Oh, oh

Dude, now I feel like a party, but it's like it's so so dim. It's so dim

She's like seeing a song

She's a ho dude dude this bottle is auto-tune man. Let's get some music in here Mike if you guys don't know Mike

He's the he's a lead audio engineer at high five studios. He's also DJ. Michael the doll so Mike gimme some music with

These are all mine uses all my musics, so that's a skip button and not maybe I got a hold down

Okay, yeah, you hold two volume up


I say this one is tasteful. I say it's tasteful

Swagga Tron swag cycle dude this one's hefty with some swag right now ie bike folding electric bicycle with 10-mile range

Oh 400 bucks look at those tiny little wheels she doesn't seem to have a problem with it

She's looking down with lust she's like look at this bike mmm. It's honestly kind of cool. I like the black

I like the gold guys this one's elected by

$400 like gold what do you think dude fifty thousand?

You want me to buy it because you're buying one

No I say a hundred thousand

I say a hundred thousand cuz I'm not sure that's expensive and I know why I want to know if people actually want to see

This cuz they might not want to see it so guys

100,000 and I'll buy it flow like gold that's because

Me and Brian kind of wanted to begin with so we're hoping that you guys are interested so we can make a video about it

But we'll hold that off for later. All right next item

Five second fix liquid plastic welding kit fix repair and seal anything in about five seconds

What about Brian's mouth am I right?

See what I mean dude, that's a perfect use for this I just seal your lips up

Mud flaps dude, Joey Gold Brian's lips mud flaps in like what FEMA video

We did a video where there's a leaf blower to my face

You guys want that video that's up there, too

Dude subscribe to team edge because it's a hardcore hardcore team edge promotion today, dude


I've seen this before it's kind of cool

Basically you you put all the goop there and then use a UV light. I believe to harden it

What no no kidding, it's like plastic that hardens with UV light cuz look

They're not really clear about it

But I'm pretty sure that's a UV light pretty sure but let's weld some stuff man add the card oh

It caught all the air underneath it and you couldn't slam it cuz the air had to still move out

Yes see that's UV light UV light right there five-second fix liquid plastic welding tool

That's really cool

Bonds plastic wood medical clasp fabric and more I feel like I would have a million uses for this around the office

You know I mean

Let's test this puppy out and what what do we have that's broken right now that I can fix. I got some headphones here

Here's what we gonna do breaking there. We go oh

No, it's a broken. What am I gonna? Do? It's not gonna work. I try to put this on and it just flaps off

alright, so we have this here and


Assume I squeezed some goop the idea. Here is I'm goofing on a bunch right there. That's precision right there

Nothing's gonna happen until

I shine that UV light on it, okay, and now we UV light this






five oh

Dude, that work. That was it now. It's hard

It's not hard in all spots, so you have to do it all around it just didn't really bond it it

Just honestly it just fell off look see this you're gonna attach the plastic it definitely hardened

I think here's the thing I think there's a strategy to it oh

Wow, that was really weak though. I think there's a strategy to it, and it's very dependent on on how you do it

But I think the issue is you have to use globs and globs for like one little thing

I want to actually give it a fair

Test here well, the test is five seconds. Yeah, you're right. I mean that's true OOP. I

Wanted to do it so bad, but it is not it is grateful guys

Have you tried this let me know down below what it's actually worked on because that didn't work

Click stick smart deodorant yes

Brian likes it cuz I get so shook when when they make smart products that don't need to be smart like

You just like rubbing your armpit. You're like

My deodorant, so stupid. I wish had a smart stick. I wish I had a smart stick what you're gonna say Dina

Oh you have applied enough deodorant, or whoa you need more oh

You're stinky, please apply second code, okay?

I don't even know why it's smart yet

But let's find out smart refillable deodorant antiperspirant only buy once and refill it with affordable cartridges are they serious

Right now like this must be like the cartridges that out put that

Gooey deodorant that I hate I'm iLike the deodorant. That's like you

Yeah, more powder ish kind of it's like it's got a texture, but it's it's solid right. It's not goo

You're talking about something go come through the holes like yeah

That's I think what this might be someone that

designed this had the issue of like I never get the right amount of deodorant ever ah

He's getting shirt. I'm getting shot guys

$32 Oh

Let's give it a shot at the cards. Oh sweet. Ah yeah that felt good

So is this it or is this just a sweet little case? No, that's just a spur


mm-hmm plastic


Like if you're gonna sell like a $35 stick of deodorant like make it metal


Hold up hold up. That's

That's it

that's what they're selling here what we have in here is a little LED light to make it look cooler and smart and

a little thing that when you press

Twists so it twists an exact precise amount every single time that triggers with the gear inside this right so if I click the button

You see how each one of these is different

each one

Output a different amount just not even working right that middle it just doesn't even work. It just doesn't work. I'm sorry

This is bad. That's bad one whoo. That's good fine. Good fine

Warm space oh no

No, no

Worst word to start out with worst word to start out with that's the name of their company


Ok cool. It's just it's just a bad translation see these these characters right here these Asian characters

Japanese Chinese

I actually don't know it's probably just the they translated their company their company name in English into warm space

What would it be the space that is warm is what they're talking no they?

May be like

trying to get

better heated insoles

so they're supposed to keep your feet warm right and your where the battery around your ankle it has a slight resemblance to

You know house arrest don't worry about it

Don't worry about it

Just walk around keep your feet warm if people start running away from you because they think you're breaking your house arrest

Forget about it. Let's heat up. My warms my cold spaces

card warm space

one spaces

multifunctional electric heating products series these kind of things

Slightly scare me

short-circuited yeah

And yeah, especially putting one like in your shoe like I would advise you guys to never use a product like this

right because these products have potential to

Short-circuit and burn you right

I mean it's enough that we already put phones in our pockets people get burned from phones all the time just because their phones short

Circuits and it heats up

The battery and kaboom this ought to trigger you a bit when a package is like in in this bag, right?

Pretty sure these are like bags to prevent any sort of leakage of

harmful toxic materials

Or maybe it's just an anti-static bag

I don't know. That's it you put the battery in here on your wrist bada-bing bada-boom your ankle. I thought on your leg

It's warming them up, it's definitely warming them up

Yeah, and the other thing that also shakes me up is the fact that you cut this right?

And it feels like right up against here

Right up against there. You could absolutely cut into whatever heating element is in there

No, see yeah, it's only right here, so you can cut out look feel this one

It's all the way out into the into the line

That's right, like I know man

This is a weak heating of dads, I'm gonna just say wasteful. Just because of the safety concerns

The American Red Cross

Blackout buddy h2o water activated emergency light pack of three

This is water activated right so supposedly when water touches it lights up instantly

I would assume so environmentally friendly water activated magnesium oxide battery mah module add water once per day

Wait what oh?

It's water powered

I had water once per day for up to 72 hours of continuous light this light can be powered by

Water for up to three days well, let's put this puppy to the test see if that actually works at the carton

Alright, let's test this puppy out let's see if this will actually work

this is actually good to know for you guys too because I'm sure some of you in areas later what you know and

Here's the thing you want to be prepared always be prepared for anything that may befall you

So let's see let's see so this thing peels off like that

Butterbean bada-boom, and it's water activated so if I dip this in water we're gonna use this product

And we're going to activate it

You see that

Slowly turn it on that's pretty bright. Yeah, I mean

That's I mean no

I mean here's the thing we're in daylight right now

And there's obviously light even coming in through the windows so you can still see it's still providing light

I think I think that's good

I think the these are good and for the price for four bucks a bulb so you could technically have for your entire fan

Let's say you a family of three right you could have a flashlight each one of them for an entire week if you have any

Sort of darkness situation tasteful, I say tasteful link down the description below if you want to prepare yourself

Expand a long breathing Fitness exerciser used by Navy SEALs athletes and cop

Patients best seven-minute exercise to boost endurance the number one choice of the LA Times

Review for athletes and respiratory care patients though there you go this basically

Exercises your lungs it strengthens your lungs. You don't think so no really the Navy SEALs you too, dude

You don't think so let's find out dude


The car hit me



Yeah, I'm sorry. I apologize dude your selfies aren't that bad, so it's just a breathing restrictor all right

So you can turn this this way for for less breathing this way for more breathing alright, Brian

I want you to try it. I already know how these things operate

dude, look at those lip

But your lips are just

Food it tastes so bad I had to get it out

I had to get it out fast wash before using your first time jangan

This thing honestly made me super claustrophobic

That's why that's why turns like

Man that I did I did not like that feeling Francis waits for Charlie the proof

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No blinking covert mini spy camera pen. Oh, it's a spy camera pen for the perverts out there

one button easy use

Okay, the little cameras in there. That's cool. This guy's super happy

Why are they all happy if they're also happy why does he need to spy record anything?

They're all happy maybe he's dead inside, and he wants to yeah. It could be you could be dead inside. She looks dead inside

That's for sure at the car

Okay, so the little camera as you can see right up there. I mean that's pretty discreet. I would say that's yeah

It's pretty discreet. Is there a pen in there. That's the real question cuz if someone's like can I use that pen?

You're gonna be like


Doesn't work while you're carrying around then weird. Oh there. We go. Yeah, it works

I just have a weird like little tip on it to probably prevent

Leakage leakage. Yep pen writes

You know I tried that on my skin. Where's that the SD card right there? Yes?

There's an SD card

Inside it put that in there

Bada-bing bada-boom, and I assume one button operation should be pretty simple right nope not simple. How do you know it's working?

I think these two things right here are supposed to be LEDs or microphones, bro

I'm a true pervert wait no

How is that covert when you have a red light flashing, and it's not very bright

You can really only see it if it's like directly, but now since it's on I press this

Now it's recording now

This I feel like no one would know I was recording if I was recording with this right

So now never see there one more time

You know it's done recording, and then I hold it

I I don't know honestly. The only real way to test. This is to actually take a look at that footage. Oh

That's not what I expected cuz I got it like right off the bat

Got a really creepy vibe because I was like I don't recognize that keyboard

Cuz the keeper that I have on my desk right now is black

So I'm like what am I watching right now that day the ghost?

My I believe you is testing these products to ensure


I think that's what happened so we do know it works

We just don't know how to work it okay, so let's try to get this puppy working one two

Three no I don't think that's recording. Well, maybe it was recording

Okay, are you recording? Now? Are you recording now?

Okay, are you recording now? Are you recovering now? It works. It works

I say tasteful for the perverts

Blaah button features 12 hilarious blah

Phrases The Blob button is simply your best bet to get out of a boring conversation quickly and humorously how internet Sunday

Let's find out what those quotes are Add to Cart

Okay, so that'll end the conversation, I guess right

That doesn't it's not clear enough oh

My gosh that one tickles reminds me Jared did

All right, I can see the use it's a little big

I'm sure you could come up with something a little smaller keeping your pocket

You know oh, I stayed tasteful just for the fart noise - that video right there

That is a video that YouTube things you specifically will enjoy

Will you I don't know YouTube thinks, so I I don't know let's find out click it. See you over there all right high five

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