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An interview on Day Day Up 2019. Look at that soft look and sweet smile on XZ's face when he lifts his head to gaze at WYB. And their eyes locked.

Slowly turning toward each other, hoping the other wouldn't notice. And when they caught each other out, they both shyly turn away and smile.

XZ was the one who turned away first because he was shy, while WYB fixed his gaze on him.

Look at their sweet sweet smiles. They are too adorable here during The Untamed press conference in Thailand September 2019.

This time we are in Nanjing fan meeting in November 2019. WYB turning toward XZ offering him a soft smile. XZ softly smiled back.

One has a satisfied smile. One has a shy smile. Both so sweet.

They were so happy during Happy Camp. The radiant smile on their faces as their eyes meet, show how happy they are.

This was during one of the games in Happy Camp.

Tencent Award Night 2019. That soft smile on XZ face as he glances at WYB.

WYB must be shy since he put his face down.

Recording Wuji, The Untamed ost, together in the studio. Eyes gazing at each other while singing.

The host asks whether XZ felt any emotion when filming the Golden Core scene.

Both reacted by turning to look a each other, and when their eyes meet, they shyly look away and shake their heads.

Like a magnet, their eyes find each other again and they both smile.

Laughing, smiling and having fun while recording the song.

Watch this scene closely. Pay attention to WYB's left hand.

He's rearranging his cards. He slowly turns to XZ, waiting to catch his attention.

There! Did you see that? Pause if you must. Did WYB make a finger heart while gazing softly at XZ? You tell me.

Whether XZ saw the finger heart or the names on the card, it sure made him shy. Observe that shy smile on his face and that smug satisfied look on WYB's face.

The lovely Tencent Award Night again, busy in their own world, chatting away at each other without a care for the cameras or anyone around them.

The smiles when they chat to each other says it all. They look to be very comfortable in each other's presence.

Still watching the video of themselves in Day Day up from back in 2017 when they first met.

More sweet smiles during Happy Camp 2019.

Teasing each other during the Sina interview.

Look at XZ's pose. Leaning back against his chair, resting on one arm, while fixing his gaze on WYB with that soft radiant smile on his face. WYB was trying his best to hide his shy face behind the microphone.

They were dancing together during Happy Camp. XZ looking all shy with that slight smile on his face.

More sweet smile and shining eyes.

Tencent interview during their first fan meeting. WYB said if the reporters keep silent, they'll leave. XZ reacted by saying WOW! Then they both just lost themselves and smiled at each other like kids.

Look at them, in their own world again, while laughing, joking, smiling, with lights in their eyes.

Distance apart but the eyes and smiles never fade. Nanjing concert in November 2019.

While the other cast were busy striking poses for the camera, XZ and WYB constantly make eye contact from across the stage, with those soft eyes and beautiful smile on their faces.

XZ even nodding his head at WYB with that signature grin on his face.

The host asked them to describe the summer they filmed 'The Untamed,' using 3 words/phrase. XZ said "Burning hot." WYB, after thinking for a while said, "With all my true feelings and emotion."

XZ couldn't believe this. It was almost like WYB was confessing his feelings during that summer. XZ shyly bent forward and covered his mouth to hide his happiness.

Their third word/phrase was 'unforgettable.'

They were singing about sorting out garbage, so why are they smiling at each other so fondly?

Their eyes, their smiles. They were so happy that day.

What do you think is the meaning behind WYB phrase when he said, 'with all my true feelings and emotion,' and XZ's phrase 'burning hot.' Is he referring to the hot summer or something else? And then there's their third word/phrase 'unforgettable.'

Write down your opinion in the comment section below. We love to hear your thoughts.

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