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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Heal Emotional Wounds Empathically

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If you've ever wondered how you can heal your emotional wounds, this video is for

you. For the best empowerment tips that help you live your soul purpose every

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notified when I upload new content every Wednesday. Hi Beloveds! My name is Tamalla

Mallet, your Empowerment Partner, and I've worked over 1200 hours directly with

individuals to help them shift, clear, release, and heal emotional wounds,

patterns, paradigms, and co-dependencies, and I can help you too. So here are the

simple steps that you can go through to help you heal emotional wounds. Step 1:

Acknowledge that the emotional wound exists, and this seems really simple,

right, but this is the primary place that people get stuck, they refuse to

acknowledge. They allow themselves to ignore what they're actually feeling, or

thinking, or experiencing because it's too upsetting. There may be some trauma

around it, it may be uncomfortable for them, and so step one has to be

acknowledging that the emotional wound exists. To do that, all you have to do is

drop into your Heart Space, and I will link a video at the end that shows you

how to drop into that Heart Space if you have not done that before,

but you drop into your Heart Space, and you acknowledge this wound, you

acknowledge this feeling that you have that feels like a wound. It may be a

scar, it may be an open wound, it may be an

infected wound, it could be any of those ranges, but acknowledging that it

exist is the first step in this process. Now, step two, while

you're still in this Heart Space, acknowledge that it has been useful for

you, and I want to stop right here, because if you are still being triggered

by this particular emotional response, you may get triggered by me telling you

that it has been useful for you, and I want you to understand that you need to

take a couple of deep breaths and open to the possibility that the

experience has brought something into your life that has made you stronger, has

made you more educated, or more intellectual about the experience, that

has made you understand the human relationships differently, that has

allowed you to have a different life experience that you would not have had

otherwise. And what we're looking for are the

positive aspects of that different life. So take a few moments, take as long as

you need in this Heart Space, and you may want to journal around this. Acknowledge,

write everything that you need to write down to acknowledge that it exists, write

down everything that you need to write down to acknowledge that you have some

changes in your life experiences because this thing was in your life experience,

and when you have done the second step, we'll move on to step three. Step three

is to thank it for its service. So you've acknowledged that it exists, you

acknowledge that it has been useful in your life, and now you're going to thank

it, and give it real genuine gratitude. And this is likely to come with a great

deal of emotion, because emotion for us, we

hold it in our bodies, we hold it in our emotional energy field, and it stays

there until it has the opportunity to be expressed in a positive way.

And so as you're making this acknowledgement that it's there, this

acknowledgement that it has been useful for you, and the acknowledgement that

you're grateful for it, the feelings of gratitude, the feelings that need to be

released around this process, whatever it was for you, have the opportunity to go

and leave your experience and that is one of the most powerful parts of this

process is really offering gratitude to this experience. But you cannot offer

genuine gratitude until you've thoroughly done the first two steps, so

you can't shortcut any of this. Comment below and let me know how you feel about

thanking this for being part of your experience. Let me know how it feels to

offer this experience gratitude. Now that you've moved through the first three

steps, now you get to really shift into the releasing mechanism. You've

acknowledged it, it's been heard, you have appreciated what is different in your

life, and you have offered it gratitude for the changes that you have

experienced, and now we're actually going to release. So step four is the, "I don't

need you anymore, goodbye" step. So now it's time to accept the healing around

this particular emotional wound. So you have acknowledged that it exists, you

have acknowledged that it was useful, you've offered gratitude for how your

life is different because of it, and now we are going to do the, "I don't need you

anymore, goodbye," and so what you do is you call this

experience into this Heart Space, and you have already acknowledged it, you've

listened to it, you've journaled around it, potentially you have journaled around

how it was useful in your experience, you have offered it gratitude for how your

life is different in a deep and meaningful way, and now you can say, "I

understand why you are here, I acknowledge that, I get the message now,

and I don't need you anymore. Goodbye," and as you are saying, "I don't

need you anymore," it's really important for you to mean it, and it's really

important for you to offer yourself some kind of ritual that can be a

visualization of it leaving and being carried in the arms of the Angels.

It could be dumping it on a cloud, it could be seeing it dissolve and

dissipate, it could be seeing it filter into the Earth to be absorbed, it can be

anything that is appropriate for you, but it is important for you to see it, feel

it, sense it in some way, shape, or form that it is no longer part of your

experience. Because you are literally letting this go, and in the letting it go,

you have to have some kind of third- dimensional visceral experience of that,

so don't skip this step. Step five is to allow yourself to believe that you

really have let this go. That's why step four is so important for

you to have that visceral experience. If you don't have the experience and the

feeling in your physical body, in your mental body, in your emotional body that

you really have let this go, then it's going to continue to stay in your energy

field, and so you want to do the actual releasing

and letting go, and then you want to give yourself the belief, the understanding,

the wisdom, and the knowledge, that it is no longer part of who you are anymore.

From this moment on it doesn't exist for you. Step six is going to help us embody

more of what that releasing means, so we believe that it is no longer part of our

experience, so now we need to go into that Heart Space and say, "How do I feel

differently now that this is not part of who I am?" and you're going to journal

around this. And there's going to be lots of opportunities for you to go back into

those old paradigms, those old perspectives, those old patterns, and

instead you want to go, "Nope, that doesn't exist for me anymore. This is who

I am now, and how does it feel to be this person without all of that?" and you want

to write it down, because it's going to be really really important for you to go

back and visit how it feels now not to have this in your experience, and we're

going to talk about why in the next step. Step seven is to commit to your mental

and emotional discipline around this really being gone, and that's why you

want to have it written down how it feels, so that you can come back to it

when you forget, because, remember, as humans, we are creatures of habit, right?

We have these patterns that we do over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and

most of them are subconscious or unconscious, and we forget, we ignore, we

don't pay attention, and this process of healing an emotional wound is at least

21 days of your mental and emotional discipline, because science has proven it

takes us up to 21 days to create a new habit, and what you're going to be doing

is you're going to be creating a new habit of

thinking a new habit, of feeling you're not going to go back into those old

thoughts and emotions that were attached to that emotional wound.

Those thoughts and emotions are still going to be there, because it is the

pattern of your thoughts and emotional processes, and so what you're doing is

you're reprogramming your thoughts and emotions to believe that it's no longer

part of your life. And so some people say, "Well, I'm brain-washing myself."

We brainwash ourselves all the time. Everything we think and everything we

feel is something we have accepted as True for us, and in order for us to

change what is True for us, we have to go through all of these seven steps. We have

to acknowledge it exists, we have to acknowledge it was useful, we have to

offer a thank-you, our gratitude, to it for how our life is different without it,

then we have to shift into releasing it and doing the, "I don't need you anymore,

thank you, goodbye.," and then moving into our personal responsibility of making

sure that we believe that it doesn't exist for us anymore, that we have

feelings we can feel what it feels like to not have it in our experience anymore,

and then we need to change our thoughts and emotions, because it doesn't exist

for us anymore. And when we do these seven steps, that is how we change our

lives, that is how we change our experience, it's how we change our

emotions, how we change our thoughts, is how we heal our past and we move towards

our future. It is the fundamental way that the Law of Attraction helps us move

from wounding into liberation, and it helps, and it works a hundred percent of

the time. I've used this with more than 1,500 clients, I've had 1200 direct

sessions with individuals where we have use these techniques in one way or

another so that we can clear and release these without having to do 15 years of

therapy to get through. It's not needed anymore. As we're moving towards the idea

of the Fifth dimension, where we are in Devine Sacred Partnership and Divine

Union, where all beings are equal, we are being called to clear out everything

that no longer serves us, and so in couples counseling, in individual

counseling, and group counseling, all of these different types of patterns come

up no matter what we're working on. We could be working on relationships, on

money, on our sex life, on our safety, on our emotional boundaries, on working with

the people in the real world when we're empaths, on anything. This technique is

used for every single feeling, emotional wound, that you have. Now, it also

translates and can be used for mental patterns, or mental wounds, that you have

as well, so let me know in the comments if this has been useful. Also make sure

that you check out the Love Warrior Prayer, and I'll put that in the

description below, because it is a really powerful prayer that we can use to

impact the bigger emotional wounds, the more impactful emotional wounds, and it

also is a step- through process that will help you be able to pray in the most

empowered way, where you can offer the- I don't want to say, "correct"- but the more

aligned energies to what it is that you want to have in your personal life, and

your family life, in your career, in your government, and your communities on the

planet, and so make sure you download in the description. Also, if you want more

empowerment tips, join the Facebook group at Your Empowerment Party, and I'll also

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