Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Я решила УЧИТЬСЯ КАК КУКЛА LOL! Школа кукол ЛОЛ - Back to School!

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So, in camp was... better not to remember!!! On sea was, this the best summer! Now we need to throw the most awesome pajama party!

Invite all girls! What's that?

This is for the first of September! Pack your briefcase, school tomorrow! And not any parties!!! Get ready for school!

But... you're kidding!!!

Damn it! I've been in the garden all summer!!! Dug potatoes, then the cabbage! And you... from us to the sea and dumped there by that time!!! Yes?

Juliana leave her alone! Don't you see? She's shocked!

What am I doing in this ruin? Why aren't we at our prestigious school?

Don't worry! Everything will be fine!



Is this a joke? Daniel!

Hi Ksenia!


What? What's that supposed to mean? Maybe it's no coincidence we were transferred two days before school? Come here, we need to talk!

I don't know!!! What are you talking about?

How about we sign the new guys?

I think it's worth the wait!

It's complete...

And so we begin our lesson! Please open your textbooks!

So kids, it's lunchtime! But since our school has not yet finished the repair and the dining room does not work! So eat here in class!

Bon appetit, and I went to the cafe!

I don't understand! What are we eating here?

Here you go! I got you lunch!

Damn it! I forgot my lunch box! Pancake...

Ksyusha! Here, take mine! Best doughnut in town!

Thanks! What about you?

I have more!

So stop! Is that what I thought?


So we're here because of this girl?


So! There mother I put? It can't be!!!

Oh Fig!!!

Damn it! How did he get here?


What are you doing here?

I came to congratulate my daughter on the first of September!


Yes! I have three wishes! Forgot?

How can you forget that?!! After school!

No! Now!

Why now?

I'm bored! Behold...

It's truth serum! Add it... Ksyusha! Let's have fun!

Yeah! Now!!!

You owe me a wish! You can not break! You know!

Are you sure it's truth serum? Shall I drink?

No! Let's Ksenia! Yes well you! Nothing will happen to her! But I'll have fun, and she'll tell the truth, that's all!

Damn it! Look! If you cheat... flush it!

What are you? I'm different! Honestly, honestly!

Okay, now!

Ulyana give! Eat your food!

Didn't they teach you to share with your friends?

Didn't they teach you not to steal without asking? If I share with you, I won't get anything, I know you!!!

Juliana drop, let go! You're already stunned?


What's that?

So! What was that? Lively talk!

I can't hear you... hard to hear!

Where you going?


Alena! Food give!!!

No! She... bad!

What? What's wrong with you two? One ate half! The other one threw away half!

You are... I care about you!

To starve me to death?

No! You are... plumper over the summer!

What the damn!!! What did you just say? Come here!

Class sit down! The lesson starts!

Consider yourself lucky that the lesson has started!

As always! You set me up!!! What's up?

So the equation for the addition! Plus " X "equals " B"! Or " X "plus" A "equals " B"?

To find an unknown summand, it is necessary to calculate the known summand from the sum!

My stomach hurts! Probably the doughnut was not fresh!!!

Something stomach got sick again!


Mom Baldi! Can I leave?

Yes, Ksenia! Quick and quiet!

And so write the equation!

"X" minus " A "equals " B"!

Damn it!

Dress? I remember that was different!!! Where is it?

Why did you change?

I don't know!

Write with no distractions!

What? Where is this?

What's that?

What's going on?

You look great!

Really? Dressed like a clown! What's beautiful about that?

When do you have time to change?


That Oh? You definitely know something!


So! Now I'll bring the textbooks and we'll continue the lesson!

Tell me what...

What was that?

Danielle help me, now!

Go sister!

Get up!

No! Xenia?


Ksenia, why are you silent? Ksenia don't scare me like that!

Hi guys!

Ksenia, are you feeling all right?

I feel better than ever!


No! Now I LOL! Xenia LOL!


What music?


I understand! You Ksenia!

No! I'm a She LOL!

Funny! Let's try again? You...

Juliana good!

But damn! Xenia first!

Susie is no more! There is only Xenia LOL!

So! Good joking! Take off your wig!

They're real!!!

It hurt! Now my turn!


No! Let's have fun!

I haven't finished playing yet!

Xenia no!


No! We're at school!

Keep that crazy! While she's here everyone's hair is not pulled out!

Damn, it's real Xenia! Only she looks like a doll LOL! Alice LOL!

She's really weird!

Right, I need a girlfriend and you'll do!


Look into my eyes!


Damn it! What is this dress? Tie and glasses?

Soon you will all become LOL!


Here's a start for school LOL! It will be a big and cool series of issues about the school!

You will see a lot of interesting and unusual!

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You were Ksenia Makarova and my friends Juliana, Lisa, Danielle, Alena! In the meantime! All love! All the while

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