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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: STILLE POST - Sketch

Difficulty: 0

JAN: Broken drums are unbeatable? ...

JAN: Alright. It's my turn now!

SARA: Hey guys!

SARA: Anything I missed?


CONRAD: That's her... isn't it?

JAN: Yes.

CONRAD: Anything you would like to tell her? ;)

JAN: Alright, let us begin!

CONRAD: You don't know how this game works, do you?

SARA: What?!

SARA: I'm not fat!

CONRAD: ...she doesn't know either ;)

What does "collision" mean?


JAN: Not even funny!

SARA (off): Hey guys!

*Conrad is looking somewhere else...* #conradmanofhonor

DIRECTOR: What are you looking for?!

SARA: What?!

*DIRECTOR ironically imitates the missing dialogue*

JAN: Time-out! There are


walking though the frame!

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