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Vlog #199

I'm going out with (Abdullah) for what?

What is happening tomorrow?

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty, What's up? Hopefully doing good

We miss you and it's been a while since last time we went out

- How long, 7 months? - More ...

Of course more, what do you mean by 6 months darling?

- It's been a year ... - How long? A year what?

A year what?

No worries, Today's we'll have a night hangout, Barbecue, talks and so on, right?


But before we start ...

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these are our stuff, it will be a simple hangout!

Grill, and ...

What's it called? Chicken

- Nuts and stuff .. - Yeah, Most of all, nuts ...

And we'll make tea ...

Of course, the journey members, (Saud)


- (Abdullah) - (Abdul-rahman)

- Alright ... - Will you distribute the tasks or what?

- Does each one have a mission? - not quite ...

Most of the things will be done by you !

So that's the system then?

Home is still close, you know ...

Wait, look ...

This is not a picnic, but a night hangout

As we say you change the weather, as in the night it gets better ...

Not a lot, but it gets a bit fresher ...

So it's an opportunity to grill and to change the vibes...

- It's been a while since we went out ... - Let's go!

Alright, we arrived to a beautiful place ...

It's close to home but it's dark , as you can see this is our lamp!

Plug it in, (Abdullah)

Harder ...

Plug it harder ..

Start the car's engine!

- Yes - Oh god!

Alright guys ...

But put it down!

Wait, I'll give them an information from this platform

Somebody here forgot the rice!

Of course, it's not an important information!

Oh (Saad), You forgot the rice!

If we didn't have this, it would be so dark!

There is no moon or anything Today?

- Just ...

- I bring our stuff? - Yes, bring our stuff!

Welcome, here are the drinks...

Oh god, Alright!

Today we party here, right?

- Today ... - With the moon !

Which moon?

Good job!

- Where is the blanket? - We have it!

All of us are putting ice? What's that?

One puts the blanket and one ... move!

Come on, Help me put the blanket!

- Come on (Dahum) - I know that (Dahum) is the best in this kind of stuff..

- In this kind of stuff? - In blankets...

And I'm the best in grill...

We'll see ... You think you're just filming and we're not paying attention ?

And I'll also zoom in on you!

The grilling is on you!

Yeah, I'm ...

Sometimes, one regrets ...

Enlarge it ... it's still big ...

** Incomprehensible **

This is group of men's blanket!

It's big, enlarge it from your side!

And this is the grill!

- This is your tool, you're going to grill, ha? - Ha?

- God willing .. - Insh'Allah

Alright, after finishing the set up

Look, who follows me in (Snapchat)

You'll see my Snap with (Abdullah) on the screen

- Wait, Wait .. - Hold on, Hold on ...

I went out with (Abdullah) to do shopping for this hangout

As you could see in (Snapchat)

- And what did (Abdullah) say? - It's on your own responsibility

Which means it's none of our business us three!

- Which means if it's not red from the inside ... - One minute ...

It's .. listen ... It will be red!

And I bet you it's red!

- So you say it's red - I do

- And you? - Red

- Red or ... - A watermerlon red with a bit of white ...

- And you? - With a bit of mosaic ...

It will be pinkish

(Dahum) and I say it's red

Okay? (Abdullah), film!

One, two .. look!

Bring the camera to my side!

In the name of Allah!

It's gonna be red!


- Red .. - It's pink!

(Saad) And (Abdullah) were right!

Pink with a little bit white ...

- It's fine, what matters is the taste! - What matters is the taste!

It can be sugar sweet, you sugar!

It can be honey sweet, you honey!

- We put ice as you can see here!

This night hangout is really cool!

- The most beautiful thing one can do is go out now - Whose idea was it?

- It's my idea of course - Yeah right (Sarcastic) ...

Of course, I'm making a snap meanwhile ...

- You ready guys? - Let's go!

In the name of god, We'll try the watermelon

- It was (Saud's) choice... - With the ice ..

- It's your choice, ha? - Do we let it cool for a while?

Honestly, It's a bit cold ...

Give me the biggest piece, guys ...

- Great - It's good!

- Sugar sweet! - Sugar sweet!

It's fine, but no!

- How are you doing? - Praise be to God!

- All good? - Praise be to God!

Of course we're close from home but ...

- Here's our material .. - I got tired ...

It's been a year since you're putting coal

Hurry up, we're hungry!

I didn't eat anything just so ...

- Let's give them 2 more minutes ... - 2 minutes? You only need to collaborate!


Didn't you miss these kind of hangouts?

- No, I actually did - A lot or just a bit?


But hopefully, we buy a car bro ...

Bro, we need a Raptor ...

- Raptor what? - I don't know I heard it ...

- Did you hear that (Abdullah)? He says we buy a Raptor...

No, no, Which Raptor?

I heard about it and ...

- We heard ... - What are you doing?

- What are you doing? - Do you want us to grill or to starve?

If you want us to grill, be patient!

- What did you say? - Why is he breaking the coal?

- Is it me or him ... - One moment, he means to make noise!

Because you ..

You said you want to sit down, then sit down!

Keep going, Keep going!

He really bothered us!

So we need a car, hopefully god blesses!

I really want a .. Something that looks like ....

- (Shass) - No, not that ...

- "Sebarado" - Yeah, the one with a wide rear

The followers decide in the comments section ...

If god bless us, which car should I buy?

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And (Saad) Started to work ...

Masha'Allah, this looks ...

- There are big pieces that I just took out ... - Of coal?

And here ...

If you want to grill on my cheek, the meat can cook as well!

- Why .. - Don't you know why? It's so hot!

Yeah, It's really hot ... put the grid (Abdullah)

Masha'Allah, (Dahum) is putting the plastic on ...

Set it up and put dishes ...

Some people call it Plastic, We call it ...

And the drinks .. I filmed it Yesterday in (Snapchat)

No worries, No worries!

Will you put the meat?

- If you're ready I can put it - Yes we are ready!

I'll film you while you put them, there's a good lighting here!

We apologize guys, it's a bit dark in here today!

- One moment ... - Huh?

- Oh yeah ... ops !

It swtiched off!

The lamp was swtiched off!

Turn it on, from the inside!

I'm afraid the car battery is exhausted!

I knew it, I just didn't want to say it out loud!

Yes man, good job!

Let's go, the first piece!

Oh wow!

- What's up? - We put it, give me the second one!

You scared me, I thought you burned yourself ...

Let's put the second one!

Oh wow!

This one is frozen, But it's fine!

Alright, put them closer to one another so you'll make space for the rest !

- What's wrong with you? - It's so hot!

The smell ...


- The smell of grill - This chicken is smoked, right?

- Yes! - I trust this one!

- I say this one is better! - I bet on this one!

- This is our grill! - I say ...

The meat steak is left, right?

- (Abdullah) Steak will be the best! - I bet on this one!

And here's our ready set up, but let's see the guys ...

Look, I'll say it from now ..

Simplicity, ha? Rural!

If something will burn, It will be just rural!

But, the work looks promising!

The work looks promising!

- Tell me good news! - Hopefully it will be good!

Bring it here, Come on!

Bring it here bro!

Look at our table, the most important thing is simplicity!

- Come on guys! - I put all the meat on the unburned side, you know!

I know you burned it!

No, no it's just a nice grill!

Bring it here, let's see, come here!

Let's see!

This one is real grilled!

- Let me give you this one! - Really nice work!

Let me give you this one!

Oh wow!

Just one, Just one!

Alright ...

I want one from the smoked chicken, and one like that!

Here's the smoked one, Give me the dish!

Oh god, god, god!

And this is some Humus that we brought!

Open (Dahum) ... oh god!

- I swear .. - Look at the simplicity!

The most important things are simplicity and patience!

- Here's the smoked one .. - Alright, take this one!

Great, One from this and one from that!

Come on (Saad), Come here!

Give me a dish to put more!

He got mad!

- And here we finished grilling - Come on, sit down!

Of course, we need to heat the bread!

Oh god, the professionalism

- It's enough, ha? - Yes, It's so hot!

- Take this one! _ Take it, (Dahum)!

This one's mine!

- The steak is left! - Leave it on grill!

(Abdullah) prepares the steak, it's none of my business!

Let's put the steak!

Oh god, it's the most expensive piece, right,

Yes, the most expensive one!

I congratulate you (Saad) and (Abdullah)

- Thank you! - Nice work, honestly!

But I told you, simplicity, right?

Can you zoom in?

- Eat it, just eat it! - The zoom didn't work?

Look, with the Hummus...

Then a bit of Ketchup ...

Let's see how it tastes ... In the name of god ...

I'll only take some Hummus... in the name of god!

The steak is ready!

Oh god!

Come on (Abdullah), cut it!

Each one gets a piece!

Oh god!

- I congratulate you! - "Full done" or I don't know what they call it!

"Full done", What is that?

But it's really good!

Look at the juice!

- It's really good! - I congratulate you (Abdullah) for the steak!

- What your story bro? - I mean, the chicken is great!

- Yeah ... - Don't worry!

I mean, the steak is better!

Let me try the steak bro ...

Thanks god, we are full

- And now it's tea time! - Relaxation time!

We'll leave it here

The water will boil and then I'll make you a tea ...

- You think this fire will be enough? - Yes

Cinder tea, right? - Cinder tea!

But why don't you take the grid away and leave it on cinder?

Leave it there, do you have things to do?

- Yes - What is it?

- To go to sleep! - What do you mean, it's 9 PM

In the name of god ... tea is almost ready guys!

- Almost ready? - Yeah, but let's leave it on fire ...

Oh god!

That's what we call tea on cinder!

(Saud), Masha'Allah brother!

- The tea sponsor - The tea sponsor, the experience!

"The experience"

Bring it here!

Leave it there!

- It makes noise? - Yes!

Make it a bit further ...

It's shaking ...

In the name of god, tea's ready guys !

Oh wow!

God ... The color looks promising!

Just like the watermelon's color!

Oh god!

Look at the moon too!

No, It didn't come up, here's our moon!

- Who wants some? - That's a nice one!

That's a nice one!

- One moment ... - There's also cake ...

- Is it clear? - Yes

Cake, tea ..

And the beautiful vibes ... in the name of god!

We need more darkness, turn it off!

- One, two ... - Oh god!

Now, one should relax!

Oh god, tea and cake ...

Of course, the last thing ...

is to take garbage...

We take our stuff from the ground ...

Good work, (Dahum)

I hope you enjoyed this vlog, simple and quick one !

We shared our day with you!

Insh'Allah, don't forget the like button

We're close from 6M, Thank you!

There's only 100K left ..

Less than that, there are 99.9K

We see you in the next vlog, thank you for watching !

- And ... - Goodbye!

Wait for our next vlog!

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