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Hi everyone, this is Aleks Penkova here in the Southampton office of Douglas Elliman

Real Estate on a rainy day. As we will all be spending more time indoors as opposed to

the gorgeous outdoors we enjoy all summer long, especially us in the Hamptons, I thought

it would be helpful to share a few tips about how to make the spaces we occupy in the fall

and winter months a little bit healthier and better for our productivity and well-being.

The first one is to bring some of the outdoors and nature indoors. There are some great indoor

plants that help remove toxins from the air. A couple of examples are the bamboo palm and

the spider plant. Another way to clean up the air is by adding an air purifier to your

home. It helps clean the indoor pollutants and chemicals. Also, it is very helpful to

have a dehumidifier and keep the humidity at about 40-50%. That is on the one hand about

the air. And another tip when it comes to our circadian rhythms and how we respond to

the change of darkness outside and the hours, and how we adapt to that, is to have your

own little circadian lightning regime and strategy is having lighter bulbs in the living

room and dimmer lights in the bedroom just to help you adjust to whatever season we are

in, as we will be changing quite a bit in the next couple of months. If you have any

tips and any helpful advice for all of us here, please share below in the comments.

I will be very happy to hear it.

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