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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TEACHER'S TYPICAL DAY AFTER WORK

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hi guys welcome to my livestream

everyone so I just finished work so I am

still here in my classroom right now so

yeah guys so I hope you're gonna enjoy

what shape I'm gonna walk now going home

right now carry one bag yes guys I use

that for the quality of this dream is

that's really good

yes this is what I do up there brick

let's turn off the light

yeah there you are clear I mean the

quality of this really cool device

JPJ I hope you can see the camera I mean

I hope it's clear everyone I hope

everyone you gonna let me know if the

quality of this stream is actually good

or not those guys just a moment guys me


okay because I'm going out of the gate

right now so yeah I'm gonna do like

looking t-shirt is walking for now guys

Ellie I hope you guys will understand



JPJ is the camera clear yes guys I'm

going out now

it's gold guys my god

let's take a look

take a look the same direction everybody

so I want to show you that area of your

bear look at the leaves everyone all the

leaves have fallen


look at that guys look at the trees

trees are almost bald Dumbo Judas a bomb

yeah let's go now guys I still was told

Oh reasoning guys


sorry guys the shaking guys because yep

oh it's freezing everyone I hope you

guys can see this Oh a wonderful it is

look but the leaves all the leaves have

fallen does


all guys it's called my gosh

my hands my hand is shaking holding the

camera because I feel cold

whoever is there please let me know if

the quality of the stream is clear or

not because I'm not sure with my data I

mean the data of my phone I'm not sure

how it is now so I think I think I'm

gonna drop by

and I'm not even sure oh my god is

freezing well let's just go back there I

want to freezing guys I'm going back

there because uh is there hello Misha

hello sobrang Lambie by legend goes

yes it's very cold now I wish I can you

see my camera clearly is it here so yes


it's freezing cold and I didn't close my

I should close them

we proposed it but it should be okay

Subramani yes of emblem

these rupees porn families is the camera

clear or not the thing is not clear

blurred oh my god this is a waste of

time so I'm gonna end my stream hello

finally I said


oh my god if it's not clear guys I'm

gonna end the stream I think what do you

think everyone we've got all the leaves

here guys

my nose is getting red of course is very

cool this freezing you see blurred

co-hosts oh my gosh death dragon hello

that struggle

it's blurry oh my god it's a waste

now I would just end the screen right


it's not clear oh my gosh

this is my detail guy

because you know what date is it it's a

14 yes so during this time the data is

not really that good enough

Ruby's boring family please take a rest

yes guys I will just


guys thank you so much for coming

there's the old freezing I wish you

could see that said naman a better

connection yes guys I will just end this

room okay

and I'm gonna take a video bye everyone

bye sorry guys I hope to see you later

at my swimming bye bye bye bye everyone