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- [Mom] This is the start of our freezer cooking day.

I have about seven or eight loaves of bread from the freezer

that are out defrosting a little bit.

We're gonna do the freezer PB&Js with those, and then.

- I want a bagel.

- [Mom] And Amelia's requested a bagel,

even though you just had two yogurts and a pear.

You need a bagel now, right?

Serious face, okay.

And I have more hamburger meat cooking

for our burritos.

- I want a bagel!

- [Mom] Go get you a pear.

Go get you a pear.

And on the table,

we have the beginnings of about six pounds of cheese

that's gonna be shredded,

and items to make muffins,

freezer burritos and some freezer PB&Js.

And Zion is hard at work,

reading his Minecraft book at the moment.

Very cool.

Hey, baby.

- Hi.

- [Mom] What's up?

Oop, go the other way.

Grating away on the cheese.

Are those good blueberries, Amelia?

They good?

Yeah, good.

- And made for Mommy!

- [Mom] You are doing meat and beans for Mommy.

Liam is working on putting refried beans

into the cooked ground beef,

and Jaden is working on grating

a gazillion pounds of cheese.

That's good for his forearms.

And Zion is working on a peanut butter

and jelly assembly line.

Good job, Liam.

We've got about four more pounds

of ground beef cooking on the stove.

And we're gonna use that for our burritos.

- This gots a mess.

- [Mom] There is a towel, you know.

Towel on the chair, man.


Who needs a towel?

So we have our assembly line in the works.

Gabie's working on the beef and beans right now.

Jaden is still grating that cheese,

but there's hope, isn't there, Jadie?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Mom] Hope at the end of the tunnel.

Liam is putting muffin papers in.

Naomi is pouring in muffin mix.

And Miss Amelia is assisting.

Right, Amelia?

You eating your sammy?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Mom] Mm-hmm

(Liam attempting to talk with peanut butter in his mouth)

And you're eating your sammy, too.

That's right.

That's part of.

- I'm messed, too.

- [Mom] Aw, Gabie, you need a break now?


- Well, I'm out of mix.

- [Mom] We'll make some more.

You can be done for now.

You can be done.

- I wanna do the muffins.

- [Mom] You will do the muffins next.

We have to make more mix.

See, Naomi's scraped the bowl clear.

So, okay, here's the next choice.

We have strawberry cheesecake muffins,

blueberry muffins, or mixed berry.

I think we also have some apple cinnamon.

We're gonna make them all,

but what type should we do next?

- That's not good enough.

I'll make it a small, tiny little bit more.

- [Mom] Maybe add that to another one,

to make it just a little bigger.

Use some of the strawberry.

Okay, Gabriel.

- It'll take us out of order,

and I don't want these.

- [Mom] No, just hold on.

We'll rinse the bowl in a minute.

Gabriel, what kind of muffins

would you like to make next?

- Chocolate chip.

- [Mom] Okay.

Well, we just made those, actually.

That's what I was spraying, yo.

We made all the chocolate chip.

- What's on the picture?

- [Mom] There's blueberry.

- Blueberry.

- Okay.

All righty, so little chickadees are working

on having beef and bean and cheese burritos for lunch,

and we have started our assembly line

for making a whole lot of beef and bean

and cheese burritos for the freezer.

Are you counting those, Gabriel?

And Zion is still working on the peanut butter

and jelly assembly line.

And Amelia's still fussing.

She's having a fussy day,

but it's hard when Mommy's running around cooking.

- I do the eenie, meenie, miney mo.

- Is that what you're doing?

- 'Cause there's not enough in 'em.

- [Mom] We'll make a little more.

- In the, how they would.

- Hi. - Hi.

How they would,

how they would break a rule

is somebody would report the thing

that they did to--

- [Mom] I don't know.

I don't know where Gabie went.

- I'll do the rest.

- [Mom] That's fine.

I'll get us some more in a minute.

I just wanted to get a little update

on where we are so far.

So we have a whole lotta lotta PB&Js

and a whole lotta lotta burritos,

and a whole lotta lotta cute baby and Zion.

Whatcha think, Daniel?

- Same thing. - Same thing.

Yeah, whole lotta lotta.

Yeah, we getting some muffins in the oven now.

What you're gonna do,

check the bag and see if there's any more

strawberry cheesecake muffin mixes.

Check the bag on the floor, Gabie,

and I'm gonna rinse this bowl.

- [Gabe] This one?

- [Mom] And you're gonna have a turn mixing muffins.

- [Gabe] This?

- Let me see the picture.

That's a mixed berry.

Look for one.

There you go.

Good job.

Whoop, that's all.

Okay, you do this one,

and I'll get the milk ready for ya.

So we have one, two.

(milk gurgling)

- Oops. - That's okay.

Okay, Gabie.

Big fat thing.

Mommy's gonna help you here.

- Can I do it?

- Mm-hmm.

There you go.

Okay, so now when you stir,

here's what I want you to do.

I want you to hold it with one hand,

and then it might be easier to start

to use this wooden spoon.

Okay, there you go.

And then keep the spoon in the bowl.

- Okay.

- And I'll be the trash lady.

Did you get some of cute baby Daniel, baby?

He's checking out that PB&J, saying,

hey, what's going on there?

I might need to look further into that.

- [Gabe] Do I do it like this?

- Yeah, keep stirring it, mm-hmm.

Do big stirs.

Look at Gabie stirring, Jaden.

Big stirs.

I'm gonna let go in a minute,

but I'm showing you,

I'm helping you get it off the sides, okay?

Okay, there you go.

But remember, we were just doing the big,

do some big ones there.

Big and slow, big and slow.

Good job, Gabie.

- This one, or this one?

- Yep, and you want your spoon

to touch the bottom of the bowl.

There you go.

Keep going.

I think we got some sleeve issues going on here too, buddy.


Go like that.

Good job.

- Like this?

- [Mom] Mm-hmm.

Gabie, is that what we were doing?

- It was me, Mom.

- [Mom] And Jaden, I'll show you what I'm doing over here.

As the muffins come out and cool,

I'm putting them in a bag,

and we're just labeling them.

These are blueberry.

Have some more blueberry,

and I'm gonna line 'em up in the freezer,

and then my master plan is

that we'll be able to pull a bag or two

or six from the freezer the night before,

if I know we have a busy breakfast time

the following morning,

and then we'll have muffins for breakfast.

Actually, for our kids,

it would probably be,

these muffins are kinda small.

It'd probably a muffin and a yogurt or something.

(water spraying)

I have not made all this by myself.

Zion made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Blood squirted out of his eyes.

See, his little eye is twitching now,

and Jaden has grated pounds of cheese

and rolled all those burritos,

so this has definitely been a family effort.

I will say, it was definitely stressful

at several points this morning,

while the little kids helped,

because our kitchen's not very big,

table's not very big,

but I still try to take time with them

and give them all turns in making muffins.

Did you like making those muffins, Gabie?

- Maybe.

- Maybe.

Maybe, probably, maybe not?

- Uh, that means I'm not sure,

but I probably was (mumbling).

Hey, be quiet, and get back to work.

- Okay, so I'm making a mountain of muffins here.

(kids yelling in the background)

And you can see we've got a mountain of dishes.

I think we've done, our totals are,

we did about seven dozen variety of muffins.

We did 75 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,

and my eyes are going crossed.

And what'd we do, 50 or 60 beef and cheese burritos?

It must've been 60,

because we took a dozen to have for dinner tonight.

So this was about four hours of freezer cooking for us.

We, of course, the kids aren't gone,

the little kids aren't gone.

We freezer cook right in the middle of daily life,

so we had little kids buzzing in and out to help,

and Jaden and Zion, they're 11 and 14

and they are obviously excellent, excellent helpers.

And I'm a pretty good helper myself,

and things got rolling a little better.

Let's see, it's 3:54.

Probably about 2:00,

once Naomi and Gabriel and Liam

all kind of had their fill of helping

and went off to play,

then Jaden and Zion and I were able

to just kinda hustle through

and have some good conversation,

and get a lot of this stuff finished up,

and you can see, poor muffin tins,

at the end of big baking time.

So I'm gonna take you around now,

and just show you where things

kinda ended up with the freezers.

So this is the refrigerator, the freezer,

in the bottom of our refrigeration here in the kitchen,

and so you can see we've got

a lot of burritos on the top shelf,

and then we've got some more down here on the bottom shelf,

so that's where we've stashed some of those.

And then one of the freezers in the school room,

we've got about five dozen muffins stacked here,

and I have some more cooling on the counter,

and a few more burritos poking from there.

And then, in our other full freezer,

we have the 75 PB&Js all stacked nicely,

for busy days, busy mornings.

(upbeat music)

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