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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sci-Fi Short Film "Mis-Drop" presented by DUST

Difficulty: 0

Can you run welcome thank you miss walking on horse on black fur?

excuse file



down reduce liability exposure down select top and open

That'll save your neck

Now you do know how to get out of this

and the stress

By your chatty one aren't you?


The respiration temperature pulse this first drops up yeah

Not that that's [alright]

Remember to breathe

Is 0-2 you'll be on ship air until we launch then this will get you down, [okay]?

on your first drop

You have this is going to give you a lot of stick don't listen to them now [shit] [took] you all day

Just remember, and you climb inside and in a real fire fight. They're going to be there [alright]. Nah, just

[remember] your training and keep your head down you go on to make a pretty penny

See you on the ground

Robin I'm logging on [acknowledged]

Now you know what those is fine us today. That could be lyman

But now I caught the best yesterday was trying [straight] to the excelsior

[monkey] none about yeah, copy probably won't like non acknowledge

Depend on [Chakras] up with some fucking you be pilot the lovely first lieutenant sugar horrors are powered to spoil

I won't be some

Anyone else think blowjob should be a thunder pre-mission requirement, okay your mom out of a job

[morning], [bike] and down. Hope you're tucked in nice and tight

Capcom says we are go for insertion. [I] got it sir [shit] for you right here, baby

Like I haven't heard that a million times we talked of monkeys

Wants sugar sugar come on baby for so long we come on

You keep saying sugar clear don't drop this over the south pole on our way is [oh]


Okay, girl. You [are] so hard up. [Elita-1] looking last time you got fuck. Oh, why are you offering down?

A billion-year for you to [love] it. Can hey what the fuck [fuck] is going on. What is it camp with can you out there?


Anybody [out] there, sir perfect once we're calling it

But in your life, girl, really, hope now it. Can't you get it get out of there [now]?

[are] exactly

Nozomi how you [have] done me tolerate zachary is just a trick

One hold on no no just turn with the Nevada just [dump] [under] calm

He I'm looking at the [vitals] right now. Don't worry. They rattle all the new fish

No [doubt] [you'll] be doing it on your next row

Select injection. Yeah, make sure you don't call me. You'll get [in] front of the squat

Okay, sorry

This [captcha], but you know

That at some level. I think I'm a maggot. Yeah you guys

[you] got you motherfucker. We got you hey doing this over

Not shit my pants

Well, I've got a flag [Rocky] industries contractor for now your name it soldier. Do well on this mission

Maybe afterwards we'll get a real one

He's gotta prove to us you deserve that bar

My name is Drop Zone braces. That's the [key] [Jackson]

[watch] [E-filing]



Listen Yuka. I mean [3-Dimension] are what is it sighs? Oh?

God, no, I mean last night

Last night was last night. [so] today. You've got to focus on the mission launched seven and eight

Sick to hell the time to bring this up

After the mission I see you. [I] mean check your timing shot

Everybody's going to get back [home] insurance [fun]. So we find it

Come back, okay


Can anyone stop clapping kappa do I look guys stop?

Are we [now]?

is oh

I'll decide today


whoa cool

holy shit compiled


possible penalty for pilot distraction withhold severance payments next to skin for the research required

[plug] plays next file

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