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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10년치 두루마리 휴지를 위해서 초거대 휴지 케이스 만들어버렸습니다! - 허팝 (Giant Toilet Paper Case)

Difficulty: 0

Hey, Heopop here.

Remember what I did last week?

See this thing in front of me right now?

I made a 10 year worth of giant toilet paper

with a hundred rolls!

-Previously- How big will I be able to make the toilet paper?

Lets find out today.

(Making a giant toilet paper out of 100 rolls)

All done!

This giant roll of 100 toilet papers!

When my nose itches and I need to sneeze

My nose is runny for real tho

I can use it in those cases, or even in bathrooms

and it has lots of other uses in our everyday lives.

Its this buddy right here.

However! Since this toilet paper is too big,

I cant carry it around! It keeps falling apart even when I try.

But that doesnt mean I cant let this go to waste!

So today, Im going to make a customized case to hold in the giant toilet paper!

Ill even put wheels on it so I can carry it around wherever I need it to be.

This toilet paper is so soft that it feels like a bed.

Ahhh, feels so good.

So comfy

Shall we start then?

We have the toilet paper right here.

Its bigger than it looks! Its 150cm x 150cm.

Then how big should the case be?

Itll look like this shape.

Its too hard to explain it with a drawing

so Ill attempt to make it right away!!!

Ive got a super big acrylic board ready.

Lets start making it by cutting and connecting these together!

-Let the surgery begin-

I need to cut this part now.

This is a knife used to cut the acrylic board.

Lets cut it with this.

Safety first!※

This isnt working well


This doesnt work that well.

Its taking too much time

(*throws away*)

Its time to bring out the special item!

Its a cutting machine.

Lets use this.

Its not everyday that you cut an acrylic board!

Lets do this!


Ooh this is it!

Oh no!!!

This parts broken.

You see how its cracked and broken here? It must be too strong.

Oh well, no can doIf I dont use this

(cant go home tonight…)

-Re-attempting the bottom part-

(Bottom part complete)

Its cut!!!

Plug out the cord right away

and this will go on the bottom.

This parts all crooked because it was the first try

and as it goes on, its much clearer!

Since the edges are broken off, lets put some tape around.

-Making the sides-

Ooh, now we can connect it like this.

-Making the sides222-

The acrylic is too weak to stand on its own and keeps bending.

Since there needs to be something hard on the bottom,

lets put this under.

Flip this over, take this out

Put the acrylic board here,

take off the plastic

Whoa, its super clean!

Its not done yet, the other side has to be removed as well.

Its super clean.

The acrylic is super transparent with the wrappings off.

Oh, it doesnt make your face brighter tho

Ill attach the sides with the boards I cut out earlier.

I have to stay still like this until it sticks.

I cant moveStay still!


This video is still rolling...

Lets continue

Its transparent.

The camera cant even capture it.

Lets connect this part as well.

Its a bit tricky this time cause theres about 1~2cm of space left.

About the size of a fingerIts a mistake

Ill do my best to make it work.

-Trying to make it work-

Tada! As you can see here,

Ive finished connecting all the walls up.

It looks great!

Now for the top part.

-Working on the top part-

(Done making the top part)

-Making the hinges-


(Marking the screw holes)

-Making a hole for the toilet paper-


-Attaching the wheels-

Its done!

Lets go!

Whoa wait! Somethings not right.

It has three wheels attached right now,

so the sides are all wiggly when its set down.

So, Ive brought four new wheels.

Where is it? Here!

They didnt have the same wheels, so I bought smaller ones.

Im gonna take these ones out and reattach the new wheels


(Wheel test)

(Done with the stand!)

Whoa, see this?

Ill attach these two together now.

Its yet to be attached,

so lets make a hole and put the screw through!

(Done fixing it in place!)

Its strong in place!

Its shining like a diamond, alright.

Whoa! Its now

halfway done

(Save me…)

Please subscribe!

Oh yeah, take a look at the hinge here.

There used to be a sharp nail here but I took it out.

Safety is the number one priority.

Ill change it into the nut and bolt just to be safe.


All I need to do now is just put on the top part!

Help me carry itplease?

All set.

Lets do this!

The moment weve all been waiting for


This is the enormous toilet paper

Toilet paper case!

I havent screwed it in yet.

Lets give it a final touch.

Im finally done!

LLooI cant even talk.

Take a look!

When we close the lid,

this is where the toilet paper comes out.

If we open it up

this is where the toilet paper is gonna be placed.

(thumbs up)

Lets move the roll now.

Put the toilet paper in slowly

A bit more x4 and done!

Weve placed the paper roll onto the acrylic board.

Toilet paper delivery! Lets get going now.

Toilet paper delivery!

Toilet paper delivery~

Slowly from the bottom



Slowly, slowly

Thats it, thats it!

Got it!

It fits in perfectly!

Its perfect x3

I found where the toilet paper starts.

Lets place this in the hole Ive made

and close it up!

Its closing!

Its sealed!

Toilet paper!

Toilet, toilet toilet paper!

ToOoOilet paper~

OopsIts torn.

This hole is too sharp that the toilet paper gets torn.

Ill tape it around to make it blunt.


Hold on, I can just use this from the middle part.

Got it!

Ooh, its coming out.


close the lid!


Remember to save up.

(Done making the giant toilet paper case!)

(Toilet Paper ManFirst Episode)

(Heopop, about to take a nap)

AhMy nose is runny.

Toilet paper~

Toilet paper???

Lets go!

Move out, move out!

Toilet paper to the rescue!

Toilet paper delivery.

Hes here, hes here.

(Thank you, toilet paper man!)


Mission Complete-★

(Toilet Paper ManSecond Episode)

Im thirsty, lets drink this.

Ah, it spilled.

Toilet paper x3

Toilet paper~

Did someone say toilet paper?

Hold up~


Move out!

Move out, move out!


Stop stop


Toilet paper delivery.

Clean up the mess like this

This things great!

Ooooh~ b

Mission Complete-★

(Toilet Paper ManThird Episode)

Welcome to Heopops cooking class!

Gah I spilled it again!

Toilet paper~

Toilet paper~~

Toilet paper~~~

Toilet paper~~~~

Toilet paper~~~~~

What? Toilet paper?

Move out!

Move out, move out!


(The end of Toilet Paper Man…)

Its not broken x2

This case is invincible mwhaha >:D

Lets go.

Toilet paper delivery!

Toilet, toilet paper!

Lets clean up.

This things really handy.

If all of you out there ever need toilet paper, just call


out really loud!

Ill be there to your rescue.

Mission Complete-★

(Toilet Paper ManFourth Episode)

(Heopop, in the middle of driving)

You got any napkins?


I have no choice-

Toilet paper~

Toilet paper~~~

Toilet paper~~~~~

Toilet paper~~~~~~~

Toilet paper~~~~~~~~~

(Toilet Paper Man to the rescue!)

Here I come!

Theres no breaks on the case though.

Its coming!

Im here!

Knock knock.

Did someone say they need toilet paper?

Im here to the rescue.

Here ya go, feel free to use it.

How much do you need?

Not that much though-

No, no!

Is that enough?

Okay, youre set.

Dont forget to save up.


Mission Complete-★

(Toilet Paper ManThe Last Episode)

(Heopop, in the middle of number two)

Ah~ Feels great.

What the? No toilet paper?

Toilet paper!

Toilet paper!!!

Toilet paper!!!!!

Toilet paper!!!!!!!

Toilet paper!!!!!!!!!

What? Toilet Paper! Heopop to the rescue!

Move out!

(To the rescue with the giant toilet paper case!)

You need toilet paper? Hold on, Heopops coming!

Toilet paper delivery!

Lets go.

Toilet paper delivery, here ya go.

Ooh, its here!

What theonly this much?

If anyone ever needs toilet paper, just call outTOILET PAPER!!!’ out really loudly.

(Toilet paper~) What? Toilet paper? Move out!

Lets go x5

(Toilet Paper Man will always be there when you need toilet paper)

The Description of 10년치 두루마리 휴지를 위해서 초거대 휴지 케이스 만들어버렸습니다! - 허팝 (Giant Toilet Paper Case)