Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Password with Anthony Anderson, Terry Gross and Kesha

Difficulty: 0

-Welcome back to "The Tonight Show," everybody.

It's time to play Password! -Ya-hoo!


-Well, our first team tonight --

she's a multi-platinum recording artist

with a new album called "Rainbow"...

and he is the host of "The Tonight Show."

It's Kesha and Jimmy Fallon!

[ Cheers and applause ]

-That record comes out tonight! -At midnight.

-Midnight tonight, "Rainbow" drops.

Right now. You gotta get it. -Boom, and their opponents --

Their opponents --

he is the host of "To Tell the Truth" on ABC,

and she is the host of "Fresh Air" on NPR.

Say hello to Anthony Anderson and Terry Gross!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Now, the rules of the game are very simple.

I will give each of you a password,

and then you will give a one-word clue -- that's one word only --

to get your partner to guess that password.

The team with the most points after four words wins.

Any questions? Great.

-Well, I was just wondering if there are --

-Fantastic. We're going to start.

First clue goes to Kesha and Terry.

-Okay. Anthony, don't look. -Okay.

-The password is "burrito."

-Kesha, why don't you start us off? One word.

-I suck at this. Um...

Okay. -That's four words. All right.

All right. Let's focus.

We can do this. We can do this, pal. Come on.

Cowbell connection. -Okay, okay, okay.

[ Laughter ]



-Hey! Ohh!

-Wait. No. That's -- -That's it.

-I play the trumpet every time I go.

-She plays the trombone. -Oh, my gosh.

Next clue goes to Anthony and Jimmy.

-All right. -All right.

-The password is "snoop."

-Anthony, you are up first.


[ Laughter ]


[ Laughter ]



Can you feel it? You got it? You got it? All right.



And I can't say Jay Z.

-Unh-unh. -No.


-Is that a hyphenated word?

-No. It's just one word!

It's one word.

-I should know that. Cool.

-No. -No. That kind of --

-Oh, no. -Yes, you've got this.

-I don't know if do I do. -Ready?

-Okay. -Yea-a-ah!

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

[ Laughter ]

Ready? Ready?


[ Laughter ]

He said... -I know what he said.

...foshizzle, yeah. -I know, and you said, "Yeah."

-No. No! -No! He didn't say, "Yeah."

-He said, "Yea-a-ah!"

-Oh! Wait. -Yea-a-ah!

-Like... Like "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

-Is there a time limit? -Uh, Ludacris?

-No, no, no, no. -She said Babyface?

-I said Ludacris. -Oh, no. No.

-That's ludicrous.

-Um, okay.

You remember my first clue, right?

-Yeah. -All right. Say it.

-Foshizzle. -Munizzle.

[ Laughter ]

Got to make it one word.


Yes! Say it!



-I don't know. -Ooh.

[ Laughter ]

-Okay. 3 points, Jimmy. 3 points.

-All right. Ready?

-I think so. -I got it. Ready?

-Do you want to go through the clues that have been given?

-No. We got this. Ready?


-Snoop? -Yes!

[ Ding, ding, ding ]



-Whoo! All right.

-...gave that one to me. That was a toughie.

-The score is 9-0.

-Snoop. -Dogg?

-You should've just said, "Weed."

-Had I just said, "Dogg," you would've said, "Snoop"?!

-Anthony, not now! -Not now.

She hit me with, "Dogg." I was like, "Really?!"

-We're getting divorced. It's over.

-All right. Kesha and Terry.

-The password is "donkey."

-Got it? -Ohh!

-Terry, you start us off.

-Okay. Mule.


[ Cheers and applause ]

-Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa! This is a barn burner!

9-6...or 6 to 9. Jimmy?

[ Laughter ]

-The password is "spicy."

-Jimmy, why don't you start us off?

Look at that score, man!

-No. That's not -- Grow up, man.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Grow up, man.

-I can't.

-All right.



-Ohh! -No.

-Mmm! Mmm! Aah! Hot!

Mmm! Hot!


-What'd you say? -Salsa.

-Okay. No.

-Oh, I got this, I think. -You do, right?

-I don't know.

[ Laughter ]

I'm so nervous.

What? -Oh, gosh.

It's hot. It is --

So, you said, "Caliente, hot."

Uh, speecy...


[ Buzzer sounds ]


-Ohh! -We get the points, right?!

We get the points, right?! -I was gonna guess that!

-That means we won! -Unbelievable. I'm sorry!

So, now what's the final score? They won!


Terry and Anthony. That's not -- Unbelievable.

Our thanks to Kesha, Anthony Anderson, Terry Gross!

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