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- Ah!

It's so cute!

My spirit animals.

That one looks like my cat.

Oh my God, this looks like me when I eat too much cereal.

Bloated and chubs.

[upbeat music]

- Hi Vogue, my name is Meghan Roche.

Today you're coming along with me

to the Brandon Maxwell show.

But first we gotta eat and run a few errands.

Let's go!

I'm from Pennsylvania, born and raised.

This is my family and I.

It's little me.

I was called the devil growing up

because I always had a stank face.

During my finals week in high school

I got an email saying you have to come to New York,

we have like a really prestigious brand and photographer

that wants to work with you.

They didn't tell me exactly yet who it was.

But once I got to New York, they said okay,

you're meeting Stephen Mizell,

Possibly gonna shoot the new campaign for Givenchy,

with Clare White Keller, it's her first debut

with Guido, Pat, everyone, it's like the Dream Team.

And in my head I like, I didn't really realize

how important that was.

So right now, it's New York Fashion Week.

It's probably the most stressful week

of the whole fashion month.

Everyone thinks that you have a schedule, but you don't,

you kind of find out a rough schedule the night before.

Then when you wake up, it's like, you have to go here

and then you should go there.

Just a mixture of running from casting, fitting, show,

hopefully food, and this and that.

It's kind of crazy.

My first season I was fortunate to be so hot, the new face.

A new face is a fresh model, usually super young,

there's always really one new face every season

who does every show, and I became that girl that season.

It's kind of like you can be a one hit wonder,

and you could have a great season,

and then nothing comes out of it.

Or you can have great season and then your career kind of

blasts off after that.

It's just kind of up to luck, people in this industry

want whatever the look is during that moment

so it's, that is out of my hands, like it's

either they want me during this time or not.

And being in the person of course,

nobody wants to work with a crap person.

Okay, enough tea.

Let's get going.

What do you think?

People ask me my makeup routine,

and really the only thing I do is brush my brows.

I'll spend like 10 minutes just moving hairs,

they really have a mind of their own.

M for Megan, or W for winner.

So, final look.

Why wear heels when it's fashion month

and you don't have to.

Shades, protect those eyes.

[crowd chatter]

Right now we're at my favorite cafe, Pause Cafe.

I'm so hungry.

How's your chocolate peanut butter bowl?

- It's very good.

- Really good, okay, that reaction is good.

I'm so excited.

The thing that is key when eating acai bowl is

don't ever mix it, I think that people

that mix their acai bowls are like legit serial killers.

When I was younger growing up, I was always told to model.

It's all in my teeth.

I got scouted when I was about 15

by who's my hairstylist now, and he kind of like

pulled me aside and said, you had to model,

you have to model and he called

who became my mother agent at the time.

At this point I had to quit soccer.

So I said, you know what, I'm gonna meet this lady,

let's see what happens.

And she told me that I was very muscular,

and I had a loose all the muscle.

In my head at this point I still didn't think

about modeling, I just thought of it as a task.

If people don't think I could do something,

I want to do it and do it better than they'd ever expect.

I feel like any girl considering modeling

has to be ready to leave home,

and to kind of take on a responsibility

of taking care of yourself mentally, physically,

financially too, it's really tough.

For me I moved to New York when I was 16 and a half,

and I was fortunate enough to have

a really great support system back home,

and have friends who believed in me and I never felt alone.

New York

A lot of people think that I'm either Russian

or Eastern European.

I'm here to clarify that I am American.

One of the main goals is beauty contracts, of course.

For most models, the biggest hit really in your career

is a beauty contract.

Usually when a girl gets a beauty contract

that's when they become the face of that brand.

And there's only so many brands to become the face for,

and they're, they'll be the face for a few years,

so it's very minimal how many people get a beauty contract.

I want to say a year ago I started journaling

because that's when I started to get a little in my head

with stress and dealing with things,

and I just couldn't let it out.

It there for whenever I need it.

That's why I always bring it.

So I have two, I have my blue one is for

just my daily routine, schedule, things I want to get done.

Land at 12 P.M. arrive home, order food, clean up,

unpack, workout, question mark.

Shower, question, no I'm just kidding,

I definitely showered, and then I have my personal journal.

This baby is like sacred to me,

and I end up like drawing in it.

We're here!

We're at the Museum of Natural History,

so this will be a really cool venue.

I'm excited to see it.

[upbeat music]


Look at the eyes, I can't.

How are you?

- [Woman] Good.

- Checking in for Megan Roche.

Thank you so much.

- I just saw you in the [mumbles] this morning,

you looked like a princess.

- Aww thank you!

- I'm gonna go try to find Shake Shack.

- I was thinking the same.

It already looks like, oh it's gone.

When you're looking to pick out the right burger,

you got to look at the fluff factor of the bun.

Because if it's squished, it's not as airy

it's not the same.

This fluff factor is really good, but the meat,

it's not charred enough.

This one.

Oh, stunning.


I always bring my own lash curler,

because my lashes are really difficult,

and only certain ones work.

They're as annoying as my eyebrows.

Let's curl these difficult boys.

[bell dings]

You want them more?

[bell dings]

Are you talking smack, Tom?

Are we about to throw down?

Do you want to take this outside, Tom?

Oh I see, and also in the inside.

These bad boys.

[bell dings]

They're so stubborn, some hairs just stay down.

All right I still see one that's down.

[bell dings]

She's coming back.

- I believe you're gonna curl it yourself.

- I believe you better effin get those lashes out right now.

I feel it's gonna be good.

Here, is the final makeup look.

What do you think?

I think it's gorgeous.

Okay, so I found dressing, and you're allowed to come on in.

So, for every fashion show there's always a big board

of every single look, so it's like an organized way

to see the lineup.

Here, Mayowa, my girl is opening the show.

Opening and closing of course

are the two most important positions in a show.

Opening it, like, it sets the mood.

The first look is, first it's exciting 'cuz you get

an adrenaline rush, and you're like

what is the collection gonna be like,

what's the inspiration?

And then the last look, the closing look

which is usually the most important

is typically a gown or something more extravagant.

This is the closing look for Brandon.

And this, number 10 is me.

This is my look and I'm really excited

because this is the exact look I wanted.

- I was like, where is she?

How's it going?

- Good, how are you?

- Good. - You look amazing.

- I gonna be sick, but I'm good.

Well here we are, an hour before the show.

- This is the most crucial hour.

This is where everyone starts get a little antsy.

- Meghan is wearing super tall boots, a white coat dress.

- Yes, it's like very.

- Chocolate belt, beanie.

I try to look at the women around me, the models,

the women in who work in my office, you know what I mean?

And like ask questions, and I'm not a woman,

so you need to ask like what what do you like?

Is this is too much?

What would you want?

I asked to come here my very first collection

and they said no.

- And they regret that.

- And four years later, they have said yes.

The finale look is going to be taken right off the runway

and put on display in the museum for like, how many years?

A lot of years.

- Years? - Like 10 years.

These teams work so so hard,

and you want to be surrounded by people who lift you up

and make you feel seen, and in this moment

when everyone's exhausted and has been working forever

and this is the finish line they need hype girls,

you know, we're lucky to have them.

- Oh, that's so sweet.

Brandon, you are the best.

It is an honor to work with you every time.

- I am glad you can be here.

Vogue, I have to go now.

- And I have to get my hair done for Brandon kills me.

[upbeat music]

Is hair and makeup this way?

- Hair and makeup's that way.

- I'm sweating.

- Oh my god.

- This is deja vu.

- I feel like they're cheating on me

- You feel second best.

It's crunchtime.

Look how many people are around me right now.

So after a few seasons, there's some things

that I've learned with my runway walk.

So this is the moment where we're about to go out.

I take a moment to breathe.

Close my eyes.

And then I open them, and I'm focused.

First tip, confidence.

The entire crowd can feel your energy,

it shows in your walk.

Now this is the most important part.

Cameramen are right there.

Second tip, breathe.

You look like a mannequin if you don't breathe.

Third tip, is body language.

Got to make sure you pop a little hip,

pop a little shoulder, make sure your arms

are behind your back.

And please make sure that you move your body.

- [Woman] All models need to be finished

and getting dressed in the next two minutes!

Two minutes everyone!

[upbeat music]

- [Photographer] Work it out Meghan.

- What do you think of my final look?

Do you love it?


- Cara, hello!

- Pray for me.

These shoes are high.

[crowd chatter]

- We're about to go on.

Are you ready?

[funky pop music]

[crowd cheering]

All right Vogue, that's a wrap.

Thank you for coming along with me on my day,

it was so much fun.

And I hope you enjoyed.

- Brandon is just both incredible man, designer, everything.

Its like he gets so nervous when he shows

because he's so humble and just so passionate.

- You can feel the passion.

- And then you look at the collections

and every time he just out does himself.

- He tells a story.

- He tells a story, darling.

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