Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Niềm Vui Bất Ngờ | Tập 1: Color Man xuất hiện bất ngờ tặng quà Tết cho chị bán ve chai

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Guys, we're only 10 days away from Tet,

the year of Geng Yi,


Lately, I've got a new idea.

It's about new show called "Color Man Sudden Bliss".

As you know, it's almost Tet.

And during this occasion,

we'll be looking forward to all the joy and bliss,

like some lucky money that come suddenly or a gift in new year.

Such things will make us more happy.

That's exactly what's on my mind. I also look forward to receiving gifts from others.

It can be a lucky envelope,

you know,

from your relatives or family members.


no matter how old or mature we are, deep down inside,

all of us love to receive gifts during Tet.

With such a thought in mind, I came up with this new idea,

which is filming a new show called "Sudden Bliss".

Now, follow me and see what it's about, okay?

You collect recyclables?


Where do you sell them?


Where do you live?

What do you need?


I just want to give you a gift.


Are you married?


Have you gone shopping for Tet?

No, I've not got any new clothes for my kids.

How many do you have?



my gift to you is a ride to the nearest store to get your children some new clothes.

How's that?

I'm doing a show called "Sudden Bliss",

in which I'll help whomever I find appropriate.

Just leave your stuffs there and get on the scooter. I'll take you back when we're done.

Is it okay?

This is some lucky money for you.


Well, if you wish to help, just give me some money and I'll go and do it myself.

It'd not be meaningful if I don't go with you.

It's your kindness that matters.

That's true but listen.

This show is meant to help others as well, you know.

For instance, today, I'll get some new clothes for you,

and invite someone to a meal tomorrow.

You had lunch?

There's market nearby.

Yeah? Where is it?

Nearby? Okay, let's go there.

Shall we?

How old are your children?

11 and 12? Okay.

Alright, I need your help so please get on the scooter.

We'll film the entire thing and let people know about this show.



- Just go. - Please look after her stuffs.

Cay Queo market? Okay.

I forgot that it's nearer than Ba Chieu market.

Let's get your kids some clothes. How old are they?

My first child is 12, while the other is 11.

Okay, I see.

Wait, before we go,

I'll give you a lucky envelope.

Give her your conical hat.

Okay, please allow me to film you. We need to let people know about our show.

This is for you and your husband.

Now, we'll get some clothes for your kids.


Let's go.

This is a new show.

I suppose you've not seen any of my videos.

My channel is Color Man.

I go to many places.


You have two kids? How old are they?

Your first child is 12?

A boy and a girl?

They keep asking me if I'd bought new clothes for them.

Oh, is that so?

Poor them.

I'll get two sets of clothes for each of them.


Well, I want to let people know about this show.

You don't have to be penniless or broke,

or anything like that.

I just wanna help people in need of my support.

We all have needs, right?

I don't know the places here. Is that store good?

Oh, only baby clothes there.

Any suggestion? Should we go further?

- There. - That place? Okay.

- This one looks great. - Yes.

- It's clean. - More manly.

It's bright as well.

Better than this one?

Yeah, when he sees this video, he'll glad to say that Color Man picks this shirt for him.

- Right? He'll love it. - Where can I see this video?

On Color Man channel.


- I've not seen your videos for a while. - Some loves them.

But you've not uploaded anything new.

Yes, I was busy.

The other day, I saw a video of yours.

It's about a Thai salad.

- Right. - A blind woman served it.

Good, right?

What about this?

- Alright, take it. - Okay.

- It's bright. Let's take two. - One dress shirt, one T-shirt.


I can't take more than what you can give.

You got a pair of trousers for him?

- I've just got two. - Great, two sets are decent.

How much is it?

Give me a sec.

Maybe the shop will support us.

You know, like giving us a good price.

- Yeah, like a discount. - That's it.

Pick a sandal or a shoe for him.


Go on.

Well, this one is about...

- He needs a footwear, doesn't he? - 100,000. 10% discount for you.

You should pick a sandal for him. It's more comfortable.

Take a look.

Don't tell me you have no idea what his size is.

That would be a flop.

Okay, take your time.

That's what I'm talking about.


It is ...

- 38. - Size 38?

Oh, his feet are as big as mine.

It's kids' size.

- Oh, kids'? - Yes, smaller than adults'.

Okay, let me know the total amount.

This morning, I was lost in thoughts, you know.

I was thinking about the Tet of the past.

Back then, I always wanted to be given a gift or some lucky money during the occasion.

So, I wanted to try and film this "Sudden Bliss" show.

- This is the first episode. - The very first one?

- Yes. - Such an honor for me.

Well, we just went out and did it, you know. There was no preparation.

She was very cautious when I came.

I bet Hong must be younger than me.

- Yes. - How old are you?

I'm 43 this year.

Way younger than me. I'm 51.

- I'll just address you as my junior. - I agree.

Easier for us to talk.

- She became wary when I started talking to her. - Well, to be honest...

Maybe she was afraid that I was up to something bad.

I've not been in anything like this.

I had to ask for her permission to take her here. We planned to go to Ba Chieu, right?

- But it was too far. - Yes, then I suggested Cay Queo market.

- Really? - Yeah, fate brought us here.

So we're meant to meet.

- I agree. - My kids asked me about their clothes,

and I told them I'd buy some in the afternoon.

Alright, we'll get some for your little girl after this.

There are shoes here.

- Take a look and pick a pair. - For my girl?

Yeah, pick one for her.

Yeah, take a look.

Those sandals look cute.

See those in red and pink?

Let's buy it here,

so we can get a discount.

It's too big.

How about that red one?

- This one? - Yes.

How about that one? You have that in red?

Or that one? It looks comfortable.

- This? - The red one.

It's too small.

No bigger sizes?

Well, the bigger one is pinkish.

That one will stay clean.

Look, see that red one?


You have smaller sizes?

Smaller? How old is your girl?

She's 10.

Then that will fit her.

She's small, you know.

This size is for the age of 6 or 7.

First graders.

- My girl is small. - Check if it'll fit her.

- Let me see. - Try and eyeball it.

- Check out this one. - Very nice.

What do you think?

I think this one is cuter.

Her girl and I'm the selector?

That's a bit wrong.

I hope you like it, my little lady.

What's her name?

- It's Yen. - Okay.

When you see this video, I hope you'll like it.

Even if you don't like it, well, try to. Okay?


This is how the shop owners make the show merrier,

in a sudden way.

We'll do this continuously.

I hope so.

Here you are. Keep it for yourself.

Thanks, but we don't need the bill.

One T-shirt, one dress shirt, a pair of long trousers and another short one.

- Yup! Thanks a ton! See ya! - Thanks a lot!


Have you got clothes for little girls?


I wanna buy some for my little sister.

Well. My little daughter is 10 years old and weighs about 23 kg.

We need some simple dresses like these.

For Tet.

- To dress up for Tet. - Yeah.

Then these dresses will probably be appropriate.

So cute!

How about these two?

It's up to you.

You can take them both.

I think this one is quite appealing.

Or this, if you want something girly.

The yellow one.

It's a bit larger.

My little kid weighs about 20 kg.

You can see if it fits your daughter, right?

This one fits her? Okay. Take it!

Now choose another one.

Is this one suitable for my daughter? She's around 20 kg.

Of course, yet she must be over 7 or 8.

She is 10 years old now.

Girls will certainly love things like this.

- Wow! Superb! - That's right!

Take a closer look. Is it your daughter's size?

This one is fine, right?

- Then take this one first. - Does it fit a 20-kilogram girl?

We have this one in pink, red, and yellow.

We'll take the yellow one, for luck.

Is it cute, sweetie?

Blame your mother if it doesn't fit you. It's not my fault.

Sweetie, I must feel sorry for you if it's unfit.

Will it fit?


She's been living away from her family for so long just to make a living.

Wait a sec.

How often do you come back home annually?

- Well, twice. - Twice a year, huh?

Oh, your daughter might turn into a lady before you even know it.

So, you should check it carefully.

Cute! So amazing!

How 'bout the pants?

Is you husband currently working in Saigon?

Or he still lives in your hometown?

He works in my hometown.

He's a farmer?

- An employee, maybe? - He's an employee.

- You work here alone? - Yes.

Where do you live?

I rent a room on No Trang Long Street.

No Trang Long Street?

- Do you share the room or ...? - Yes, I live with some others.

How much is the rent?

600,000 VND for a month.

600,000 VND per month?

- You make a living by collecting recyclables daily? - That's how I earn money.

Children nowadays, unlike us, don't like multicolored clothes anymore.

This denim dress is cute as well.

It's all up to you.

I'm just saying. Just ignore my comments.

This one is quite good.

I'll take this denim dress, bro.

Stains would be inconspicuous on this kind of fabric.

We're done.

- You want these as well? - No, just wrap these two, please.

2 sets.

What is your average income each month?

About 3 or 4 million VND.

Is that so?

4 million is the maximum.

Normally, 3 million per month?

- After paying the house rent, isn't it? - Yep, after all the costs.

And you're gonna send that sum of money to your family, huh?

Yes, I'll send it to grandmother.

To your mom?

- Your husband also works to earn money? - That's right.

Where do you live in Binh Dinh?

You have to go past Phu Yen Province to get my hometown.

Oh, it's farther than Phu Yen Province.

But in which commune?

Cat Thang.

Tan Thang?

- It's Cat Thang. - Ah, Cat Thang Commune.

Is it in the remote area?

Well, not exactly.

It's just quite near the rural area.

In which district?

- Cat Thang Commune and ...? - Cat Thang Commune, Phu Cat District.

Ah, right.

Tay Son belongs to Binh Dinh, doesn't it?

Do you mean Tay Son martial art?

Poor her!

She went all the way to Saigon just to earn about 3 million VND per month.

That's harsh, people.

Right, my young folks?

Bro, how much in total?

These two.

It's 427,000 VND.

This fellow...

gave us a discount of 27,000 VND.

Good people are all around us. I'm not the only one.


It would make no sense, right?

I could give you the money, but it'd be better to take you to the shop myself.

But I still gave you lucky money.

It's in that red envelope.

Take that as a luck for new year.

It's not much but it comes from the heart.

Yeah, this is the first episode.

The idea's just popped out in my head.

Here's my company.

I was about to go to Ba Chieu market to find the disadvantaged and talk to them.

My dear viewers,

it took only half an hour to 45 minutes to do a good deed.

This is the first idea for Color Man Sudden Bliss.

It's the first episode,

so Mrs. Hong was a bit confused at first.

She didn't expect a stranger from nowhere to take her to buy new clothes for her kids.

It's all good now.

Farewell, Mrs. Hong!

I don't know what to say but thank you!

Thanks to this show, my children can be happy for this Lunar New Year.

I wish nothing but good people donating to this meaningful show.

Thank you!

This is a show by Color Man!

We don't need other people donating to us.

We'd bring people a little gift.

It's not a large amount of money, yet it's from the bottom of our hearts.

It really is.

I feel for those kids.

- I appreciate it. - Yes.

I haven't prepared anything for my kids, though Tet is coming.

Now, you have.

The encounter with you really surprised me. I was so embarassed.

On behalf of my family, I wanna thank you and your show.

It's fine!


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